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The Best Freshwater Aquarium Sharks – No, Sharks Aren’t Just For The Ocean!

Once you hear the phrase “shark,” what involves thoughts? Do you suppose of a giant behemoth, viciously tearing by way of the waters in quest of aquatic prey? Or do you consider small fish in a relaxed family aquarium?

We’re guessing that your concepts of sharks have extra to do with the film Jaws than they do with your individual front room. Nevertheless, if you have already got a freshwater aquarium, you need to know that elevating freshwater sharks is likely one of the most pleasing issues you are able to do.

There are many small freshwater aquarium sharks which might be good for being raised in a small setting. Whereas most sharks favor saltwater tanks, there are fairly a number of completely different species that may be raised in your freshwater tank.

Intrigued? Right here’s what it’s worthwhile to find out about elevating freshwater sharks, in addition to a few of the greatest species that you may maintain.

What Is A Freshwater Shark?

There’s loads of confusion across the time period “freshwater shark.” Why, you would possibly ask? Effectively, whenever you consider sharks, you often consider people who reside in a marine atmosphere. Sharks are naturally present in marine areas, however there are some that may be present in each salt and freshwater.

On this artifice, we are going to talk about fish which might be known as freshwater sharks however aren’t truly sharks themselves. They appear to be sharks, nevertheless, with most coming from the shark catfish household (generally known as Pangasiidae). Some additionally come from carps and minnows teams, often called Cyprinidae.

What do all of those fish have in frequent? They appear to be true sharks and in addition share a few of their behaviors. These fish may be considerably aggressive and are identified to hang around on the backside of the tank by themselves. Given the possibility, they may fortunately snack on the smaller fish inside your tank!

Most freshwater sharks aren’t too tough for novice fishkeepers to boost, and when you’ve got some degree of expertise in elevating fish, you gained’t have any hassle in any respect. Whereas a few of these species would require extra sources when it comes to residing space and meals, you shouldn’t have any issues elevating these curious little creatures.

Ensure you have an adequately-sized tank earlier than starting, nevertheless – most of those fish will develop to nicely over 5 inches in size by the point they mature. The most effective place to begin is with a tank that’s no smaller than ten gallons, however keep in mind, the more room you may have, the happier your fish can be.

How To Care For A Freshwater Shark

Should you’re already accustomed to caring for freshwater fish, caring for a freshwater shark gained’t be a lot completely different. To start out with, it’s worthwhile to ensure you have an extended tang. Fish which might be sharks and even merely shark-like or going to exhibit some critical exploratory behaviors. As backside dwellers, they may care extra concerning the size of your aquarium than the peak. An extended tank will give your fish will all of the room it must discover.

Additionally, you will need to embrace an excellent filtration system. Bear in mind the bigger the fish, the bigger quantities of waste there can be. Fish who’re carnivores will produce much more waste. In consequence, it’s crucial that you simply embrace loads of filtration. Any ammonia spikes may be completely lethal to your fish inhabitants. Don’t take them evenly and as an alternative put money into a high-quality filter, ideally a canister filter.

Freshwater sharks are additionally identified to leap. Whereas your lengthy tank will assist cut back the probability of this sort of exploratory leaping, you also needs to put a good lid on the tank to scale back the danger of your fish leaping out of the tank.

As well as, you’ll want to equip your freshwater shark tank with the proper supplies. A well-decorated tank with a number of dense crops is right. Your shark will love having crops, which is able to give it loads of locations to cover and keep away from different tankmates. You also needs to embrace hiding locations, like caves, to maintain your fish protected. You may also need to embrace a comfortable, delicate substrate like sand to stop your fish from inuring its delicate stomach.

What Are the Finest Sharks for Freshwater Aquariums?

Nearly any form of small freshwater shark can thrive in your aquarium. Nevertheless, there are some which might be better-suited to this life-style than others. Listed here are a few of the hottest selections so that you can take into account.

