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Freshwater Algae Eater Fishes That You Can Have In Your Fish Tank

Having a fish tank in your bed room or front room significantly enhances the general look of the room. Because of this many individuals preserve planning to have an aquarium of their dwelling. Nonetheless, because it appears to be like like signing up for additional efforts and an enormous duty, most individuals cop out. Freshwater algae eater fishes are a blessing for everybody who would suppose having an aquarium is a cheesy enterprise. These wonderful creatures are very useful in maintaining the fish tank clear.

For a lot of causes, it’s extremely probably that algae would turn into an uninvited visitor in your fish tank. Algae develop in a fish tank for varied causes, that are majorly pure organic processes. If left unchecked and in case you allow them to develop, they could eat up different crops in your fish tank and multiply. The most effective preventive measures you could take is having freshwater algae eater fishes in your fish tank. With that being mentioned, right here’s a listing of fishes and invertebrates that eat algae and are good to be stored in a fish tank.

Fishes That Eat Algae

1 Twig Catfish

Twig Catfish
Photo by Barry Rowland

Twig catfishes, additionally known as whiptail catfishes are algae consuming tropical fishes. These slender trying fishes develop from 10 centimeters as much as 20 centimeters. They’re brown in shade and simply camouflage in an aquarium that has many fishes in it. Additionally they have a pure tendency to search for hideouts. Because of this in case you preserve twig catfish in your fish tank, you may have many stones and crops. They eat most species of algae.


Usually, twig catfishes are good for even small fish tank, simply above 70 liters. Together with twig catfishes, you may preserve Tetras, Pencil fishes, Hatchet, and Rasboras. Nonetheless, maintaining larger fishes, like Barbs can be a foul concept for the reason that larger ones would assault twig catfishes.

2 Black Mollies

Black Mollies
Photo by Wahyu Prasetyo

Black mollies are cute trying tiny fishes which can be a extremely nice alternative for being positioned in small fish tanks. Black mollies don’t even have an important urge for food. Nonetheless, since they readily eat up every kind of algae, they’re ok for a small fish tank. If the stones and stay crops in your fish tank have algae, depend on these tiny black mollies to do their job. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t solely rely upon these little ones to eat all of the algae.


Black mollies get alongside effectively with Guppies, Swordtails, Platys, Endlers, Minnows, Gourami fishes, and different kinds of mollies.

3 Siamese Algae Eater

Siamese Algae Eater
Photo by Fishlady_UK

Siamese algae eater is the perfect sort of freshwater algae eater fishes. These are each lovely and environment friendly at consuming algae. The rationale why most individuals like maintaining Siamese Algae Eater is as a result of these fishes have a tremendous urge for food. In addition to cleansing your fish tank by consuming algae, additionally they eat up any leftover meals, pellets, greens, and so on. They develop as much as 2 inches in size. Whereas they get alongside effectively with different breeds and stay in peace, they tend to turn into territorial if there are numerous extra Siamese algae eater fishes in the identical fish tank.


Siamese algae eaters are actually suitable with most fishes. Nonetheless, fishes, like purple tailed sharks, dwarf cichlids shouldn’t be stored with Siamese algae eaters since they each have territorial tendencies. Lots of people even have witnessed that Siamese algae eaters tend to chase fishes which can be of the identical shade as them. Since these fishes are extremely territorial, simply make certain your fish tank has sufficient area for them to be. Given they’ve wanted area, they work effectively cleansing your fish tank off algae.

4 Siamese Flying Fox

Siamese Flying Fox
Photo by Fish Fanatic

Siamese flying fox is similar to Siamese algae eater, one other breed of aquarium algae eaters. Nonetheless, as you are taking a better look, you’d have the ability to handle variations. A Siamese flying fox has a fleshy flap round its mouth. Additionally, the sample on its physique is smoother in comparison with Siamese algae eaters. They want a tank that’s of at the very least 20 gallons. They’re simple to take care of. These fishes can eat off algae from glass, decorations, crops, and likewise can eat leftover meals and stay meals.


Just about like Siamese algae eaters, they’re territorial to nice extent. Because of this you shouldn’t be maintaining them with plenty of different Siamese flying foxes and purple tailed sharks. Aside from these, they don’t seem to be dangerous for different specie of fishes.

5 Widespread Pleco

Common Pleco
Photo by Erica Marshall

The very best factor about Widespread Pleco, just about because the title suggests is that it’s fairly frequent. They’re very affordable and you’ll readily have the ability to discover these freshwater algae eater fishes. They develop as much as 60 centimeters and could be accommodated in a fish tank that’s 60 gallons. Since a typical Pleco eats a whole lot of algae, you’ll discover that it grows in a short time. Because of this although these are frequent sort of algae consuming fishes; they’re restricted to bigger tanks.


Widespread Plecos are suitable with fishes of the identical measurement. These are peace-loving species that don’t usually get aggressive. Nonetheless, they could present an aggressive habits in the direction of different fishes of the identical specie.

6 Otocinclus Catfish

Otocinclus Catfish
Photo by Romeo coloma

Otocinclus Catfishes, also called Dwarf Suckers or Otos are actually good to be accommodated in small fish tanks as fish tank algae eater (whilst small as 30 gallons) for his or her small measurement. Fairly contradictory to how small they appear, they’ve wonderful algae consuming capability. They’re about 2 inches in size and eat a whole lot of algae. Whereas they will eat every sort of algae, they like consuming mushy inexperienced and brown algae extra. In case your fish tank doesn’t have sufficient algae, don’t overlook so as to add additional meals on your dwarf suckers.


