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How To Raise The Redtail Catfish – The Goliath Of The Aquarium

Are you searching for a brand new addition to your freshwater aquarium? Maybe you desire a fish that can get alongside properly with different fish, assist to maintain your tank clear, and add a various new component of curiosity to your tank.

In that case, it’s best to take into account the Redtail Catfish. Though this can be a massive fish species that’s not appropriate for all dwelling aquariums, it’s an fascinating, massive fish that’s positive to show heads.

Able to get began? Right here is the whole lot you should find out about elevating the Redtail Catfish – and all of the the explanation why it’s best to achieve this.

Redtail Catfish Background

Redtail Catfish 7
Photo by Russ Glasson

This fish is native to the big streams, lakes, and rivers of the Amazon. It may be discovered all all through South America, and whereas it’s fairly massive and subsequently not appropriate for many dwelling aquariums, it may be discovered in lots of fish and pet shops.

This fish has a repute for being troublesome to lift. Whereas that is true to an extent, it’s true solely in that Redtail Catfish are usually a lot bigger than different aquarium species. A member of the Phractocephalus genus, it’s the solely species that has not gone extinct on this group. It’s recognized by many names, together with RTCs, the antenna catfish, the banana catfish, and the flat-nosed catfish.

Native to South America, this fish is discovered within the wild in international locations reminiscent of Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and Venezuela. With a protracted life span of over fifteen years when cared for accurately, this fish affords extra bang on your buck than simply about some other sort of fish. It’s usually donated to public aquariums as it might probably shortly develop too huge for many aquarium hobbyists’ tanks.

Since they develop so shortly, they’re usually misleading once you first buy them. When younger, they’re solely about 5 centimeters, however develop fairly quickly and aren’t restricted by the dimensions your tank. Many zoos and aquariums now will not even settle for Redtail Catfish as a result of they’re so frequent.

Redtail Catfish Look And Conduct

Redtail Catfish 2

Regardless of their dimension, these fish stay a number of the most lovely and vibrant. They’ve lengthy barbels, or whiskers, lining their mouths, together with vivid pink tails. A darkish greyish brown in colours, these fish even have darkish spots and yellowish white bands that reach down the size of their our bodies.

The our bodies of those fish are formed like cylinders. They’ve flat stomachs and a compressed tail. Each the caudal and dorsal fins are reddish orange. The fish has three pairs of prolonged barbels, two of that are on the decrease jaw and one that’s one the higher jaw.

Once you first buy a juvenile catfish, you may be fooled into pondering it doesn’t develop very massive. Suppose once more! Though these fish begin out at just a few centimeters in size they shortly develop properly over two ft inside a 12 months. They’ll develop about an inch per week when they’re younger –  a development fee that far surpasses that of different fish and will trigger them to quickly outgrow their aquarium setting.

When left in nature, they’ll attain lengths in extra of 5 ft; though they normally stay smaller in dwelling aquariums, staying at round 4 ft, they are going to turn into large when left to their very own units. Wild-caught Redtail Catfish within the wild have been recorded at lengths of over 5 ft and over 120 lbs!

Redtail Catfish, regardless of their dimension, are usually very shy and reclusive. You must present loads of caves for them to cover in, however you will want to ensure your decorations usually are not too small. Redtail Catfish will eat absolutely anything, and decorations are not any exception!

These fish are principally shy, and can transfer quietly and slowly in regards to the tank. It’s not remarkable for these fish to cover in dens or caves. They may normally keep on the backside of the tank, however as they grow old, they might lie utterly immobile for lengthy intervals of time.

If you happen to discover your fish swimming to the highest of the water, gulping air, after which swimming again to the underside, this can be a good signal that the water high quality is your tank is deteriorating. If that’s the case, it’s best to carry out a water change instantly. Generally, a water change of about thirty p.c per week is required to keep up the well being of your tank and your fish.

Redtail Catfish Tank And Water Necessities

Redtail Catfish 3
Photo by Bri_J

As you may anticipate, the most important consideration you should make when establishing a tank on your Redtail Catfish is that it’s large enough. You want a large tank, reminiscent of one you may discover at an aquarium or a zoo. Solely purchase a Redtail Catfish if you recognize you may have a tank that’s large enough already.

Don’t permit your self to be tricked or coaxed into shopping for a smaller tank after which telling your self that you’re going to get a bigger tank when your fish will get greater – as a result of these species develop so quickly, you most likely will not have time to do that. Redtail Catfish usually are not restricted by the dimensions of a tank – if they’re in a tank that’s too small, they are going to proceed rising within the cramped quarters till they ultimately die.

