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Halfmoon Betta: Care Guide, Lifespan & More (with Pictures)


The Halfmoon Betta is without doubt one of the hottest kinds of Beta Fish that you could purchase. It will get its identify from its plentiful fins that fan out to 180-degrees. It’s out there in all colours and patterns, together with the favored Samurai and Mustard Fuel. There are two most important tail varieties, they usually require some particular care in comparison with different betta fish. If you need to study extra about these fascinating fish, hold studying whereas we take a look at the price of these fish in addition to habits, look, habitat, and extra that can assist you make an knowledgeable resolution about if it’s proper on your residence.


Fast Details about Halfmoon Betta

Species Identify: Macropodusinae
Household: Osphronemidae
Care Stage: Newbie
Temperature: 76 – 81 levels
Temperament: Energetic, hungry, solitary
Shade Type: Black,pink, blue, clear, purple
Lifespan: 2 – 4 years
Measurement: 1 – 3 inches
Weight-reduction plan: Flakes, pellets, brine shrimp
Minimal Tank Measurement: 5 gallons
Tank Set-Up: Elective stay vegetation
Compatibility: Uncommon

Halfmoon Betta Overview

Many homeowners name their Halfmoon Betta a Siamese Combating Fish. It’s notable for its giant fins however is in any other case extraordinarily just like different betta fish. It has the distinctive potential to breathe by taking gulps of air off the floor, which permits them to outlive in low oxygen environments. You received’t want to supply aeration to maintain them alive, which is why you typically see them in plant vase aquariums, although they are going to be a lot happier in a bigger surroundings.

lavender half moon betta
Picture Credit score: lmstevendesign from Pixabay

How A lot Do Halfmoon Bettas Value?

You’ll be able to anticipate to pay between $5 and $15 on your Halfmoon Betta, relying on the place you reside. Fish are typically dearer in city areas the place demand can drive up the price. Moreover the fish, you’ll need to buy an aquarium and a few meals, however you’ll not must spend a lot past that.

Typical Conduct & Temperament

Since your Halfmoon Betta can be referred to as a Siamese combating fish, you need to have some thought about its temperament. These fish are extraordinarily protecting of their territory and can change into aggressive in the direction of many various sorts of fish, ensuing within the fast demise of 1 or each fish. It could actually even really feel threatened if you end up wanting into the tank. You’ll typically see it fan out its fins to look extra intimidating and may even puff out its gills and chin if you happen to get too shut. If you wish to place different animals into the tank, you’ll need to ensure they’ll cohabitate. Snails and pleco (suckerfish) are nice selections.

Double half moon long tail
Picture Credit score: Mr Witoon Boonchooo, Shutterstock

Look & Varieties

The Halfmoon Betta fish has giant fins that increase when it’s threatened or exhibiting off to cowl a full 180 levels resembling a half-moon, which is the place it will get its identify. Like different varieties, it will possibly differ significantly in measurement, starting from 1 -3 inches. They’ll have extraordinarily shiny colours with deep reds and blues that may add loads of colour to any aquarium. Like all different varieties, the Halfmoon Bettas are sexually dimorphic, and solely the males have the big colourful fins, whereas the females are much more aggressive.

Different varieties are similar to the Halfmoon Betta and largely describe the fish’s fin form and colour sample. Examples of various varieties embrace the Blue Betta, Purple Betta, White Betta, Veiltail, Crown Tail, and Rose Tail.

The best way to Take Care of the Halfmoon Betta

Habitat, Tank Situations & Setup

Aquarium Measurement

Some consultants recommend a tank measurement as small as ¼ gallon is appropriate on your Halfmoon Betta, whereas others advocate a minimal of 5 gallons. We hold ours in ten-gallon tanks and may let you know they use the whole tank, so we advocate a minimal of 5 gallons. Bigger tanks additionally maintain their temperature higher than small tanks, so there may be much less threat of shock, and you’ll need to wash the smaller tanks rather more steadily, which is tedious and may also shock the fish.

siamese fighting fish Half moon
Picture Credit score: Kidsada Manchinda, Shutterstock


We advocate stay or plastic vegetation on your beta fish as a result of it likes to cover by them, and it’ll particularly like giant leaves like these of the aquarium banana plant. Nonetheless, because the Halfmoon betta breathes air from the floor, there isn’t a profit to dwelling vegetation over plastic ones.


