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Ditch The Dictionary! Try These Awesome Names For Your New Fish

Did you determine to get a fish – or to start out a brand new aquarium? If that’s the case, you’ve made an incredible alternative! You’re in for years of enjoyment along with your new pets.

Upon getting the aquarium arrange and able to go, the following step can be to name your fish. This generally is a problem, because the choices are limitless! If you happen to discover that you’re struggling to provide you with artistic fish names, look no additional than our complete checklist.

We’ve got damaged these common fish names down by class so that each one the work is finished for you. Sit again and browse – you might be positive to search out the proper fish title in your new aquatic buddy.

Finest Unisex Names

It may be tough to tell whether your fish is male or female – and we don’t need to discriminate! So we’ve damaged down the highest unisex names right here, that may work no matter your fish’s gender.

Abba Flounder Porky Aki Drew Pretzel
Ace Circulate Puddles Akira Edamame Puff
Akira Fluffy Puffer Alex Eleven Punk
Albino Fly Pumpkin Alfalfa Ellis R2D2
Algae Flyer Quicky Alto Falcore Rain
Algae Eater Folly Rainbow Alva Fender Ren
Alpha Footsie Raspberry Angel Frankie Riley
Amethyst Foozle Crimson Ashley Harper River
Anarchy Fossil Relaxo Aubrey Hayden Salsa
Anchor Cunning Rink Avery Hollis Scout
Andy Fozzie Rocket Bailey Hunter Shay
Angel Fraggle Rocky Bongo Jamie Snap
Ankles Freckle Curler Brid Java Sparky
Aphrodite Freckles Rollie Brook Jessie Splash
Aqua Freddy RollyPolly C3P0 Jo Stevie
Astro Frosty Rolo Cameron Jordan Smelly
Atlantic Fumble Ruby Carob Karma Storm
Atlantis Galaxy Saka Casey Kelsey Tanner
Atlas Gaza Salt Chaos Kennedy Tiki
Azzuri GeneralFin Salt Charlie Laser Tory
Infants Genuis Sam Checkers Leslie Tsunami
Babs Gherkin Sammy Chewie Fortunate Val
Child Ghost Saturn Chipper Macaroni Waverider
Badge Ginger Scare Chips Magic Waves
Badger Gizmo Scat Chutney Micah Winter
Bait Glimmer Scooby Clem Noodle Wotsit
Bamba Glow Scooter Crackle October Wren
Bana Goggle Scruffy Crash Pal Wyn
Bangles Goldenier Shadow Cricket Palmer Yang
Banjo GoldFish Sharpie Daikon Parker Yin
Barfy Goldie Silver Dale Payton Yoda
Bean Goldy Skipper Devon Pepper Zag
Beanie Greeny Skittles Dresden Popsicle Zig
Bear Grizzly Sky Boomer Humble Sparkle
Beetle Gucci Slammin’ Boots Hummer Spazzy
Bicker Guppie Slick Bozo Hurley Speckles
Massive Fish Guppy Slidey Brassy Hydra Speckles
Biggie Gypsy Slimer Brownie Indy Speedy
Bingo GypsyBean Slimey Bubble Inky Spidey
Binky Halogen Slipper Bubbles Izzy Spike
Birdy Hammer Slither Bubbly Jagged Splash
Bitsy Harley Smalls Bull Jaws Spot

Most Inventive Names

If you happen to’re sick of conventional, boring names in your fish, think about these choices to get the artistic juices flowing.

