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The Best Types Of Tetras For Beginners

Ask any novice fish keeper, and also you’ll seemingly hear the identical reply -the tetra is the fish they wish to have of their aquariums.

These beautiful education fish can simply brighten up the middle parts of the water column in your aquarium, giving it a vibrant look with loads of exercise.

Suppose all tetras are alike? Suppose once more. There’s an countless number of colours, shapes, and sizes of tetras on the market so that you can discover.

For those who aren’t certain the place to start out, now we have all the knowledge for you right here. We’ll inform you every thing you’ll want to learn about elevating tetras, in addition to all the varieties which can be obtainable to you to incorporate in your personal house aquarium.

The 13 Coolest Sorts Of Tetras

1 Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra

In case you are in search of a fish species that’s ubiquitous with newbie fishkeeping, look no additional than the stunning neon tetra. Nearly everyone has heard of the neon tetra, a fish that claims “aquarium hobbyist” like no different. This beautiful tiny education fish is eye-catching with a stunning purple, blue, and silver shade mixture.

Neon tetras have been staples within the aquarium passion for almost endlessly. They’re beloved not just for their beautiful colours, but in addition due to their peaceable, pleasant temperament and hardiness to most water circumstances.

These fish, which develop to only over an inch in dimension, needs to be stored in a comparatively giant aquarium of not less than 15 gallons or so. Whereas one tetra doesn’t want plenty of house, it’s vital that you just preserve a bunch of not less than 8 – utilizing an aquarium this massive will be sure that everyone has loads of swimming house.

For those who actually wish to get artistic, you must mix females and males within the tank. It will permit you to see the fish’s pure mating and defensive behaviors. Plus, neon tetras who’re stored in small teams will change into shy – so the extra the merrier.

For those who’re inquisitive about branching out of the usual neon tetra class, you must think about the black neon tetra. This fish appears to be like loads like the conventional fish however with out the purple colours. It’s much less frequent and a terrific addition to any tank. You may additionally think about the big cardinal tetra or the bluish inexperienced neon tetra.

2 Buenos Aires Tetra

Buenos Aires Tetra

The Buenos Aires tetra is bigger than the neon tetra, measuring in at 2.5 inches, however it’s additionally a lot feistier. A tetra with purple fins, it’s each assertive and energetic. Whereas it’s not the best alternative for a busy neighborhood tank, it’s nonetheless enjoyable to maintain.

One phrase of warning – you must keep away from retaining Buenos Aires tetras in a tank with long-finned tankmates. They tend to nip and might go after your fish’s flowing fins. Additionally, you will wish to keep away from retaining this fish species with slow-moving tank mates, who will simply change into pressured by the Buenos Aires tetra’s fast actions.

Preserve your Buenos Aires tetra in a normal 30-gallon aquarium, however be sure that it’s planted densely and is formed like a rectangle. These fish can thrive in all kinds of water circumstances and temperatures, they usually’re a terrific alternative for unheated aquariums. If temperatures get hotter than 77 levels, this will really be detrimental.

3 Lemon Tetra

Lemon Tetras
Photo by Peter Maguire

The lemon tetra can be a wonderful tetra to take a look at, however it’s much less frequent than the tetras we’ve talked about above. This fish has silver colours with yellow fins and vibrant orange eyes. Like most small tetras, this fish is extremely peaceable and can match nicely in most neighborhood settings. The pops of vibrant orange and yellow on the fish’s physique offers it a vibrant notice within the tank, and it’s so onerous that even essentially the most inexperienced of learners can increase this fish.

It would be best to preserve tender, comparatively acidic waters – this can be closest to the fish’s pure habitat. As well as, you must remember that lemon tetras are lively swimmers, so you’ll want to have a tank that’s not less than 20 gallons for a bunch. These fish develop barely bigger than neon tetras, measuring in at about an inch and a half. These fish needs to be housed with peaceable fish who’re sufficiently small to not be tempted to snack in your tiny neon tetra.

4 Bloodfin Tetra

Bloodfin Tetra
Photo by Juan Valdivieso Vicuña

The bloodfin tetra is one other award-winning tetra on our record. This fish has a silver shade and purple fins – it appears to be like fairly beautiful in any aquarium, particularly if in case you have room to maintain not less than 10 people. We advocate retaining them in a tank that’s not less than 20 gallons lengthy. It will give them a number of swimming room. Though these fish don’t get too giant, they are often fairly lively.

