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Red Betta Fish: Care, Varieties, Lifespan & More (With Pictures)


The Pink Betta Fish isn’t your common critter. Whereas it’s associated to the extra acquainted species, it’s a distinctive fish, albeit with comparable care. You might even see it by this identify or referred to as the Scarlet Betta Fish. The colour is the which means of its species identify. Although not as widespread, it’s price searching for out due to its temperament and fascinating shade sample.

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Fast Details about Pink Betta Fish

Species Title: Betta coccina
Household: Osphronemidae
Care Stage: Average
Temperature: 72–80℉
Temperament: Social
Shade Type: Pink or scarlet
Lifespan: 2–5 years
Dimension: As much as 2.5” L
Food plan: Dwell meals and bugs
Minimal Tank Dimension: 5 gallons for a pair
Tank Set-Up: Dwell vegetation with loads of hiding locations
Compatibility: Different docile, education species

Pink Betta Fish Overview

red betta in Aquarium
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

You’ll usually see this fish listed as a part of the Coccina complicated group of species. There are ten species on this class which are all fairly comparable with slight shade variations and extra markings. Meaning that you could be get a fish that appears completely different than those you have already got. The betta nonetheless exists within the wild in Malaysia, Sumatra, and Indonesia, the place it lives in inland, freshwater wetlands.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) has categorised the Pink Betta Fish as a weak species because of its restricted vary and declining numbers. Its major threats are logging and different non-timber agriculture. Overharvesting for the pet commerce is one other issue. Nevertheless, the Pink Betta Fish is comparatively straightforward to breed in captivity.

The Pink Betta Fish can current some challenges to fanatics. Its water situations are fairly completely different from comparable species. That may make discovering appropriate tankmates tough. Whereas taking good care of this fish is straightforward, it’s one other story with the tank.

How A lot Do Pink Betta Fish Value?

You’ll seemingly discover that Pink Betta Fish are laborious to search out. You most likely gained’t see them at big-box retailers since they’re a species that fanatics would purchase. They’re not as showy or widespread as their cousin, the Siamese Combating Fish. You may get them on-line or via a particular order at your native aquarium store. You possibly can anticipate to pay a minimum of $20 and upward of $30 or extra.

Typical Habits & Temperament

The Pink Betta Fish differs from others in its genus in that it’s docile. You possibly can maintain these fish in a group tank or in pairs. They do have longer fins, so it’s important to maintain them with different peaceable species of an analogous temperament. You possibly can maintain them in pairs or as a part of a group tank. They may often flare at one another, however they aren’t as aggressive because the Betta splendens.

Look & Varieties

red betta in aquarium
Picture Credit score: MANU PARADY, Shutterstock

The Pink Betta Fish lives as much as its identify, with its engaging coloration. You’ll discover them in a variety of colours, from brown to scarlet purple. Like different associated species, the fish can change it with the dwelling situations and its temper. Some specimens have a greenish-blue spot on their sides. Nevertheless, it’s not essentially an figuring out attribute. Different species within the Coccina complicated embody:

  • Betta miniopinna
  • Betta hendra
  • Betta brownorum
  • Betta persephone
  • Betta livida

You could or could not see the precise species recognized. They’re so comparable in look that it may be tough to find out, therefore, the Coccina complicated designation. There’s a point of sexual dimorphism between women and men. The previous is usually extra colourful, whereas the latter could have a visual egg tube.

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The right way to Take Care of Pink Betta Fish

The Pink Betta Fish is a tolerant species, particularly given its dwelling situations within the wild. One other consider its favor is its labyrinth organ. This respiratory construction permits the betta to breathe atmospheric oxygen. That provides this species an evolutionary benefit, contemplating the shallow waters during which it lives within the wild. That truth additionally makes the betta appropriate as an aquarium fish—given the suitable situations.


The Pink Betta lives in freshwater wetlands. It’s a stenotopic species or one which has a restricted habitat vary. They usually inhabit shallow water our bodies that always have decaying vegetation inside them. Many vegetation are excessive in tannic acid, which is able to create an acidic atmosphere. It can additionally dye the water to a tea-like shade. Therein lies the problem of establishing an aquarium for the Pink Betta Fish.