Seaweed Drake Diver Jaws Wally The Mountain Guppy Barbra Fish Sauce
Brook Chester Chupacabra Geronimo Wanda Massive Boy Puggy Babar Featherweight
Squidward Pinky Pesqino Megaladon Exxon Valdez And Chips Buster Beaver Kiko
Skittles Doc Ock Eskimo Jesse Scooby Wasabi Kosher Binky Yellow Submarine
Wave Yani Igloo Diva Ferb Barney Coral Baloney Michael Phelps
Sir Francis Drake Hulk White Meat Raindrop Plato Unagi Marina Mayo Rooster of the Tank
Aye Matey Killer Tartar Marlin Ishmael Barnacle Hank Roxy Clementine
Stream or Streamer Mack Magikarp Marlon Pequod Soy Sauce Athena Excessive Prime Shipwreck
Splash Chuck Draco Crush Melville Chum Frank Sling Scuba
Peg Leg Peppermint Aquarius Bruce Ahab Umami Frankie Annabelle H20
Pirate Outa Water Donald Ray Cruise Hawk Minnie Linus Squishy
Fireplace Engine Plankton Elmer Moby Azul Sashimi Funky Nessie Genie
Lefty Rush Jose Astro Ceviche Stick Homer Francis Skip
Reef Bob Cantina Chip Monty Elmo Shank Bathroom Skipper
Lentil Larry Niagara Wavy Heater Sardine Bait Ursula Shrimp
Bon Bon Tin Tin Viagra Fishgirl Heather Finn Bandit Elvis Algae
Aegir (Previous Norse god of the ocean) Gaston Erie Speedy Sharky Rey Aqualad Sebastian Sputter
Ethel Merman Kermit Mitch Goldschmidt Dinner Chow Ariel Dexter Misses Puff
Jacques Cousteau Raphael Tahoe Bubba Jimbo Caviar Fishy Angel Lenny
Manatee Michelangelo Pacific Bubbles Jumbo Bermuda Spike Barbie Jabberjaw
Goldy Donatello Atlantic Jack Frost Crossbones Tina Jack Sparrow Crystal Oscar
Dusty Leonardo Mediterranean Fishboy Bones Tuna Calypso Barbara Puckerface
Blue Little Blue Fish Import Colin Cranium Fried

Names For Well-known Fish

Does your fish remind you of a star or well-known character? Take into account these prime selections!

Michelangelo Skywalker Hermione Bella Surprise Lady
Elvis Fishley Woody Elsa Rachel Wanda
Phineas Yoda Ariel Sally Harry
Ferb Brad Pitt Princess Leia Beyonce Bruce
Johnny Sprint Channing Tatum Katniss Kim Meryl Stream
Batman Stephen Curry Rey Taylor
Gandalf Lebron Waves Lara Croft JLo
Jack Sparrow Johnny Depth Dorothy Angelina
Willy Wonka Batman Arya Oprah
Joker Ross Sansa Reese
Han Solo Seinfeld Daenerys Scarlet

Cute Names

In case your fish conjures up “aw” each time you stroll by the tank, you may need to think about these lovable monikers.

Fin Lenny Aggie Fifi Pinko Shadow Butters Kiki Socks
Finley Leonardo Albie Floof Pixie Snowy Buttons Kitty Soda Pop
Flicker Mack Ally Freckles Pops Spike Cookie Love Coronary heart Sparkles
Flipper Marlin Apple Fuzzles Posey Spot Crinkle Lulu Sparky
Flounder Mila Archie Gizmo Puffin Sputter Crumpet Marshmallow Spoops
Frank Minnie Child Glitter Rainbow Brite Squirt Cuddles Merry Squish
Freddy Moon Bambam Gopher Rascal Sunny Dinky Monkey Suki
Gandalf Nemo Bambi Gracie Roo Sushi Dipsie Mr. Chips Sweetie
Ginger Nessie Berry Gravy Roomba Tilly Dixie Muffin Taco
Goldie Penny Binky Gumdrop Rudy Tuna Dodo Nibbles Tiggy
Harley Plankton Biscuit Gwennie Sausage Ursula Dolly Nipper Tinkles
Hondo Pumpkin Bliss Blissful Scrappy Venus Domino Oreo Tiny
Hydra Rosy Bonsai Jazzy Scrinkle Wanda Donut Pee Wee Tofu
Jade Roxy Boo Jeffie Shortcake Wavy Doodle Penny Twinkle Toes
Jewel Ruby Bug-Bug Jelly Skittles Xena Dory Pickles Wasabi
Jimbo Crystal Ace Ariel Brownie Chester Dweeb Piglet Wiggle
Karen Devine Amber Astro Bruce Chip Ellie Pinball Winkle Picker
Kermit Dexter Andy Athena Bubba Casper Fairy Pine Nut Winnie
Kiko Dingo Angel Babs Bubbles Cassie Dusty Calypso Batman
Killer Diva Aphrodite Child Bubbly Charlie Fern Sweet Barney
Larry Dory Blue Barbie Bungee Drew Bones Bingo Buster
Lavender Draco Bob