1 Roseline Torpedo Shark

Roseline Torpedo Shark
Photo by Elrina753

This fish has a reputation that’s enjoyable to say – and behaviors which might be much more enjoyable to observe! The Roseline Torpedo Shark grows to about six inches in size and often hangs out in a tank that’s roughly 75 gallons or so in dimension.

This can be a tank minimal, nevertheless – ideally, you ought to be conserving your roseline torpedo shark in a tank no smaller than 125 gallons, notably in case you maintain it with any of its frequent tank mates, corresponding to tiger barbs, zebra danios, cichlids, and black skirt tetras.

Roseline torpedo sharks wish to be saved in considerably cooler waters, with common temperatures round 74 levels Fahrenheit. Also referred to as Denison Barbs and Pink-Lined Torpedo Barbs, these fish are attractive, education collectively properly and creating a beautiful show of shade.

They don’t develop obscenely massive in dimension, often solely reaching about six inches at maturity. These are a few of the smallest freshwater sharks you’ll be able to increase the final outcome. As well as, they develop slowly, stopping loads of issues that always come up for newbie aquarium hobbyists as they don’t notice how massive their tiny fish will change into, and the way shortly!

Roseline torpedo sharks are distinctive in that they don’t exhibit aggressive behaviors so long as they’re saved at colleges of at the very least 5. Should you add a number of of those fish to your tank without delay, you’ll be able to cut back the probability of aggressive behaviors like bullying and chasing. Give these fish lengthy aquariums to offer them with loads of house to swim and zoom round.

One factor that needs to be talked about is that the quick-swimming tendencies of those fish have the potential to emphasize out the gradual swimmers in your tank. Attempt to not maintain these fish with slower tank mates like discus fish or angelfish.

2 Rainbow Shark

Rainbow Shark
Photo by Tropical Fish International

The rainbow shark, which requires a tank of about 55 gallons for one grownup fish, is likely one of the hottest freshwater sharks you will see that. This fish will get alongside nicely with different fish like semi-aggressive cichlids, gouramis, danios, rainbowfish, barbs, and even rasboras. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be saved with goldfish or different fish who like to hang around on the backside of the tank.

This fish prefers water temperatures which might be comparatively heat, usually between 75 and 86 levels Freanheit. Rising to a most of 6 inches in size, this fish is comparatively small. In consequence, the difficult a part of elevating a rainbow shark has nothing to do with the dimensions of the aquarium, however as an alternative the opposite fish you determine to maintain within the tank.

The rainbow shark is understood to change into fairly territorial because it ages. It’ll declare sure part of the tank as its personal area, and can chase and harass different fish who dare to come back shut. Due to this fact, in case you plan on conserving multiple rainbow shark, you want a tank that’s nicely over 100 gallons in dimension. That is very true in case you plan on elevating different fish in there, too.

These fish are extremely aggressive, so it isn’t a good suggestion to deal with them with some other backside dwellers. Even backside dwellers who are typically extra peaceable won’t do nicely with the hostile rainbow shark. Don’t maintain your rainbow shark with fish like loaches and plecos and as an alternative fill your tank with loads of crops and caves. This manner, your rainbow shark can declare its personal house with out stressing out the opposite fish in your tank.

Rainbow sharks reside for six to 10 years when elevating in correct situations. You may breed these fish, however this is usually a problem for people who find themselves new to the interest. Female and male rainbow sharks don’t all the time get alongside, and this may make breeding tough. Nevertheless, the 2 sexes are comparatively straightforward to inform aside, as males are brighter in shade than females and have our bodies which might be skinny compared to the females’ spherical physique.

Extra energetic at evening than throughout the day, these fish aren’t nocturnal however as an alternative like to hang around throughout all hours.

3 Harlequin Shark

The harlequin shark is a considerably massive, quick-swimming fish with a fast mood. Rising to just a little beneath seven inches in size, this fish can develop considerably massive and wishes a tank that may be a minimal of 55 gallons in dimension. This fish has a weird look, however don’t let it idiot you – it’s not going to spend all of its time hiding in your tank!