At a minimal, a Redtail Catfish wants a tank that’s not less than 1000 gallons. It is a large tank – it could be not less than three ft by 4 ft by twelve ft. At this dimension, it isn’t a tank that would slot in most individuals’s properties. Consequently, many individuals resolve to deal with their catfish in indoor or outside ponds, which tends to work higher for these large fish. Keep in mind – 1000 gallons is a minimal, and that’s only for one fish.

Redtail Catfish will eat something that matches of their mouths, so you should make sure that your tank is comparatively sparse. Attempt to keep away from any pointless decorations or gravel, and ensure any gear (like filters or lighting) are secured and out of the attain of your Redtail Catfish.

These fish will eat stones and gravel, so that you don’t have numerous choices relating to substrate. The perfect route is to go together with a bare-bottom tank. Though this doesn’t look as ornate as a gravel or all-time low, it’s the most secure avenue to pursue in case you resolve to lift Redtail Catfish. It’s also simpler to scrub. If you’re adamantly against a bare-bottom tank, you can additionally use a layer of sand.

Redtail Catfish choose to hang around on the backside of your tank, however can even occasional swim to the center of the water column. They like low lighting and since they’re native to a tropical atmosphere, they want exceptionally heat waters.  Your tank’s temperature ought to hover between 68 and 79 levels Fahrenheit.

If you happen to dwell in an unpredictable or chilly atmosphere, you will want so as to add a water heater. Attempt to maintain the temperature of your water as regulated and secure as you possibly can, and keep a pH between 6.0 and seven.5.

Filtration can be vital for Redtail Catfish. The best choice shall be a sump filter, which might be bought commercially or made at dwelling by yourself. These might be fairly costly, so ensure you can afford this monetary dedication earlier than you resolve to lift a Redtail Catfish.

Adorning A Redtail Catfish Tank

Redtail Catfish 4
Photo by Mael rimbault

Attempt to keep away from any decorations within the tank of your Redtail Catfish. These fish will eat something they’ll match inside their mouths. Moreover, including decorations is an expense that you just don’t want – it’s fully pointless. Redtail Catfish can dwell in peace in a sparsely adorned tank. They don’t require dwell crops or ornaments, and together with these in your tank can really trigger well being issues.

If you happen to completely should embrace decorations, make sure that they’re heavy sufficient in order that they can’t be moved. You can use massive items of driftwood, which juveniles get pleasure from hiding behind, or different decorations which can be equally massive and heavy to forestall damage or unintentional ingestion.

What Do Redtail Catfish  Eat?

Redtail Catfish 5
Photo by Bobby McCabe

Redtail Catfish are removed from being choosy eaters-  one thing you may anticipate given the dimensions of this fish! They may eat absolutely anything that matches of their mouths, which is why it is very important select the tank mates of your Redtail Catfish rigorously.

Within the wild, Redtail Catfish will eat absolutely anything. They devour all kinds of meals, together with fruit, fish, invertebrates, and plant matter.

These fish are omnivores, however choose to eat meat-based meals. You must feed them a food regimen that consists of a foundation of sinking carnivore pellets. From there, you possibly can add in different supplemental meals like meat and fish (you’ll want to minimize these into small items), crayfish, shrimp, and worms. You may even make your personal fish meals, which is able to make sure that your catfish are consuming the healthiest food regimen doable.

You may feed Redtail Catfish dwell meals, however this isn’t obligatory. Feeder meals are normally grown in crowded circumstances, which implies they usually have little or no dietary profit. They’ll additionally carry parasites and illnesses, which is not going to solely have an effect on your Redtail Catfish, however also can unfold to different fish in your tank. This will trigger main points in your aquarium that may be almost unimaginable to deal with.

You must also take into account the added expense of dwell feeders. These are fairly a bit dearer than are different alternate options, and since they don’t provide a excessive stage of dietary profit, they aren’t actually value it.

As a result of Redtail Catfish will eat something with which they arrive into contact, it’s vital that you simply keep away from overfeeding them. You must attempt to not feed an excessive amount of in a single feeding, as your fish will turn into sluggish and drained they want ample quantities of time to digest their meals, so if you’re feeding them an excessive amount of, you might discover modifications of their behaviors.

Redtail Catfish 1

Watch your fish rigorously when you introduce them to your tank. That is one of the simplest ways of figuring out whether or not you’re feeding them an excessive amount of or too little. You must solely feed juveniles as soon as each different day, however once they grow old, you possibly can really feel them simply as soon as per week. Watch your fish for indicators of starvation. When they’re nonetheless digesting, they are going to transfer extra slowly, however when they’re able to be fed once more, they are going to turn into extra energetic.

It may be troublesome to keep away from overfeeding your Redtail Catfish as a result of they’re a lot enjoyable to feed. Many particular person might be educated to simply accept meals, and since they’ll eat absolutely anything, this may be problematic in case you aren’t well-versed in find out how to feed them appropriately.

