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Create A Rainbow Of Color In Your Tank With The Most Popular Colorful Fish

So that you’ve made the choice to start out a freshwater aquarium. Good for you! Elevating fish is an fulfilling endeavor that can preserve you cheerful and entertained for years to return. Nevertheless, selecting the best fish to your tank is usually a hefty activity in itself.

These fish will probably be with you for a few years, so that you don’t wish to make the error of selecting the fallacious fish to your wants and preferences. As an alternative, it’s best to do your analysis forward of time to be sure to are deciding on the most beautiful and most colourful fish.

There are some species of fish which are identified particularly for his or her attractive look, notably their vibrant colours and vivid patterns. In the event you care in regards to the look of your fish as they swim among the many crops and decorations in your tank, it’s best to take into account elevating considered one of these most colourful fish.

1 Mandarinfish


The mandarinfish is a well-liked saltwater fish and is a member of the dragonet household. There are a number of members on this household, however maybe the most well-liked (and most colourful!) is the striped mandarin fish. This illustrious creature is discovered within the Pacific Ocean and appears not in contrast to a goby. It has a blue base and pronounced orange stripes.

These fish may be difficult to maintain as they like to stay in saltwater environments. As well as, they’ve strict dietary necessities in that they may reject pellet and frozen meals and solely eat stay meals. Nevertheless, if you’re prepared and capable of meet these difficult calls for, the mandarinfish may very well be a wonderful alternative to your aquarium.

2 Discus


The discus fish is likely one of the hottest aquarium fish. Present in films, ads, and different media platforms, this fish is maybe probably the most famously patterned fish of occasions. Belonging to the Cichlid genus, this fish is native to the Amazon River and is available in quite a lot of attractive colours. You could find it in yellow, purple, blue, orange, purple, pink, and extra. Additionally they include quite a few forms of bodily markings and stable colours

3 Clown Triggerfish

Clown Triggerfish

The clown triggerfish is often known as the large noticed triggerfish. Native to saltwater environments, this fish grows exceptionally massive – in lots of instances, reaching as much as 19 inches in size. The fish has a stocky physique that’s colourful, comprised of a black base and a yellow mouth. It additionally has white spots.

Clown triggerfish are identified for transferring across the decorations inside their tank, o you’ll wish to be certain that any decorations or objects in your tank are secured effectively. You shouldn’t add a clown triggerfish if in case you have a reef setting in your tank, however a stay rock tank is suitable.

4 Rainbow Parrotfish

Rainbow Parrotfish
Photo by Kevin Bryant

The identify right here says all of it! Rainbow parrotfish are completely attractive, and are named as such due to their unusual mouths. These fish have enamel that appear to be caught collectively, creating, in essence, a type of beak. This beak helps the rainbow parrotfish scrape algae off of coral.

These herbivores are among the largest within the Atlantic Ocean, rising effectively over one meter in size! These fish are very troublesome and costly to lift in consequence, requiring massive aquariums of a minimum of 200 gallons and loads of meals as effectively.

Rainbow parrotfish are identified for his or her brilliant colours, and may be present in every kind of shades  together with orange, brown, inexperienced, and blue. It’s best to strive your greatest to match the circumstances of your tank to the rainbow parrotfish’s pure habitat, as it may be robust for them to adapt when they’re positioned in captivity.

5 Peacock Cichlid

Peacock Cichlid
Photo by Shane Ruth

The peacock cichlid is likely one of the hottest types of cichlids – and likewise probably the most colourful. This fish is a superb alternative for starting aquarium hobbyists, as it’s straightforward to lift and will get alongside effectively with most different aquarium inhabitants. It has vertical stripes and may be present in various colours, together with blue, purple, yellow, orange, and even gold.

6 Golden Sailfin Molly

Golden Sailfin Molly

Mollies are one of many best species you’ll be able to elevate in a freshwater tank. Whereas they’re usually present in pale, muted tones, there are some varieties which are remarkably colourful. One among these is the golden sailfin molly. This fish has a noticed golden sample with a silver base and is a superb alternative for newcomers, because it has a peaceful, peaceable demeanor.

7 Crowntail Betta

How Long Do Betta Fish Live 3

The crowntail betta is a well-liked fish with a beautiful shade and design. This fish may be discovered everywhere in the world, however is native to Southeast Asia. Whereas most species of bettas are attractive to have a look at, this one is one thing particular. It might develop to almost three inches and size and is available in quite a lot of colours.

8 Male Betta

How Long Do Betta Fish Live 4

In case you are contemplating elevating a betta fish of any variety for its attractive look, be sure to at all times choose a male betta. Solely the males will show the attractive colours of the species, with the females possessing extra subdued tones. Male betta fish use their vibrant colours and lengthy, flowing fins as a method of attracting females.