Names For Pairs

When you’ve got multiple fish, it may be a problem to provide you with a number of names. We’ve taken the heavy lifting out of the equation for you and provide you with the most effective names for pairs of fish.

Abbott and Costello Johnny and June Doc and Pepper Peek and Boo Dexter and Diddy Peaches and Cream Jim and Beam Waldorf and Statler
Abra and Cadabra Jolly and Rancher Dolce and Gabanna Penn and Teller Dharma and Greg Peanut Butter and Jelly Jim and Tammy Wallace and Gromit
Adam and Eve Jose and Cuervo Donald and Daisy Ping and Pong Diamonds and Pearls Peas and Carrots Joe and Jerry Walter and Jesse
Ala and Bama June and Johnny Donnie and Marie Peyton and Marvin Ding and Dong Pebbles and Bambam Joe and Marilyn Warfare and Peace
Albert and Victoria Kate and William Dora and Boots Phineas and Ferb John and Jimmy Olive and Popeye Polka and Dot Punch and Judy
Amos and Andy Keith and Mick Dora and Boots Phoebe and Rachel Johnnie and Walker Henny and Penny Pooh and Piglet Punch and Judy
Andy and Barney Kermit and Miss Piggy Dot and Sprint Pickles and Onions Johnny and Hadji Huey and Louie Poppy and Lily Quisp and Quake
Angel and Satan Ketchup and Mustard Double and Hassle Pina and Colada Wilma and Betty Whiskey and Bitter Porgy and Bess Rachel and Ross
Annie and Lillian Child and Play Dow and Jones Wine and Cheese Wilma and Fred Will and Carlton Pork and Beans Ralph and Alice
Anthony and Cleopatra Kim and Kanye Drake and Josh Wishee and Washee Ren and Stimpy Will and Grace Prim and Correct Ralph and Potzee
Apple and Cider King and Queen Duke and Duchess Wizzy and Wozza Rhyme and Cause Kirk and Spock Einstein and Newton Woody and Buzz
Apple and Dumpling King and Kong East and West Yin and Yang Rice and Beans Package and Kat Elmer and Lee Xerox and Copycat
Apple and Orange King Tut and Queen Nefertiti Ebony and Ivory Rock and Roll Rivaldo and Ronaldo Package and Kaboodle Elvis and Priscilla Xylem and Phloem
Apples and Pears Kirk and Spock Ebony and Ivory Kyle and Richard Emilio and Gloria Kuddles and Kisses Emeril and Essence Yankee and Doodle
Aqua and Fina Laffy and Taffy Ethel and Fred Kyoke and Nishibi Emma and Bam Yogi and Boo Boo Girl and Tramp Emperor and Empress
Archie and Jughead Lancelot and Guinevere Fame and Fortune Yogi and Booboo Asterix and Obelix Liver and Onions French and Saunders
Ariel and Eric Laurel and Hardy Felix and Oscar Zen and Tao Athena and Zeus Louie and Charlie Fric and Frac Santa and Claus
Arriana and Craig Laurel and Hardy Fester and Lurch Zeus and Apollo Avon and Stringer Love and Bug Frida and Diego Sausage and Gravy
Arthur and Guinevere Laverne and Shirley Fiesta and Siesta Zeus and Roxanne Babe and Lou Lucy and Ethel Fred and Ginger Scooby and Shaggy
Ashford and Simpson Frankie and Zooey Zig and Zag Babe and Ruth Romeo and Juliet Magnificence and Beast Samson and Delilah
Bambi and Thumper Lemon and Ade Rum and Coke Lilo and Sew Child and Ruth Fred and Barney Sam and Dave Ben and Jerry
Bambi and Thumper Lennon and McCartney Lilo and Sew Fish and Chip Bacon and Eggs Romulus and Remus Beavis and Butthead Lime and Coconut
Lemon and Lime Fireplace and Ball Rolls and Royce Beans and Toast Frasier and Niles Salt and Pepper Scotch and Soda Shake and Bake
Bangers and Mash Lenny and Squiggy Flip and Flop Romy and Michele Bow and Arrow Mai and Tai Gilbert and Sullivan Sid and Geno
Barbie and Ken Lettuce and Tomatoes Flopsy and Mopsy Roy and Dale Bert and Ernie Invoice and Ted Lucy and Ricky Frito and Soda
Bart and Lisa Lewis and Clark Fluffer and Nutter Ruby and Roxy Betty and Veronica Biscuit and Gravy Luke and Leia Frodo and Sam
Batman and Robin Lightning and Mater Frank and Beans Rudi and Jurgen Massive and Wealthy Black and Tan Luke and Laura George and Gracie
Sheldon and Amy Brandy and Alexander Mario and Jaromir Gilligan and Skipper Sid and Nancy Bonnie and Clyde Mac and Cheese Gertrude and Alice