Ensure you don’t have something in your Redtail Catfish aquarium that you simply don’t suppose they need to eat. For instance, these fish will eat something they’ll get into their mouths – and that features issues like stones, items of your filter, different fish, and even gravel!

These fish usually are not aggressive towards different fish species, however will generally turn into territorial with their very own sort. They may eat small fish in addition to crabs and crustaceans. They normally gained’t eat crops, however it isn’t remarkable for them to attempt to match them of their mouths.

Redtail Catfish Tank Mates

Redtail Catfish are very shy, to allow them to be housed with different tank species and can normally not be aggressive towards them. Nonetheless, the most important factor you want to pay attention to is that Redtail Catfish will take into account something they’ll match into their mouths as prey. Though they gained’t attempt to struggle your different fish, they are going to undoubtedly attempt to eat them!

The perfect plan of action is to solely maintain Redtail Catfish in tanks with their very own species. If this isn’t doable – or if you’re including Redtail Catfish to a group tank – don’t, beneath any circumstances, maintain these fish with organisms which can be smaller than it. You should make it possible for your different fish and aquatic inhabitants don’t turn into prey.

Redtail Catfish can eat something that’s half the dimensions of them – they are going to even attempt to eat issues bigger than this! This may be deadly to each creatures, because it usually causes the Redtail Catfish to choke. These pure predators will assault and eat small fish, so that you need to keep away from housing a Redtail Catfish with any species of fish that’s smaller than it.

Some choices for different fish you possibly can home together with your Redtail Catfish embrace these reminiscent of datnoids, stingrays, and gars. Some other catfish species may additionally be appropriate. Remember that you possibly can safely home Redtail Catfish with one another, too. The prospect of breeding is low, however do not forget that it’s almost unimaginable to differentiate a female and male Redtail Catfish from one another on the juvenile age – so that you may need an incidence of unintentional breeding regardless.

Frequent Redtail Catfish Ailments

Redtail Catfish 6
Photo by Selbe.

Redtail Catfish are hardy, however they’re susceptible to the identical illnesses as are most tropical fish. If you happen to keep your aquarium and carry out common cleanings, you shouldn’t have too many issues. Redtail Catfish are significantly vulnerable to excessive ranges of nitrates within the water.

These can infect the fish’s barbels and make it unimaginable for them to navigate across the tank. They may additionally expertise difficulties in regular feeding patterns. To keep away from this, attempt to keep nitrate ranges which can be under 20 ppm. This may be achieved by constant and thru water modifications.

Keep in mind that since Redtail Catfish do not need scales, they shouldn’t be handled with any copper-based medicines or potassium permanganate. You should utilize remedies like pimafix or melafix, in addition to malachite inexperienced or formalin, however you might must half or quarter the dosage. All catfish, particularly Redtail Catfish, are particularly delicate to medicines.

It’s higher to forestall illness in your Redtail Catfish tank by giving them the correct atmosphere and a well-balanced food regimen. The extra shut you may get to offering the pure habitat of this fish, the more healthy your fish shall be. Keep in mind, a confused or unhealthy fish is extra prone to decide up a illness. You must also quarantine all new crops, decorations, or fish that you’re including to your tank as a way to guarantee illnesses from different areas or tanks usually are not being added to your secure, wholesome atmosphere.

Breeding And Life Spans Of Redtail Catfish

Redtail Catfish 8
Photo by Russ Glasson

Though the Redtail Catfish has an exceptionally lengthy life span and is hardy when supplied with the correct circumstances, there are only a few experiences of this fish being bred in captivity. That is possible on account of its dimension in addition to the problem in sustaining  tank that’s massive sufficient to permit for a breeding pair to breed. Even business breeders report problem when breeding them in massive ponds.

In South America, there are experiences of this fish being bred efficiently by means of hormones. As a result of they’re used for a supply of meals on this area, this can be a common method of breeding catfish. These usually are not normally offered within the aquarium commerce, however nonetheless usually make their method in by mistake.

If you’re searching for a fish species to create a breeding inhabitants, the Redtail Catfish might be not the selection for you. The difficulties offered by its dimension, in addition to by the problem sin telling aside the genders, could make it almost unimaginable to take action.

Is A Redtail Catfish For You?

If you’re searching for a big fish species that can give you years of leisure, it’s best to take into account elevating the Redtail Catfish. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that these fish usually are not for the faint of coronary heart – if you’re considering elevating certainly one of these fish, you should have an especially massive tank and the sources essential to look after it.

If you’re dedicated to offering the elegant Redtail Catfish with the life it deserves, take into account elevating this species. You’ll possible discover – fairly shortly! – that this fish is an absolute pleasure to lift. Plus, you’ll have enjoyable watching it develop!

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