This beautiful fish has attractive, vivid colours that fade upon getting into maturity. Regardless of this decline in coloration, these fish are stand-outs within the tank. They don’t do nicely when housed with others of their very own type – jealousy, maybe? In consequence, it is almost inconceivable to breed your individual harlequin sharks at residence.

These solitary fish shouldn’t be saved with some other bottom-dwellers, like catfish. This can result in bullying and eventual loss of life on your unlucky catfish. Should you completely should maintain different fish in your tank, take into account conserving it with fast-swimmers which might be an analogous dimension and occupy completely different ranges of the water column. Good choices embrace carps, minnows, massive barbs, and huge danios.

Harlequin sharks want vital water movement within the tank, as their pure environments are rivers. You should use a robust canister filter to do that. You may also need to encourage some algal progress to assist improve the weight-reduction plan of your harlequin shark, too.

4 Siamese Algae Eater

Siamese Algae Eater
Photo by Fishlady_UK

The Siamese algae eater is one other nice possibility on your freshwater aquarium. This fish reaches about six inches in size and wishes a tank that’s solely about 20 gallons or so in dimension – however is longer than it’s tall.

This fish will stay fairly pleased whether it is housed with species like danios, barbs, tetras, gouramis, corydoras, and even guppies. Because the title suggests, this fish does a wonderful job at cleansing up unfastened algae within the tank. Related in look to the Chinese language algae eater and the flying fox fish, this freshwater shark is likely one of the few that’s truly peaceable and enjoys hanging out with different sociable and equally docile fish.

This fish shouldn’t be saved with aggressive freshwater sharks like red-tailed sharks and rainbow-sharks. As a substitute, you’ll be able to maintain it with a number of different members of its personal type, so long as you ensure you have loads of room for them. Siamese Algae eaters are identified to leap, so ensure your tank has a tight-fitting lid. As well as, you’ll solely need to introduce one Siamese algae eater for each fifteen gallons of water that you’ve got.

5 Iridescent Shark Catfish

Iridescent Shark Catfish
Photo by Angelica

This fish is offered in nearly each pet retailer within the nation. Nevertheless, it may be tough to boost in that it usually lives to fifteen or 20 years of age. In consequence, you shouldn’t maintain one in all these fish except you’re in it for the lengthy haul.

As well as, this fish has a fame for being a gradual – but prolific – grower. It will possibly attain over 47 inches in size – sure, almost 4 toes! – and can do that slowly, rising solely about an inch each three months. The extra you feed this fish and the extra room you give it, the bigger it will possibly develop – and extra shortly.

This fish is commonly bought by inexperienced aquarium hobbyists who aren’t positive what to anticipate. Since it’s so small as a juvenile, that’s to be anticipated. Nevertheless, it’s an energetic swimmer that likes to be transferring continuously, and when you’ve got the house, you will want a tank of at the very least 1500 gallons to present this fish loads of house to swim.

6 Bala Shark

Bala Shark 1
Photo by Valar Morghulis

One other enjoyable freshwater shark so that you can take into account is the bala shark. Rising to a whopping 15 inches in size, this fish must be saved in a really massive tank. Should you simply have the one bala shark, you might be able to get away with a 75 gallon tank. Nevertheless, you want a 200-400 gallon tank in case you plan on conserving these fish in a faculty, which is what they like.

As well as, bala sharks may be saved with quite a lot of different semi-large, docile fish. Good choices to contemplate embrace clown loaches, angelfish, cichlids, tiger barbs, oscars, and gouramis. Any peaceable, massive fish who can tolerate temperatures between 72 and 83 levels Fahrenheit could also be thought of.

Bala sharks are social creatures, which is why it’s a good suggestion to maintain these fish with others of their very own type – and even fish of different species. A college of three bala sharks is really useful, and you will want to ensure you add loads of decorations and crops in your tank to maintain this fish entertained, too.

