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How To Raise A Silver Arowana – The Ultimate Guide

It include an entire host of catchy names and nicknames, however the Silver Arowana is a favourite amongst fishkeepers no matter what you select to name it.

Why? This adaptive fish is well one of the entertaining and pleasing fish species you’ll be able to vary, becoming in nicely in most aquariums. Whereas it isn’t really useful for the newbie aquarium hobbyist, it’s a nice selection for fish keepers who’re extra superior in addition to those that are searching for a bit of bit extra of a problem.

When you’re prepared so as to add a Silver Arowana to your tank, take into account this helpful care information to get began right this moment.

Silver Arowana Background

Silver Arowana 1
Photo by David

Native to the freshwaters of the South American Amazon River Basin, the Silver Arowana is a bony fish identified by many names. Adored by aquarium hobbyists all around the world, the Silver Arowana can also be identified colloquially because the dragon fish, the monkey fish, arahuana, and arowana.

It doesn’t matter what you prefer to name them, these fish are distinctive creatures with numerous searching types that permit them to adapt to all kinds of habitats. These fish can bounce excessive within the air, permitting them to hunt different fish in addition to animals residing on low-level branches that cling over the water.

These fish even have extremely lengthy lifespans, with some residing so long as fifteen years in captivity. As aggressive, predatory fish, they need to solely be stored with different massive fish that know how one can maintain their very own in opposition to aggressors.

Arowanas are straightforward to search out in pet shops and aquarium suppliers across the nation, largely as a result of they’re the least restricted for import rules. They’re additionally one of many least costly arowanas yow will discover for this similar precise motive. That being mentioned, they’re massive and predatory, and so ought to solely be stored by fish keepers who know what they’re doing relating to elevating fish.

There are different forms of arowanas all year long. In southeast Asia, these fish inhabit blackwater circumstances of rivers and wetlands, preferring tender, acidic environments. In these areas, the arowana is seen as a logo of excellent luck, prosperity, and wealth. Individuals imagine that the arowana can defend you from misfortune when you deal with it nicely.

Silver Arowana Look And Conduct

Silver Arowana 2
Photo by Warrior1

Silver arowana are massive in some instances rising as much as 4 ft in dimension and weighing greater than 13 kilos. If you find yourself maintaining Silver Arowana in captivity, you should not’ count on them to develop fairly that enormous – they are going to normally solely develop to about three ft or ten kilos in captivity when they’re absolutely mature.

These fish are massive and have a vibrant silver hue that make them seem nearly luminescent. They’ve a novel defining attribute within the type of their jawline. This mouth is sort of vertical going throughout the physique of the fish and is often referred to by scientists and fish keepers alike as a “drawbridge.”

Along with this defining characteristic, Silver Arowanas even have sizable pearly scales alongside the size of their our bodies. As younger fish, juveniles generally have escapes with a bluish tint. Once you view the physique of the Silver Arowana from the aspect, it could seem nearly flattened. The dorsal fin is fused with the caudal fin, and females are usually fatter than males. Males are slender and have a bigger anal fin.

Apart from this, it may be practically unimaginable to inform women and men aside. When you plan on breeding your Silver Arowana, be sure to have understanding of the dearth of sexual dimorphism between the 2 genders.

Silver arowana have a tendency to start out out fairly small in dimension, normally solely about 4 inches in size. Nevertheless, as you’ll be able to possible assume, they develop extremely quick. Through the first yr of development, you’ll be able to count on your younger arowanas to develop about two inches each month. Subsequently, do not assume that you may get away with beginning out with a small fish tank and progressing slowly to a bigger one – you will have a big tank nearly fully from the get-go.

Along with their adaptive searching behaviors, Silver Arowana are one of many few species of fish that may survive for a while out of the water. Though they’ll solely do that for brief intervals of time, they can “breathe” above water through the use of a highly-evolved swim bladder.

Silver arowanas are shockingly shy. They’re simply startled by sudden actions, even these outdoors the tank. You need to due to this fact maintain your arowana in tank that receives minimal site visitors all through the day. This can forestall them from turning into startled each time you stroll by, which might stress them and make them extra liable to illness.

In any other case, these fish will spend most of their day swimming near the highest of the water column. It is because, within the wild, they spend most of their day cruising round for prey. They’re infamous jumpers and might leap a number of ft within the air. You’re almost certainly to witness this habits you probably have simply positioned your arowana in a brand new aquarium, or you probably have it in a tank that’s too small for it.

When positioned in a too-small tank, your arowana will leap incessantly, looking for new locations by which to stay. Even when your aquarium is roofed, they are going to nonetheless try to leap. This will truly be much more harmful as they’ll injure themselves by attempting to leap and hitting themselves off the lid. Subsequently, it’s of utmost significance that you simply solely buy an arowana you probably have loads of area by which to deal with it.

Silver Arowana Tank And Water Necessities

Silver Arowana 3
Photo by Bri_J

As a result of Silver Arowanas are so massive – and since they’re such robust swimmers  -you have to be sure to home them in tanks which might be massive sufficient to accommodate their spacious wants. Most aquarium hobbyists merely aren’t geared up to deal with the sheer dimension and exercise of a Silver Arowana, discovering that these fish quickly outgrow their current tanks regardless of how massive.