They’re bought  in quite a lot of hues and gradients, with standard shades together with blue, purple, white, purple, yellow, orange, and extra. And do not get confused in case you head to the pet store and see these fish bought beneath the identify of Siamese Preventing Fish – it’s merely one other identify given to those pretty fish.

Curiously, betta fish don’t have the identical attractive colours within the wild as they do when they’re being raised in captivity. As an alternative, they’ve extra muted tones which are designed to assist them mix in with their native environments of floodplains and rice paddies. Bettas are labyrinth fish, consuming oxygen from the air in addition to by way of their gills. In case you are contemplating elevating betta fish, simply be sure to solely preserve one by one – the males are extraordinarily aggressive and can incessantly combat to the demise.

9 Fantail Guppy

Fantail Guppy
Photo by ziggy_lilja

This pretty guppy isn’t simply colourful, nevertheless it additionally produces an elaborate present of a rainbow-like show at any time when it strikes. It has a variety of physique patterns and colours, and it’s laborious to discover a guppy that doesn’t symbolize each shade of the rainbow! With a number of shade schemes to select from, this guppy is distinguished by its elaborate, sleek fan tail.

10 German Blue Ram

German Blue Ram

This is likely one of the hottest freshwater aquarium species you’ll be able to elevate – not simply because it’s a beautiful freshwater fish, but in addition as a result of it has a relaxed, peaceable demeanor that makes it the low-key star of any tank. This fish is a member of the Cichlid household and has brilliant scales with blue dots over its fins. It additionally has noticeable patches of shade on its abdomen and close to its eyes. Additionally, you will see a couple of darkish stripes on this fish’s physique, the latter of which may be purple, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and extra.

11 Gourami

Photo by Phil Hayward

The gourami is one other standard freshwater fish. It additionally is available in a number of color combinations and patterns and is present in fish tank aquariums the world over. This fish is native to southeast Asia. there are a number of colours and varieties obtainable, with among the commonest together with the Crimson Fireplace Dwarf Gourami, the Banded Gourami, and the Blue Gourami.

12 Boeseman’s Rainbowfish

Boeseman’s Rainbowfish
Photo by Ricky Romero

Boeseman’s rainbowfish gives a splash of shade (no pun meant!) to any fish tank. This fish is extremely wanted by aquarium hobbyists everywhere in the world. Native to Indonesia, it’s now discovered globally as probably the most standard aquarium species. This fish has a lightweight grey physique with darkish strains. The rear parts of its physique are a vibrant orangish purple.

13 Threadfin Butterflyfish

Threadfin Butterflyfish
Photo by Tom Barnes

This attractive fish doesn’t simply have a sublime identify – it has a ravishing look to match it, too. This fish has a daring character and may attain lengths of as much as 9 inches. It’s a very calm, peaceable species that will get alongside effectively with different inhabitants of your tank. It’s incessantly photographed and has a pearly white physique. This white physique fades right into a buttery yellow shade in the direction of its again tails, and it additionally has diagonal black strains that look not in contrast to a traditional chevron sample.

In the event you’re contemplating elevating threadfin butterflyfish, simply be sure to have loads of area. These fish require plenty of swimming room, which means you will want a tank that’s no smaller than ten gallons in measurement.

14 Regal Angelfish

Regal Angelfish
Photo by Zsispeo

You’d be laborious pressed to search out an angelfish that wasn’t attractive, however the regal angelfish is maybe probably the most illustrious. This fish is elegant and wonderful to gaze upon, nevertheless it must be famous that additionally it is extremely troublesome to lift in an aquarium.

Why? These fish develop fairly massive, usually reaching size of ten inches or extra. They require loads of area to swim round, in addition to ample hiding spots. They like coral reefs in addition to loads of caves, crevices, and cracks. You additionally must watch out about when and from the place you buy your regal angelfish, as a result of those who hail from the Indo-Pacific area had been usually caught utilizing chemical compounds and due to this fact gained’t survive for very lengthy in your aquarium.

As with all different fish, it is vital that you simply quarantine your regal angelfish for a number of weeks to verify they’re wholesome. They’ve a tough time adapting to aquarium life, and so it’s beneficial that you simply solely buy younger, wholesome angelfish.

15 Banggai Cardinalfish

Banggai Cardinalfish
Photo by Toshihiro Gamo

The banggai cardinal fish is native to Indonesia. This elegant fish is normally present in coral ledges and sea anemones, and is completely nocturnal. They feed in massive teams throughout the evening and are exceptionally sociable creatures. They require plenty of area in a fish tank, however when you get them there, you gained’t thoughts making somewhat additional room. These gracious fish have golden our bodies accentuated by lengthy black fins and pronounced white spots, making the star of any freshwater tank.