Shiska and Bob Bread and Butter Mario and Luigi Gin and Fizz Silver and Gold Bonnie and Clyde Magic and Kareem Gidget and Moondoggie
Shrimp and Grits Brooks and Dunn Mario and Michael Gin and Tonic Simba and Nala Guide and Worm Magic and Kareem Giggs and Maggie
Bud and Weiser Bubbles and Squeak Mario and Luigi Gin and Tonic Simon and Garfunkel Buddy and Holly Slash and Axl Skipper and Gilligan
Mary and Joseph Ginger and Snap Martin and Lewis Ginger and Ale Buffy and Angel Max and Ruby Ginger and Mary Ann Slip and Slide
Burger and Fries Michael and Scottie Goofy and Donald Sooner and Later Bugs and Daffy Mello and Yellow Gismo and Cosmo Snoopy and Woodstock
Butch and Sundance Mickey and Minnie Grape and Soda Spaghetti and Meatballs Bugs and Daffy Melody and Concord Good and Lots Sonny and Cher
Butter and Milk Mickey and Roger Gretsky and Messier Splish and Splash Calvin and Hobbs Mish and Mash Ham and Cheese Stewie and Brian
C3PO and R2D2 Mickey and Minnie Grumpy and Blissful Spongebob and Patrick Calvin and Hobbes Miss Piggy and Kermit Hamlet and Ophelia Sugar and Spice
Caesar and Brutus Mike and Carol Gucci and Prada Sprite and Seven Up Captain and Morgan Misti and Kerry Han Solo and Chewbacca Sugar and Spice
Cagney and Lacey Mike and Ike Gumball and Darwin Starlight and Moondust Captain and Tenille Mocha and Vanilla Hansel and Gretel Tarzan and Jane
Cain and Abel Mike and Sulley Hakuna and Matata Starsky and Hutch Caramel and Toffee Mojo and Jojo Hansel and Gretel Tater and Tots
Cain and Abel Milli and Vanilli Corridor and Oates Steak and Potatoes Casper and Wendy Mona and Lisa Harley and Davidson Taters and Tots
Cheese and Crackers Nacho and Chip Holly and Molly Thelma and Louise Castor and Pollux Monica and Rachel Harry and Ron Tele and Tubby
Rooster and Waffles Names for Pairs of Birds Holmes and Watson Factor 1 and Factor 2 Chandler and Joey Mork and Mindy Harry and Lloyd Tequila and Dawn
Chili and Pepper Napoleon and Josephine Homer and Marge Thunder and Lightning Charles and Diana Mulder and Scully Harry and Sally Terry and Lynn
Chip and Dale Neddy and Nelly Homer and Marge Tic and Tac Cheech and Chong Mutt and Jeff Heckle and Jeckle Thelma and Louise
Chips and Dip Nemo and Dory Hubba and Bubba Tick and Tock Clawdia and Purrcy Oil and Vinegar Itsy and Bitsy Topsy and Turvy
Chips and Salsa Neo and Trinity Huff and Puff Timon and Pumbaa Cocoa and Puff Olive and Popeye Itsy and Bitsy Contact and Go
Chivas and Regal Nibey and Nosey Hush and Pet Tina and Louise Coke and Pepsi One Fish and Two Fish Jack and Daniels Tristan and Isolde
Chocolate and Chips Nick and Nack Ice and Water Toast and Jelly Cookies and Cream Orange and Juice Jack and Jill Troy and Emmitt
Chocolate and Marshmallow Nickel and Dime Ichabod and Crane Tom and Collins Crackle and Pop Orion and Carina Jake and Elwood Tutti and Fruiti
Chocolate and Milk Niles and Cairo Ike and Tina Tom and Jerry Cream and Sugar Oscar and Emmy Jan and Dean Tweedledee and Tweedledum
Chocolate and Milk Norm and Cliff Ink and Dink Tom and Rob Crown and Royal Oscar and Felix Jane and Doe Tweety and Sylvester
Cinnamon and Buns North and South Inny and Minny Tom and Jerry Cruise and Kidman Outie and Innie Jaq and Gus Ups and Daisy
Cinnamon and Sugar Oberon and Titania Itchy and Scratchy Tony and Ziva Cup and Saucer Ozzie and Harriet Jasmine and Aladdin Ursa and Main
Vinnie and Pooh Patsy and Edina Jelly and Bean Venus and Serena Czar and Czarina Ozzie and Santhany Jekyll and Hyde Van cleef and Arpels
Daphne and Velma Pea and Nut Jerry and George Victoria and Albert Dagwood and Blondie Paris and Brie Dakota and Montana Vegas and Hollywood
Daybreak and Nightfall Pea and Pod Jesse and James Victoria and Albert Delta and Daybreak Peaches and Cream Jetsam and Flotsam