Otocinclus catfishes are pure education fishes, which implies they love residing in teams. Because of this in case you intend to incorporate these little ones in your fish tank, be sure you introduce at the very least 5 of them in the identical fish tank. Since these are small fishes, sure species, like Cichlids and Angelfish would possibly assault them. Because of this be sure you don’t introduce each breeds in the identical fish tank. In addition to these, dwarf suckers get alongside effectively with most sorts of fishes.

7 Bristlenose Plecos

 Bristlenose Plecos
Photo by Nevin Shrom

Bristlenose Plecos are one more sort of Plecos you could add in your fish tank. Nonetheless, these fishes are fairly costly and attain as much as a measurement of 14 centimeters. They’ve a tremendous urge for food for algae and might clear nooks and corners of your fish tank with their sucker mouth. Youthful specimens look actually lovely. However one factor that you must ready for can be that as they age, they don’t look as engaging. Since they’ve a very good urge for food, it’s instructed that you simply complement an additional quantity of algae within the type of algae pellets in order that their starvation is satiated. One neatest thing about Bristlenose Plecos is that they devour inexperienced spot algae. Sometimes you’ll discover different algae consuming species by no means touching this type of algae.


Bristlenose fishes are additionally pleasant sorts which can be suitable with most sorts of fishes. These are nocturnal beings that largely choose hiding within the day time and popping out within the nighttime. For any tank that’s actually massive and at present home aggressive fishes, you may preserve Bristlenose together with them as effectively.

Invertebrates That Eat Algae

If you’re not nearly fishes in your fish tank, you’ll additionally have the ability to discover plenty of invertebrate alternate options to freshwater algae eater fishes. These invertebrates are lovely trying creatures that will improve the appears to be like of your fish tank and likewise on the similar time eat up all of that nasty trying algae.

Right here’s a listing of algae consuming invertebrates you could preserve in your fish tank.

1 Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp
Photo by Plants and Moss and Shrimp and Stuff

Amano shrimps are an important various to including algae consuming fishes in your fish tank. Aside from inexperienced spot algae and blue-green algae, you may depend on Amano shrimp on the subject of gorging on algae and leftover meals. Since these tiny creatures develop to be solely 4 centimeters, when you have a really small fish tank, you may introduce them in it.


Since these are tiny beings, most fishes would attempt to eat them. Because of this preserve them solely with docile fishes. Additionally, since fish excreta and waste supplies can show to be poisonous for them, be sure you solely preserve them in fish tanks with lesser variety of fishes. Additionally, they take pleasure in being in teams. So, as you introduce Amano shrimps, introduce at the very least 3 of them in a single fish tank.

2 Cherry Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp
Photo by Ailinsky

Cherry shrimps are one more sorts of invertebrates which can be fairly available in pet shops. Simply because the title suggests, these shrimps are cherry purple in shade, which might add a tremendous shade ingredient to your fish tank. A whole lot of instances fishes are too large to achieve the corners of the tank and eat the algae. This downside could be solved with these tiny, purple creatures. They swim round and clear the corners off algae. Cherry shrimps eat most species of algae, useless plant that’s within the fish tank, and leftover meals.


Although cherry shrimps can conceal from predator fishes, it doesn’t make sense to maintain them with fishes that will apparently eat them. Because of this attempt inserting these shrimps with docile fishes. Species, like Otocinclus Catfish, Killies, Neon Tetra, and Dwarf Rasbora are good fishes to have with cherry shrimps. Fishes, like Angelfishes and Cichlids are an enormous no-no.

3 Ramshorn Snails

Ramshorn Snails
Photo by Rick Lowe

Ramshorn snails are the sort of creatures that eat algae with out disturbing the stay crops within the fish tank, in contrast to different snails. Because of this, in case your fish tank has many crops, you may have Ramshorn snails to do the algae cleansing in your fish tank. Since snails have shells, they want alkaline water. In case your fish tank has acidic water, it might dissolve the shell of the snail and the snail would die. An ideal pH of seven is what you might want to preserve if you wish to preserve these snails in your aquarium.


Aquarium creatures, like Cichlids, Nerite Snails, Loaches, and a lot of the large fishes would eat Ramshorn Snails. Because of this maintaining these snails is a good suggestion provided that you home tiny, innocuous fishes that you’re positive wouldn’t eat Ramshorn Snails.

4 Thriller Apple Snail

Mystery Apple Snail
Photo by Tess Scott

If you’re on the lookout for larger invertebrates which can be very evidently to be seen in your fish tank, it needs to be a Thriller Apple Snail. These snails are as tiny as another snails as infants. Nonetheless, they develop to be as large as a baseball. This makes it apparent that these algae consuming snails are for larger fish tanks. They arrive within the engaging shades of yellow and brown and have lengthy antennas. These snails would usually eat the algae on crops and the glass of the fish tank. Additionally they eat leftover meals and since they’ve a very good urge for food, be sure you give them sufficient meals.


Thriller Apple snails are good to be stored with most fishes when they’re adults. Nonetheless, most small ones can be prey to bigger fishes. In addition to this, be sure you preserve Thriller Apple Snails provided that your fish tank doesn’t have too many stay crops. These snails tend to eat stay crops in the event that they don’t get sufficient meals.

These are the fishes, shrimps, and snails you could preserve in your fish tank if you wish to monitor the expansion of algae naturally in your fish tank. It’s wonderful how fishes and another creatures can maintain the atmosphere in a fish tank by consuming algae. Retaining these fishes and invertebrates would undoubtedly prevent a whole lot of efforts that go into cleansing the fish tank often. Given you maintain the mix of fishes within the tank and do your analysis, you’ll be proud of how your aquarium appears to be like.

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