We advocate fluorescent lighting or LED lights on your aquarium as a result of they won’t warmth the water as a halogen mild would. LED lighting techniques are gaining popularity and work wonderful, however most older aquariums may have fluorescent lights. The principle factor is to maintain a daily day-night cycle to advertise good well being. Many individuals use a timer, so the cycle stays constant even when they’re away.

White Blue Marble half moon tail Betta
Picture Credit score: Mr Witoon Boonchoo, Shutterstock

Are Halfmoon Bettas Good Tank Mates?

As we talked about earlier, your Halfmoon Betta won’t make a great tank mate for a lot of fish species. Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply it wants to remain within the tank alone. Moreover the pleco and the snail, you may add Ghost Shrimp, Feeder Guppies, Harlequin Rasbora, Tetras, and extra.

divider fish plants 2

What to Feed Your Halfmoon Betta

A number of commercial flake and pellet meals are appropriate on your Halfmoon Betta, and you can even feed it stay brine shrimp to activate its looking instincts and supply psychological stimulation. Betta fish choose to eat smaller meals all through the day, however you can even feed them twice a day by giving all of them the meals they are going to devour over a five-minute session.

half moon betta fish surfacing
Picture Credit score: at.rma, Shutterstock

Maintaining Your Halfmoon Betta Wholesome

Maintaining your Halfmoon Betta wholesome shouldn’t be troublesome so long as you retain the water temperature within the vary of 76 – 81 levels Fahrenheit. The Halfmoon Betta is extraordinarily hardy and may stay fairly a very long time, even in little water.


To breed Halfmoon Betta fish, you’ll need to pick out a wholesome female and male between 4 and twelve months outdated.

  1. Select one with colours you want, and the feminine needs to be barely smaller than the male.
  2. Maintain your fish on a excessive protein weight loss program earlier than breeding begins.
  3. Place the fish in a tank with three to 5 inches of water to encourage the fish to get acquainted.
  4. Maintain the filter as mild as potential to forestall stirring up the water.
  5. Don’t put any substrate within the tank, however you may put one thing that floats, like Styrofoam or leaves that the male can connect the bubble nest.
  6. You should utilize a plexiglass divider to separate the fish whereas permitting them to see one another at first. It could be finest if you happen to additionally had plastic vegetation within the aquarium that the feminine can disguise behind if the male will get aggressive in the course of the breeding.
  7. If the male is within the feminine, he’ll begin bumping the divider and can get darker in colour, whereas the feminine will develop vertical stripes to indicate curiosity, and he or she may even get darker. She may even level her tail within the course of the male.
  8. When you see the colours darken, the male ought to start constructing his bubble nest, and you may take away the divider, however you’ll need to look at carefully to ensure no conflicts develop.
  9. If the male will get violent or the feminine destroys the bubble nest, you’ll need to separate the fish and begin once more.
  10. Whereas mating, the male will flip the feminine the wrong way up and fertilize the eggs as she releases them.
  11. As soon as the mating is full, you may take away the feminine, and the male will have a tendency the nest for about 4 days till the fish start to swim.
  12. As soon as the fish can swim, it’s time to take away the male, or it is going to change into aggressive, and your breeding course of is full.
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Is The Halfmoon Betta Appropriate For Your Aquarium?

Sure. In case you are searching for a pretty fish that’s lively and enjoyable to look at, we extremely advocate giving a Halfmoon beta a strive in your aquarium. It’s simple to keep up and is appropriate for newcomers and youngsters. It has an extended lifespan, and the one draw back is that it doesn’t cohabitate with different fish too properly. Whereas there are different fish, you may put into the tank. You’ll must analysis all types you’re contemplating to ensure there aren’t any issues.

We hope you might have loved studying over this information, and it has helped reply your questions. If we have now satisfied you to get one in every of these fish on your tank, please share this information to the Halfmoon Betta on Fb and Twitter.

Featured Picture Credit score: panpilai paipa, Shutterstock


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