Chances are you’ll wish to add some reside crops and decorations to your bloodfin tetra tank. These fish are identified to nip on different fish’s fins once in a while, so it’s vital that you just give theo their fish some locations during which they’ll escape the bloodfin tetra.

Like most tetras, the bloodfin tetra is an omnivore. You may feed it business dried meals, however it’s possible you’ll wish to throw in some reside or frozen meals now and again, too. These fish develop to about two inches lengthy.

5 Ember Tetra

Ember Tetras
Photo by Peter Maguire

The ember tetra is likely one of the tiniest species of tetras you can find. An ideal alternative for individuals who don’t need the trouble of sustaining a big aquarium, the ember tetra grows to lower than an inch in dimension. You solely want a ten gallon tank in an effort to preserve this fish joyful. Nonetheless, you must go for a protracted tank to offer the fish a number of horizontal swimming house.

Ember tetras present their most beautiful colours in aquariums which can be well-planted, ideally people who have a number of leaf litter to stain the water. It is best to shoot for water that’s barely acidic and tender, and keep away from tank mates which can be overly giant or have a proclivity towards munching on small fish.

The ember tetra is a peaceable fish that may make it susceptible to assaults from different fish – however retaining your e ember tetra in teams of different tetras may also help scale back a few of this stress. Some individuals even preserve ember tetras in group of twenty people or extra!

6 Bleeding Coronary heart Tetra

Bleeding Heart Tetra
Photo by Yakov Oksman

The bleeding coronary heart tetra has a dramatic identify because of its shade patterns. This fish is usually silver with vibrant purple fins and it is named after the bloody purple dot within the middle of its physique. If you wish to arrange a blackwater aquarium that’s harking back to Brazil, look no additional than the bleeding coronary heart tetra.

This fish naturally happens in calm, quiet environments which have plenty of water movement. They may have loads of cowl in addition to acidic waters. It would be best to add some driftwood, dim lighting, and a few reside crops to maintain your bleeding coronary heart tetras joyful, however you may additionally wish to think about retaining this fish in a big group. It does finest with a low pH.

It is best to mix a number of feminine and male bleeding coronary heart tetras in an effort to see their pure mating and sparring shows. Males may be considerably aggressive and energetic, so you must select extra stress-resistant fish like dwarf cichlids and Corydoras.

7 False Penguin Tetra

False Penguin Tetra

The false penguin tetra is offered as each the false penguin tetra in addition to merely the penguin tetra. This fish is a hardy, ornamental species that does fairly nicely in a blackwater biotope tank. It’s also possible to preserve it in your typical neighborhood aquarium. Regardless of which possibility you select, you’ll want to be sure you give this fish a number of cowl within the type of floating crops and dim lighting. Attempt to preserve the false penguin tetra in a college of round eight fish and be sure you keep away from overly boisterous tankmates.

This fish is comparatively giant in comparison with different tetras, typically rising to 2 and a half inches lengthy. It is best to preserve it in a tank that’s not less than 15 gallons lengthy, however a 30 gallon rectangular aquarium can be even higher.

8 Glowlight Tetra

Glowlight Tetra
Photo by H080

The glowlight tetras in one other good selection for somebody who’s simply getting began in retaining fish. Ideally suited for a peaceable neighborhood setting, This tiny tetra is straightforward to lift and brightens up any backdrop with its beautiful silver and purple colours. You’ll find it in most aquarium outlets and this can be very hardy.

To lift a glowlight tetra, you want a bit of greater than an aquarium that’s 15 gallons or bigger. You may mix this fish with others of its personal form, however it’s additionally protected to maintain it with different tetra species, too.

Preserve your glowlight tetra in waters which can be barely acidic and tender – this implies you’ll be able to simply put the glowlight tetra in a South American biotope. You may wish to add some leaf litter to stain the water and you may add some reside crops for canopy, too – simply be sure you solely choose crops that like little gentle.