A quick-growing fish, the bala shark will decelerate significantly in its progress after it reaches 5 inches. That’s excellent news – these fish can reside for ten years or extra so long as you present them with the right care. Their progress could be astronomical in the event that they didn’t decelerate sooner or later!

This fish is comparatively hardy and straightforward to take care of. Though it’s a well-known jumper, which means you need to affix a lid to the highest of the tank, there’s not a lot else it’s worthwhile to do to specifically take care of this fish. You may feed it nearly any form of meals, as it’s an omnivore, together with small bugs, bloodworms, algae and even blanched greens.

7 Pink-Tailed Black Shark

Red-Tailed Black Shark
Photo by Juan Ochoa

One other beautiful shark on our listing of the perfect freshwater sharks is the red-tailed black shark, this attractive fish reaches about six inches in size, and may be saved with all kinds of tankmates, corresponding to tetras, barbs, loaches, angelfish, gouramis, and danios.

Preferring temperatures round 74 to 80 levels Fahrenheit, this excellent fish has a darkish blue to black physique and a vibrant crimson tail . It’s considerably small, making it good for a smaller aquarium. Nevertheless, you will want to do some work to determine appropriate hiding locations on your red-tailed black shark.

Some good suggestions embrace branches, tree roots, rocks, and driftwood. It would be best to use some vivid lighting, too, because the crimson tail shark weight-reduction plan will like to eat algae and lighting can encourage its growth.

Along with algae, you’ll be able to feed your red-tailed shark quite a lot of meals like spinach, fruit, cucumbers, maggots, and even small crustaceans. A small, timid fish as a juvenile, the crimson tailed black shark will spend a lot of its die hiding. Nevertheless, when it matures, it’ll change into extra aggressive. Simply keep away from fish that look much like the red-tailed shark as they are going to be thought of targets.

8 Black Shark Minnow

The black shark minnow is one other beautiful addition to your freshwater aquarium stuffed with small sharks. This fast-swimming fish doesn’t appear to be a shark, as an alternative inhabiting the higher house of the water column in a vogue that’s distinctive to this species alone.

Rising to a whopping 35 inches in size, this fish shouldn’t be saved in a tank that’s any smaller than 200 gallons. Should you’re a novice fishkeeper, you’ll want to keep away from this fish. It grows extremely massive and may be extraordinarily aggressive. Also referred to as a black labeo, this fish can be predatory towards small fish as soon as it’s out of its juvenile stage.

Along with avoiding small fish, you also needs to not maintain this fish with different bottom-dwellers or fish that look related in look. As a substitute, select massive tank mates that swim within the higher parts of the tank. This fish needs to be the final one added to the tank to keep away from any points associated to dominance and territory issues.

If you will get by with a bigger tank, that’s really useful – a tank of 400 gallons or bigger will will let you maintain the black shark minnow with different fish and also you gained’t should maintain it by itself. Additionally, you will need to ensure you have room for an extra-large, high-quality aquarium filter, however don’t suppose that the presence of a filter means you’ll be able to slack on water modifications! You’ll have your work lower out for you in relation to conserving the tank of this large fish clear.

9 Silver Apollo Shark

The silver Apollo shark is one other well-liked selection on your freshwater aquarium. It prefers to be saved in a faculty, so you need to ensure you have a tank that’s at the very least 150 gallons in dimension and ideally longer than it’s tall.

This fish reached about 9 inches in captivity, so whereas not as massive as a few of the freshwater shark species we talked about, it’s undoubtedly not small, both. The silver Apollo shark likes to hang around within the prime and center ranges for the aquarium, and it loves having loads of house to swim. Floating crops and picket buildings, like driftwood, are additionally ideally suited.

Is A Freshwater Shark Proper For You?

Opposite to well-liked perception, not all sharks are aggressive, and never all sharks are discovered within the ocean! True, these fish aren’t actual sharks – however we expect they rely as honorary members of the species for positive. You probably have the room and the know-how to boost a freshwater shark, it’s an endeavor you need to completely take into account – having a shark tank in your individual house is a real journey.

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