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The Best Tank Mates For Your Oscar Fish

If you have already got an Oscar fish, you in all probability already know this – Oscar cichlids are a number of the most enjoyable and entertaining aquarium species you may increase. Not solely have they got a bubbly, energetic personalities that make them the celebrities of your aquarium, however they’re additionally comparatively simple to take care of.

Sadly, Oscars are recognized for being a bit aggressive – which may result in issues if you wish to hold your Oscar in a neighborhood tank.

Nevertheless, it’s not not possible to take care of a neighborhood aquarium with an Oscar fish – you simply have to know which species are greatest suited to dwelling with these South American cichlids. Listed here are some tips about arrange a neighborhood aquarium when you might have Oscar cichlids – in addition to the very best species for the job.

What Are Oscar Fish?

Oscars, also called Astronotus ocellatus, are cichlids native to South America. One of many largest species of cichlids, an Oscar can develop as much as 14 inches in captivity. This fish, which is typically referred to as a river canine, has the capability to kind an in depth bond with its proprietor and can wag its tail, even – identical to a canine!

Sadly, as docile as Oscar fish are round people, they are often comparatively aggressive when raised in a tank. Because of this, it’s essential to ensure you choose your tank mates and the tank itself fairly rigorously. Opting for a bigger tank can cut back some points associated to aggression – attempt to hold a tank that’s a minimum of 75 gallons in measurement. That is particularly vital if you’re including any tank mates!

One other tip? Relatively than introducing tank mates after you might have already acclimated your Oscar to the tank, strive including tank mates first. This may cut back any aggression associated to territorial habits.

What Are The Greatest Tank Mates For An Oscar Fish?

Simply because you might have Oscars, it doesn’t imply that you may’t produce other fish, too! Listed here are a number of the greatest tank mates to your aggressive Oscar fish.

1 Severum Cichlid

Severum Cichlid
Photo by Andrei P

Severum cichlids are much less aggressive than a number of the different fish we are going to inform you about in a while on this article. Because of this, these docile, easygoing fish are an excellent pure selection to your Oscar tank. They get alongside effectively with non-aggressive species like silver {dollars} and plecos. Additionally they make a unbelievable addition to neighborhood tanks. Solely rising to about eight inches in size, these fish are comparatively simple to take care of and can do fairly effectively together with your Oscar fish.

2 Black Convict Cichlid

 Black Convict Cichlid
Photo by Melinda

Ah, the Black Convict Cichlid! This small cichlid normally solely grows to about six inches in size, however it’s simple to take care of and an appropriate selection for many Oscar tanks. These fish are robust and regardless of their small stature, are capable of simply maintain their very own towards extra aggressive Oscars.

These fish ought to be saved with smaller Oscars – though convict cichlids can simply fend off assaults from Oscars, inserting a big Oscar with a small convict cichlid in all probability isn’t’ clever. In any other case, these fish ought to be capable to maintain as much as occasional chasing or nipping habits. These fish want temperatures between 74- and 82-degrees Fahrenheit, just like these most well-liked by your Oscars.

3 Firemouth Cichlid

Fire Mouth Cichilid

Intently associated to convict cichlids, firemouth cichlids are additionally nice Oscar tank mates. These fish aren’t fairly as aggressive as Oscar fish, and although they’re comparatively small – simply six inches or so – they’re very expert at avoiding and stopping conflicts in your tank.

These fish are extra apt to flee than they’re to combat together with your Oscar fish. So long as you embody a number of hiding spots in your tank, which you’ll be able to create utilizing rocks or caves, these fish will do exactly fantastic. Additionally they want temperatures of round 75 to 84 levels.

4 Silver Greenback

silver dollar fish
Photo by David Ellis

Silver Greenback fish are standard Oscar tank mates as a result of they aren’t more likely to be eaten by your Oscars. They aren’t overly giant, solely rising to about six inches, however they’re education fish that want to be housed in teams of 4 or extra. There’s security in numbers in the case of housing silver {dollars} together with your cichlids. As well as, these fish have distinctive rectangular physique shapes that make them seem bigger and fewer tasty to your aggressive Oscars.

Silver {dollars} are likely to swim out within the open. They’re generally known as “dither fish” because of this. When in a gaggle, silver {dollars} will inform your Oscar that the tank is obvious and secure, which will help cut back aggression, too. These fish want temperatures of round 75 to 82 levels Fahrenheit.

5 Bichir

Photo by Jim and Tara Bliss

Bichir fish are a number of the most bizarre-looking fish one can find. These fish are native to the Nile River and different areas in Africa. As backside dwellers, these eel-shaped fish are fairly lengthy. They’ll breathe air, so you’ll generally see them darting as much as the floor of the water for some air.

As an extended fish, your Bichir ought to be saved in a tank that’s longer than it’s tall. It would be best to embody a tank lid, as these fish can bounce. Though they’re recognized for being peaceable, you’ll want to be careful for any aggression on the a part of your Oscar fish. In any other case, these lengthy fish -which can develop as much as two toes in size – are nice tank mates to your Oscar cichlid.