Tank Dimension

A 5-gallon tank is large enough to accommodate a pair of Pink Betta Fish. If you’d like a group tank, you’ll want a bigger one that’s applicable for the capability. Keep in mind that the bigger the aquarium, the much less upkeep because the situations will keep extra secure than a smaller one. We propose erring on the facet of warning and going with a much bigger tank. The additional house will act as a buffer.

Water Temperature

The Pink Betta Fish’s geographic location and habitat present worthwhile clues about what this species wants. It lives in a hotter local weather and in shallow water. Meaning the optimum temperature is on the tropical finish of the spectrum between 72℉–80℉. They’ll tolerate larger temperatures throughout breeding, which acts as a set off to mate.

Water Chemistry

Creating the right water chemistry is the place the look after the Pink Betta Fish goes from straightforward to reasonable. They usually dwell in so-called blackwater situations. That comes from the submerged vegetation coloring the water. You possibly can replicate it by operating a filter with peat media or an analogous water conditioner.

The opposite concern is the pH. Pink Betta Fish favor acidic waters, which is a facet impact of the discoloration from the vegetation. That always places it within the 3.8–4.7 vary. Nevertheless, you’ll seemingly discover that it’s problematic to keep up. Luckily, the betta’s tolerance extends to the pH. Nonetheless, we suggest testing it usually and utilizing water remedy merchandise to maintain it on the low finish.

Vegetation and Decor

As it’s possible you’ll surmise, the vegetation within the water offers glorious cowl for the Pink Betta Fish. Due to their measurement and temperament, they’re a prey species, making someplace to cover crucial. Wetland vegetation are appropriate selections as a result of that’s the place they develop. Luckily, you could have a number of ones from which to decide on, together with duckweed.

We additionally counsel including some hiding locations for each the grownup fish and the fry if a pair ought to mate in your tank.


Are Pink Betta Fish Good Tank Mates?

Pink Betta Fish get alongside to various levels partially as a result of they aren’t bred for combating. Certain, they’ll flare at one another and placed on a present. Nevertheless, the squabbles are normally between members of the identical species, though they might chase fish with lengthy fins, corresponding to Fancy Guppies. Nevertheless, they aren’t essentially choosing a battle with another tankmates.

Pink Betta Fish do finest with species that maintain to themselves or faculty. Appropriate selections embody Corydoras Catfish, Neon Tetras, Harlequin Rasboras, and Platies. These fish will all do properly and trigger a fuss.

What to Feed Your Pink Betta Fish

The Pink Betta Fish is a carnivore. Within the wild, they’ll feed on invertebrates and bugs. We suggest an analogous food plan to your pets. They like dwell meals, corresponding to brine shrimp. Nevertheless, they’ll most likely take some freeze-dried merchandise, too. Be certain that to take away any uneaten meals to keep away from fouling the water. Don’t be stunned in case your betta doesn’t eat every single day. That’s commonplace for meat-eaters.

Whether or not your betta takes processed meals will depend on the person. Many have that predator intuition in them that makes them affiliate feeding with the hunt. Pellets or flakes could not get the identical response from them.

Holding Your Pink Betta Fish Wholesome

Steady water situations are the easiest way to maintain your Pink Betta Fish wholesome. The proper water chemistry can also be very important for his or her well-being. That’s what makes testing your tank’s water so vital. You need to plan on doing partial water modifications a minimum of each two weeks. Non-chlorinated water is finest for species that don’t have the evolutionary previous that may have tailored them to those chemical compounds.

Though Pink Betta Fish can tolerate lower than excellent situations, aerating the tank will be sure that the water has enough quantities of dissolved oxygen. Even these fish want a minimal quantity to outlive.

red betta fish in aquarium
Picture Credit score: 13683717, Pixabay


Like others in its genus, the Pink Betta Fish is a paternal bubble nester. The male takes the lead and creates the nest. It can additionally make sure that the eggs get to their protected space. You need to take away the male after the younger hatch. That’s the place parental care ends. After that, the younger are dwell meals. Fortunately, they mature shortly. Nevertheless, solely fish beneath a yr will mate.

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Are Pink Betta Fish Appropriate For Your Aquarium?

The Pink Betta Fish is a superb alternative for intermediate to superior hobbyists who need to take their expertise to the following degree. Your best problem can be discovering one. They aren’t terribly costly. Nevertheless, the species’ standing within the wild raises the stakes significantly. If an import market nonetheless exists, it might drive up the worth even larger. If you happen to’re decided to get one, you’ll discover they make pleasant pets.

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