If you’re contemplating a Silver Arowana, you could have a tank that may be a minimal of 250 gallons in quantity. Whereas juveniles can thrive in tanks which might be smaller – normally round 60 or 70 gallons – it received’t be lengthy earlier than you have to improve to a bigger tank. In the event that they aren’t moved in a well timed trend, you’ll discover that they start to expertise severe issues.

Along with potential harm from leaping and different escapist behaviors, they might even have some deformed areas alongside their our bodies, as they’re too constricted of their present environments. They will even stay a lot much less longer, as they are going to be careworn and extra liable to well being issues.

Preserve regular water temperatures and pH values. Ideally, your tank’s water ought to be between 75 and 80 levels Fahrenheit. pH ought to be stored between 6.5 and seven.5, whereas water ought to usually be tender or considerably arduous.

Silver arowanas are vulnerable to adjustments in water high quality, so you will have to put money into a robust, high-powered water filtration system. As well as, you could take the time to alter the water each week, conducting adjustments of a minimum of twenty-five p.c.

Whereas Silver Arowanas can tolerate minor adjustments or fluctuations in water high quality, temperature, or pH, the extra constant you’ll be able to maintain your tank’s circumstances, the higher. This can assist scale back your fish’s stress ranges, in addition to its susceptibility to sure illnesses.

Adorning A Silver Arowana  Tank

When establishing your tank, keep in mind that Silver Arowana favor a substrate that’s positive and comprised of small gravel. You need to plant the tank, however accomplish that sparingly. Your Silver Arowanas received’t eat your crops, however they’ll simply dislodge them in the event that they so select. Subsequently, you could keep away from crops with weak roots.

You may embellish your tank with different gadgets, reminiscent of rocks and driftwood, as nicely. They do not actually need locations to cover or escape, as a result of they’re so massive and have few (if any) predators or aggressors, however decorations may help maintain your tank trying good and supply some distractions on your fish.

What Do Silver Arowana Eat?

Silver Arowana 4
Photo by Leonard Paguia

Silver arowanas are, by pure intuition, carnivores, however they are going to often department out and check out different meals as nicely. Within the wild, Silver Arowana eat absolutely anything that strikes, together with small fish, frogs, snakes, massive bugs, and even bigger animals, like rabbits!

They like to eat fish and crustaceans, nonetheless, and hunt in a novel method. Due to the best way their mouths are formed, they’ll swim slightly below the water line after which bounce out of the water to assault their prey. They will additionally swim behind different smaller fish and easily scoop them up of their mouths.

When you could not have the power to view Silver Arowanas searching within the wild, you’ll be able to mimic their pure atmosphere by offering them with loads of diversified, nutritious meals. Ideally, it is best to feed your fish a meat-based food plan with gadgets like crabs, earthworms, shrimp, crickets, organ meats, crustaceans, and krill.

If you wish to watch your Silver Arowana hunt, you’ll be able to even feed them feeder fish. This may be fairly attention-grabbing to observe, however be sure to solely use wholesome breeder fish. It could behoove you to breed your individual, as these bought from pet shops or on-line can generally carry illnesses that may then infect the remainder of your tank.

You don’t should depend on contemporary meals to maintain your Silver Arowanas wholesome, both. You may as well feed frozen meals to decrease your bills. Some arowanas could even tolerate pellets. When arowanas are younger, they are going to solely eat contemporary or stay meals. They should develop a lot bigger earlier than they change into much less choosy, normally about eight or 9 inches in dimension.

Silver Arowana  Tank Mates

If you find yourself considering of tank mates on your Silver Arowana, an important factor to recollect is that this isn’t the fish to buy in case you are searching for a peaceable group fish. They’re predatory fish, which has robust implications for the fish you select to deal with it with.

When Silver Arowanas are juveniles, they’re extra vulnerable to predatory or bullying habits from different, equally aggressive fish. Nevertheless, as they age, they are going to start to carry their very own and can change into aggressive in their very own proper.

Silver arowanas may be stored along with different Silver Arowanas, and though this takes numerous area, it’s truly really useful. Retaining a big group of Silver Arowana is good as a result of a bunch of six or extra will forestall smaller ones from being excessively bullied by bigger arowanas.

Once you’re maintaining this many arowanas collectively, you do have to train some warning. This many fish take up numerous area, and since they’re naturally ornery, they won’t reply nicely to being overcrowded with too many different arowanas. Subsequently, if you wish to maintain a number of fish, take into account housing them in a big pure pond or an aquarium of an analogous dimension.

Apart from different arowanas, there are different fish species you’ll be able to home together with your fish. Though troublesome, it isn’t unimaginable to search out tank mates for Silver Arowanas. Smaller fish are usually poor tank mates for these fish, as they normally find yourself being prey to the extra opportunistic arowanas. Nevertheless, there are different species that may thrive when housed together with your Silver Arowana.