Humorous Fish Names

Naming your fish needs to be enjoyable! Listed below are some names that may have you ever in stitches each time you peer at your finned buddy.

Algae Blueboy Finneus Hydra Miso Pirate Smelly Snapper
Algae B Eater Bob Fish In Misery Moby Dick Pongo Sunny Sparky
Alpha BoBo Fish N’ Chips Inmate Molly Ringwald Poseidon Sunshine Speckles
Alpha Betta Bozo Fish Sticks James Pond Morose Puckerface Jones Sushi Spot
Angel Bruce Fishface Jaques Cousteau Mr. Bubbles Pudge Swedish Squirt
Angelica or Angelina Bubba Gump Fishstick Jaws Mr. Fish Puff Daddy Swedish Squirtle
Ann Chovy Bubbles Fishy Jetsam Mr. Nibbles Pumpkin Swim Shady Stanley
Aqua Bob SquarePants Bubbly Flash Jonah Mr. Ray Rocket Sykes Smelly
Aqua Fin-a Calypso Flip Kathy Mrs. Puff Rocky Taco Sunny
Aquaman Captain Ahab Flipper Katie Present Muhammad Ali Salmon Tetra Sunshine
Ariel Captain Hook Floater Kosher Mulan Sammich Tropicana Sushi
Atlantic Captain Jack Sparrow Flotsam Kraken Nemo Sardine Tuna Turner Swedish
Atlantis Carrie Fisher Flounder Krusty Neon Sea Beast Turbo Swedish
Bait Cat Meals Fluffy Lake Skywalker Neptune SelFish Walleye Swim Shady
Finley Charlie the Tuna Gabriele Larry Ninja Sheldon Wasabi Sykes
Bellyup Cheeto Garfield Lenny One True Cod Shimmy Wave Taco
Betta Max Chip Basic Finn Lil’ SwimSwim Orange Slice Shrimpy No matter Tetra
Betta Midler Chips Georgia O’Reef Lengthy John Silver Orca Slappy Whatshisface Tropicana
Betta White Chum Gidget Pretty Bubbly Oscar Slimeface Wings Tuna Turner
Massive Joe Cleo Gill-bert Lucifer Oscar De La Hoya Slimy Steve Ying Yang Turbo
BigFish Clifford Gilly Nelson M. Sea Hammer Oscar Mayer Slippery Zippy Walleye
Bigmouth Billy Bass Cod Glow Magikarp (Pokemon) Oto Diva Goldilocks Wasabi
Blondie Coral Gnome Mahi Mahi Pacific Don Lino Goober Wave
BlubBlub Cuddles Godfather Marina Papa Smurf Dorothy Hammerhead No matter
Blue Ivy Cujo Goldie Marshmallow PeeWee Dory Harley Finn Whatshisface
Fido Dave Goldie Hawn McFish Pennywise Eclipse Houdini Wings
Fin Deb Phantom Michael Phelps Perdita Einstein Zippy Ying Yang
Fin-ley Dinner