9 Congo Tetra

Congo Tetra
Photo by Jpog232

The Congo tetra is a novel fish species that’s not present in South America, the place you will note most tetras, however within the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa. This eye-catching tetra grows to be fairly giant – in consequence, it should want a bigger aquarium house. Though the females are beautiful to behold, the males are the true winners within the magnificence contents. They’ve beautiful, iridescent blue and orange scales together with glamorous lengthy fins.

The Congo tetra will get alongside nicely with nearly some other fish species. As a result of this fish grows to nicely over three inches in size, it is vital that you just present your fish with an aquarium that’s not less than 55” (40 gallons or extra). It would be best to present loads of cowl and swimming house however you additionally must keep away from tank mates which can be overly nippy or overly shy.

The Congo tetra generally is a bit harder to lift than a few of the different tetras we’ve talked about, however it’s however a unbelievable addition to most neighborhood tank settings.

10 Black Skirt Tetra

Black Skirt Tetra
Photo by Kevin

The black skirt tetra is a mysterious-looking tetra that’s however a basic within the tetra world. It’s revered and extremely regarded by aquarium hobbyists all around the world, since it’s straightforward to take care of and has a stunning look. It’s not finicky in terms of water high quality – you’ll be able to preserve it in nearly any neighborhood tank that’s house to peaceable species.

As at all times, you must present this fish with a number of cowl however because it’s an lively swimmer, you additionally want to offer it room to maneuver about. Preserve your waters acidic and tender, however in any other case, you don’t have to fret about an excessive amount of. This fish is a darkish, jet-black shade, however you may also discover it in a beautiful white shade.

11 Emperor Tetra

Photo by Kim Johnston

The emperor tetra is one other in style alternative for freshwater aquariums. This beautiful, colourful education fish has elegant discover and can be fairly peaceable. A regal species, this beautiful fish is the right alternative for a newbie neighborhood aquarium. It’s hardy and you do not have to fret about it succumbing to essentially the most primary newbie errors.

It is best to preserve these fish in an aquarium that’s round 20 gallons or so. It needs to be formed like a rectangle in order that your fish have loads of room to swim. You may discover that this fish as a result of shy and withdrawn for those who don’t preserve it in a college, so it’s vital that you just preserve it with not less than 9 or ten of its personal form.

In any other case, this fish could be very straightforward to take care of. It would get alongside nicely with nearly some other species and it’s so small that you just gained’t have to fret about it going after your different fish – it not often reaches greater than two inches in size.

12 Serpae Tetra

Serpae Tetra
Photo by Cb_agulto

The serpae tetra isn’t solely beautiful, sporting a wonderful orange coloration, however it’s additionally extremely feisty. This fish can maintain its personal in opposition to different, extra aggressive tank mates, and whereas it isn’t your best option for a busy neighborhood surroundings, it’s price attempting if you’re inquisitive about watching a fish with distinctive sparring behaviors.

This fish needs to be stored in a tank of not less than 20 gallons – you’ll want to preserve a minimal of 10 serpae tetras collectively to be sure you have females and males alike. It is best to keep away from retaining this fish with tank mates who’re delicate, long-finned, or shy. The serpae tetra may be fairly nippy, however solely grows to about 1.6” lengthy.

13 Diamond Tetra

Diamond Tetra
Photo by sakichin

Diamond tetras are sometimes missed within the aquarium retailer as a result of, as juveniles, they aren’t that spectacular trying. Nonetheless, this fish grows as much as be fairly the stunner.

The diamond tetra is thought for being straightforward to take care of. It doesn’t have particular wants in terms of temperature or water high quality however you must attempt to preserve it in water which can be considerably acidic and comparatively tender. A densely planted tank with tinted water will work finest.

Chances are you’ll wish to add some leaf litter together with low-light requirement plans and a few driftwood. Preserve this fish in a tank of about 20 gallons, and keep in mind to accommodate this fish with not less than eight mom of its form to cut back the probability of aggressive habits. You may even preserve this fish with some varieties of cichlids!

Which Sort Of Tetra Is Proper For You?

There is no such thing as a excellent tetra for everybody, however hopefully you have got discovered the right species of tetra on your preferences someplace on this record! Tetras have one thing to supply each newbie (and skilled!) fishkeeper alike. Which one will you select?

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