16 Moorish Idol

Moorish Idol
Photo by Omar Flumignan

In the event you’ve ever been snorkeling – or seen ads for snorkeling – you most likely already know what the moorish idol seems to be like. This fish is present in nearly each underwater {photograph}, frequent to each the coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean., it has massive vertical stripes in black and white, in addition to a yellow patch towards the again of its physique.

These fish look not in contrast to butterflyfish, however aren’t really in the identical household. They’ll develop as much as 9 inches in measurement, and though they’re troublesome to lift in captivity on account of their complicated feeding and area necessities, they’re completely value it.

17 Flame Angelfish

Flame Angelfish
Photo by Nathan Rupert

One other standard fish to your freshwater aquarium is the flame angelfish. A dwarf angelfish, this species is a superb alternative for newbie and skilled fishkeepers alike. It has a wealthy purple physique with black vertical stripes, together with blue dorsal and anal fins. This fish is exclusive in that its colours differ relying on the place on the earth it’s discovered. In Hawaii, for instance, this fish tends to be bigger and in possession of a deeper coloration.

18 Picasso Triggerfish

Picasso Triggerfish
Photo by Volker Wurst

The picasso triggerfish isn’t simply colourful, it’s additionally attention-grabbing to have a look at primarily based on its form. Also called the humuhumu triggerfish, this fish has a wacky look. It has a tan coloured physique and blackish blue stripes. Its facial form is pronounced and whereas this fish may be aggressive, it may be housed with quite a lot of different massive fish.

19 Clownfish

Photo by R-Studiodesign .nl

The clownfish rose to fame within the Disney Pixar film Discovering Nemo, however this fish is a lot extra than simply cartoon character inspiration. Most members of the clownfish household or yellow, orange, or purple, however many may be discovered with vertical white strains. These fish solely develop to about three inches in size, however bigger ones can develop to double that measurement – reaching a whopping six inches or extra!

These fish are omnivores, consuming each animal and plant matter. They’ll even eat algae and small zooplankton. These medium-sized fish are effectively tailored to life in most aquarium environments.

20 Killifish

Photo by Peter Maguire

The killifish is discovered everywhere in the world and is a beautiful fish species which you could add to your freshwater tank. There’s some sexual dimorphism amongst this species, as females are usually a lot much less vibrant than males. Nevertheless, females may also make a unbelievable addition to a tank. Males are likely to have brilliant blue and yellow patterns with orange stripes that attain all the best way to their fins.

21 Electrical Blue Ram

Electric Blue Ram
Photo by Ruby_lou1987

The electrical blue ram is a brilliant blue coloured fish with an impressive character. It’s a peaceable, sociable fish, and though it seems to be aggressive, is something however. These fish develop as much as three inches in size and must be housed with different non-aggressive species like tetras and discus fish.

22 Royal Gramma

One of many brightest fish of the Caribbean, this saltwater species is a brilliant purple in shade. It seems virtually electrical, possessing a yellowish gold tail and a golden stripe. It’s a hardy fish, superb for each newbie and skilled fish keepers alike. It’s playful and enjoyable to have a look at, making it an awesome alternative to your saltwater tank.

23 Flowerhorn Cichlid

Flowerhorn Cichlid
Photo by David Leuken

The flowerhorn cichlid isn’t only a colourful fish so that you can add to your tank – it’s additionally one which has a weird look that makes it the star of any present. This fish stands out among the many crowds with a protruding head – it seems to be not in contrast to a horn. This fish has petal-shaped markings and is usually a bit aggressive, so that you gained’t wish to preserve it in a tank with extra delicate species.

24 Juvenile Emperor Angelfish

Juvenile Emperor Angelfish
Photo by Flávio Cruvinel Brandão

One other frequent angelfish on this checklist is the juvenile emperor angelfish. This fish has a darkish black physique together with bluish white highlights. It seems to be virtually electrical, and though it’s difficult to lift in that it should stay in a saltwater aquarium, it provides a large amount of curiosity to your tank in return.

Juvenile emperor angelfish should stay in massive tanks of a minimum of 125 gallons. Water temperatures must be maintained at round 72 to 82 levels Fahrenheit, and pH must be round 8.1 to eight.4 these fish develop to be fairly massive, with juveniles starting from 4 to 6 inches in size.

Ought to I Elevate One among These Colourful Fish?

In the event you’re trying to up your fishkeeping recreation by introducing some attractive new additions, look no additional than this checklist of colourful aquarium species. You’ll be able to acquire each shade within the rainbow whereas sustaining your tank – simply be certain that the species you choose have comparable water and companion necessities, and also you’ll don’t have any different points to fret about.

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