Character-Based mostly Names

Generally the best solution to title your fish is by observing the way it acts. Listed below are some names that ought to swimsuit any sort of character.

Bandit Rocket Sting Mischief Haughty Crusher Fizz
Banshee Rowdy Sugar Monster Hulk Cuddles Flake
Barnacle Sabre Sunshine Mugs Jet Dart GaGa
Bingo Sassy Sweetie Nibbles Jiffy Sprint Genghis
Bliss Scholar Sweetie Outlaw Khan Dean Goober
Bolt Scruffy Tizzy Persistence Killer Diablo Goofy
Brains Serenity Turbo Peppy Kisses Dink Hannibal
Brute Slick Viper Pokey Liberty Dizzy Blissful
Champ Sloth Wolverine Treasured Lovie Doofus Zany
Charmer Smoochie Xena Prince Fortunate Duke Zippy
Chief Spaz Yawner Princess Lux Einstein Zoom
Chomper Speedy Spirit Raptor Clogs Fang Cowboy

Names By Species

Right here, we have now damaged down some common names that may work for particular species of fish. When you’ve got a tetra, goldfish, tiger pleco, catfish, guppy, or betta, listed below are some superior ideas so that you can strive!

Betta Names

How Long Do Betta Fish Live 2

Alpha Tsunami Draco
Betta White Captain Salsa

Goldfish Names

Photo by CWhatPhotos
Cheeto Pumpkin Amber
Savannah Ginger Orangeade

Tetra Names

Neon Tetra Complete Care Guide 4
Photo by Kristof Borkowski
Neon Glowy Boring
Sparkles Diamond Ne Yo

Guppy Names

The Complete Guppy Care Guide 12
Photo by 蔣 不聽
Lil’Finsta Jewel Hydra
Pearl Fancy Pants Gulps

Tiger Pleco Names

Tiger Plecos Fish

Frosted Flakes Tony Tigger Roar
Woodsy Stripes Striper Ziggy

Catfish Names

Redtail Catfish 2

Cory Kitty Hook
Black Cat Dinner Black Panther

How To Come Up With Inventive Names Of Your Personal

If these common fish names merely don’t lower it for you, relaxation assured – there are different choices you’ll be able to discover in terms of naming your fish. place to start out is by your fish. What does he appear to be? Are you able to consider artistic or descriptive phrases to element its look?

Subsequent, think about the character of your fish. Is he pleasant? Aggressive? Chill? You may additionally title your fish after tv or film characters – and even your favourite actors!

When you’re naming your fish, it’s essential to take the time to pick a reputation that may match your fish completely. You solely have one alternative to provide you with the proper fish title so ask your family and friends for recommendation if you find yourself simply getting began. This can make the method simpler, and also will get the artistic juices flowing.

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