6 Plecostomus

The Complete Plecostomus Care Guide 3

The plecostomus is a quite common aquarium fish, recognized for its skill to eat algae. Many individuals buy them to assist clear their tanks. They’re nice Oscar tank mates so long as you retain a number of issues in thoughts.

First, plecos have sharp spines on their fins which may kill your Oscars. They may generally attempt to eat your plecos, which can consequence within the spines being lodged of their throats. Sadly, that is deadly not solely to the Oscar, but in addition to the plecos.

There are several types of plecos, however the widespread or sailfin plecos are in all probability the very best choices. These fish, which may develop to eighteen inches or extra, aren’t more likely to be munched on by your Oscars. Nevertheless, you will want to maintain them in exceptionally giant tanks – assume 100 gallons or extra.

7 Inexperienced Terror Cichlid

Green Terror Cichlid
Photo by nathanreynolds1

Inexperienced terror cichlids could sound scary, however in actual fact, they’re unbelievable tank mates to your Oscar fish. They could be a bit aggressive, often going face to face together with your Oscar fish, however normally, inexperienced terrors received’t trigger too many issues. Simply ensure you choose a smaller Inexperienced Terror to forestall any aggression issues.

These fish can develop as much as eight inches – the smaller your Inexperienced Terror is, the higher. Not all individuals are profitable when retaining Inexperienced Terrors and Oscars collectively, so hold this in thoughts as you might be readying your tank to your new arrivals – you’ll have to modify issues round to separate the 2 species.

8 Jurupari Earth Eater

Satanoperca jurupari
Photo by Chris Sergeant

The Jurupari Earth Eater is exclusive fish. These normally develop to about ten inches in size, making them appropriate in measurement for being housed together with your Oscars. As a docile, extra placid species of fish, these people like being in teams – an aquarium with cichlids is the proper means to assist this fish keep away from loneliness. These fish are simple to feed, preferring to eat blood worms and sinking meals.

9 Blue Acara

Electric Blue Acara 2
Photo by Richard Morgan

Blue acaras are about eight inches lengthy however they are often pretty aggressive when given the chance. They may do an excellent job of standing as much as your Oscars. It’s a good suggestion to buy or introduce these fish solely when they’re adults, as it may be troublesome for them to compete for meals as younger, small fish.

10 Chocolate Cichlids

These fish are additionally native to South America and are generally present in the identical atmosphere as Oscar fish, making them appropriate tankmates. These fish simply attain over a foot in size, however they’re exceptionally peaceable. So long as you don’t have an excessively boisterous or aggressive Oscar cichlid, your chocolate cichlid will make a superb tankmate.

11 Black Banded Leporinus

Black Banded Leporinus
Photo by Craig Fildes

These non-aggressive fish are good decisions for dwelling together with your cichlids as a result of they have an inclination to maintain to themselves. Regardless of their docile nature, they develop fairly giant – usually reaching a foot in size. These fish can often nip on the fins of different fish, however this isn’t terribly widespread. They may also be considerably shy, so sudden actions inside or outdoors of the tank could startle them.

12 Jack Dempsey Cichlid

Jack Dempsey Cichlid
Photo by John Cudworth

Jack Dempsey cichlids are fairly giant, usually rising as much as 10 inches. These fish may be extraordinarily docile, whereas others are typically extra aggressive. They’re good Oscar tank mates both means as a result of they develop to about the identical measurement – in addition they are typically equal in aggressive behaviors. Nevertheless, once more, the success of retaining these two fish species collectively will rely on the distinctive personalities of every particular person fish. Monitor your fish rigorously when they’re first launched to verify there are not any conflicts.

Which Varieties Of Fish Ought to Not Be Saved With Oscars?

Whereas there are many appropriate fish to boost in your Oscar aquarium, there are some that don’t have any place on this tank.

For instance, you must keep away from species that require immaculate water circumstances. Oscars aren’t delicate to fluctuations within the water high quality – though you must at all times attempt to keep a clear tank – however they produce a ton of waste. These fish are messy eaters and contribute numerous nitrates to the tank.

Oscars must also not be saved with small catfish. Catfish have spines that may kill an Oscar if swallowed. Whereas your Oscar will doubtless not go after a big catfish, it would view a small one as a snack. It’s best to keep away from small fish generally – Oscars are considerably aggressive, and when you give them the possibility, they are going to attempt to make a meal out of your small or slow-moving fish. As a normal rule of thumb, keep away from any fish that would doubtlessly slot in your Oscar’s mouth.

Lastly, it’s essential to keep away from fish which are delicate or extra delicate to aggression. Sure species, like discus fish, requires a peaceable atmosphere and can grow to be overly careworn if housed with Oscar fish.

Is An Oscar Tank Proper For Me?

Should you don’t have an Oscar fish but however are able to introduce some to your tank, simply take into account the rules we advised you about above. Whereas an Oscar fish can do exactly fantastic by itself, it may be fairly enjoyable to have a full aquarium that’s brimming with aquatic life.

These fish are wonderful pets! Whereas they will not be appropriate for everybody, they’re fish that ought to be thought-about by each aquarium hobbyist at one level or one other.

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