Search for a fish that’s peaceable but can also maintain its personal in opposition to an assault. It must be massive sufficient that it isn’t thought-about meals by your Silver Arowana, and your Silver Arowana ought to all the time be the primary species launched to the tank to keep away from any problems with territorial habits.

You may take into account fish reminiscent of parrot cichlids, angelfish, catfish, plecostomus, oscars, and knifefish, though this record is certainly not unique. Keep in mind that particular person fish temperaments can fluctuate  -even inside species –  so it could take some trial and error to search out the fitting steadiness inside your group tank.

Widespread Silver Arowana  Ailments

Silver arowana are usually comparatively hardy and immune to most forms of illness. These majestic fish not often change into ailing, but it surely’s nonetheless necessary that you understand the indicators of varied illnesses so as to deal with them if vital.

Anchor worms are a few of the most typical illness to befall arowanas. These are parasites, and might infect your fish regardless of the place you reside. They sometimes bore into the pores and skin, fin, or gill areas of the fish, inflicting irritation and swelling. You may discover your fish rubbing in opposition to surfaces in an try and eliminate the worm. These parasites are normally launched to the tank by way of different new fish species or by way of stay feeds. To eliminate them, you could quarantine your new fish and scale back stay feeding. You might also have to deal with your feeder tank with a parasitic remedy treatment.

Cloudy eye is a illness to which virtually no fish species is immune. This illness is brought on by poor water high quality, so sustaining good water parameters may help maintain your arowana wholesome. Chemical compounds may trigger cloudy eye, which seems as a fungal development or an opaque coloration to the attention. Though not essentially harmful in itself, cloudy eye may cause a secondary an infection and blindness if left untreated. You will have to wash your tank after which apply an anti-cloudy remedy to heal your fish if this situation arises.

Additionally it is not unusual for arowanas to bodily injure themselves. As a result of they incessantly try to leap or they bump themselves in opposition to rocks, driftwood, tanks, or tank gear (and since they’ve a pure proclivity to combat), your arowana can simply endure from bodily harm like torn fins or scratched scales. To stop harm, reduce dealing with and keep away from pointless decorations in your tank. You might want to use a drugs to get rid of the chance of secondary infections. Offering your fish with loads of area to swim about may assist scale back the chance of harm.

Lastly, when you see your arowana not swimming or hanging out towards the underside of the tank, you will have an issue. These fish are likely to favor swimming on the prime of the tank, and are not often inactive. A torpid fish may be brought on by quite a few components. For starters, you might need a torpid fish in your arms whether it is relocated to a brand new or unfamiliar atmosphere, or when you transform the water parameters throughout a water change. An abrupt change in water temperature as the results of an insufficiently-sized heater will also be in charge.

To resolve these points, be sure to tank is correctly cycled earlier than introducing your fish. Flip the lights off while you add your fish, and conduct common however small water adjustments over time, as an alternative of these with massive volumes. Use a suitably sized heater and scale back feedings of stay meals to scale back the chance of indigestion, which is one other frequent offender for torpid habits.

Breeding And Life Spans Of Silver Arowana

Silver arowanas are troublesome, if not unimaginable, to breed. A lot of the problem in breeding Silver Arowana lies in the necessity to maintain a number of Silver Arowanas to keep up a breeding inhabitants, which may be unimaginable you probably have dimension limitations on your tank.

As well as, Silver Arowana may be powerful to breed as a result of it may be powerful to inform the distinction between women and men. Nevertheless, it may well actually be performed, and is a rewarding enterprise to aim in case you are and have the area to take action.

Within the wild, arowanas breed at first of the flooding season, which is normally December or January. They’ll first pair off and construct a nest, after which period the feminine will lay her eggs into the nest. The male will then take the eggs into his mouth and carry them for about fifty days. These eggs are unmistakable, as they’re fairly massive, seen to the bare eye, and a brilliant reddish orange in coloration.

After the male has carried the eggs round with him for about fifty days, they are going to mature from egg to larvae, and at last to fry. They go away their father’s mouth about 5 weeks after hatching, at which level they are going to begin to search for their very own house.

When you plan on breeding your Silver Arowanas, it is best to plan on investing in a tank that’s a minimum of 500 gallons in dimension. A pond or extraordinarily massive tank is good. A house aquarium merely is not going to suffice for profitable breeding of Silver Arowanas.

Is A Silver Arowana Proper For You?

If you’re not a novice fish keeper and are prepared for a problem, a Silver Arowana could possibly be the fitting selection for you. Earlier than buying your Silver Arowana and bringing him house, be sure to have loads of area to deal with him. You will have fairly a big tank  -at least 250 gallons – and loads of persistence as you introduce your new resident to your tank.

These carnivorous fish could not get alongside nicely together with your current aquarium inhabitants, so be sure to analysis your different fish species to make sure you’ll have concord inside the tank. That being mentioned, in case you are occupied with buying an arowana, there isn’t any higher time than right this moment. These fish are pleasing to observe and can stay for a few years, offering you with many years of leisure and companionship.

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