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The Most Exotic Freshwater Fish You Can Raise

If you’re fascinated with elevating a freshwater fish, there are many choices so that you can select from relating to tank inhabitants. From fish which might be native to Asia to those who reside within the lakes of Africa, you should have loads of decisions relating to selecting the right species in your aquarium.

When you think about the time period “unique,” you might not essentially consider these freshwater inhabitants. In spite of everything, the phrase “unique” tends to conjure up pictures of deep sea dwellers with massive enamel and vicious-looking barbs.

Nonetheless, there are many freshwater fish that may be saved in your house aquarium – and a few of these are fairly unique. In reality, a few of these low-moving tributaries of the Amazon River basin are among the greatest locations to seek out an unique freshwater fish.

Fortunately, most of those can simply be saved at residence. Are you interested by studying extra? Listed below are one of the best – and hottest! – unique freshwater fish you can increase at residence.

1 Arowana

Silver Arowana 2
Photo by Warrior1

Arowana fish aren’t for the faint of coronary heart – fish for professional aquarium hobbyists, this fish might be semi-aggressive and has an extended lifespan. Many reside effectively previous decade, with some ageing to fifteen years previous or older.

These fish must be housed in heat tanks, ideally these with temperatures ranging between 75 and eight diploma Fahrenheit. They like a pH of 6.5 to 7.5 and might eat any type of meat meals, resembling small fish, worms, carnivorous fish pellets, frozen bugs, reside bugs, and even krill.

A modern, silver-colored fish, this species has a streamlined look that helps it hunt aggressively for its prey. They’ve muscular our bodies with drawbridge-like mouths that they use to hunt with. They’ll even bounce out of the water to hunt for animals on low-lying branches!

This distinctive fish is a superb selection for an skilled fishkeeper who needs to boost a disincentive, extra unique fish. Requiring a tank of at the least 250 gallons in dimension, this fish must reside in a tank with minimal mild. They want loads of area, and even these with massive tanks will probably be vulnerable to leaping or nervousness round altering water situations.

Arowanas shouldn’t be saved with different fish, as they’re predators that can eat any fish smaller than themselves – which typically, is nearly another type of fish. You have to watch out about maintaining arowana with different fish, even with doubtlessly appropriate companions like Oscars and cichlids. In any other case, an arowana is a species that’s fairly gratifying to boost.

2 Discus Fish

Discus fish

The Discus fish is a bit simpler to boost than the more difficult arowana. Native to the Amazon river delta, this fish prefers the calmer waters close to the banks of the rivers, normally amongst fallen timber. There are a lot of patterns and colours accessible for this species as a result of it’s captively bred. Nonetheless, it most frequently is discovered with a flat, disk-like physique. It has massive pink eyes and distinguished dorsal fins.

A stunning fish to behold, this peaceable fish must be saved in a tank of round 75gallons. It may be fed algae flakes, tropical flakes, or shrimp pellets you possibly can home this fish with different species, nevertheless it’s simpler to maintain this fish with others of their very own form. Caring for a discus might be difficult if they’ll’t feed from the underside of the tank – which is what they like. You have to make certain any extra aggressive fish or these vulnerable to nipping fins are saved far-off out of your discus.

3 Zebra Plecos

Zebra Plecos

The Zebra Plecostomus, or zebra plecos, is a wonderful fish for starting hobbyists. It has a life expectancy of round a decade, and solely wants a tank of round thirty gallons or so in dimension. It likes oxygen-rich water and can eat a diversified food plan of meals like algae wafers, prawns, mussels, blood worms, lobster eggs, peas, and pellets.

This unique fish is native to the tributaries of the Amazon river. A bottom-dwelling catfish, this species has black and white stripes that makes it look similar to a zebra. It’s barely more difficult to boost for a newbie, however nonetheless appropriate for somebody simply beginning out – simply ensure you are cautious about offering it with an exceptionally heat tank and oxygen-rich water.

This fish likes to have loads of locations to cover. It’s a good suggestion to incorporate numerous decorations, like rocks or small caves. They’re most lively at night time, they usually’re additionally social creatures that desire being housed with a number of others of their very own form. As peaceable people, you would possibly wish to preserve them in a species-only tank solely to cut back stress on this fish itself attributable to the presence of extra aggressive species.

4 Elephantnose Fish

Elephantnose Fish

The elephant nostril fish is a really distinctive unique fish. It has a trunk-like mouth extension that makes it look not not like a dolphin. It makes use of this extension to eat, talk, and even defend itself.

Native to the Niger River in Africa, this fish has a singular electrical area that’s used to sense its environment in addition to to speak with different fish in stagnant, murky waters. These fish like muddy water with dense foliage and are typically most lively at night time.

Even with skilled hobbyists, these semi-aggressive fish are uncommon. They’ve very strict water necessities that dictate temperatures between 73 and 80 levels and a pH between 6.5 and seven.0. They want tanks of round fifty gallons, and since they’re nocturnal, it might be harder to feed these fish.

5 Freshwater African Butterflyfish

African Butterflyfish
Photo by Two Oceans Aquarium

The African Butterfly Fish is likely one of the oldest surviving fish species that has remained unchanged for the final 100 million years. A novel fish with an unique look, it seems to be not not like a butterfly when seen from above. This fish has lengthy, prolonged ventral, caudal, and dorsal fins that add to this look.

The mouth of this fish can be distinctive. It’s turned upward in a frown, which is designed to catch small fish and bugs that hang around across the high of the water. A darkish brown fish, this species is normally speckled in order that it will possibly mix in with the encompassing foliage. This fish lives for about 5 years in captivity, and though it will possibly reside in communities, you want to watch out about housing it with fish which might be smaller than it. These fish are greatest saved in shallow tanks with different butterflyfish as a substitute.

6 Flowerhorn Cichlid

Flowerhorn Cichlids
Photo by Eme emepe

The Flowerhorn Cichlid is likely one of the most unusual freshwater fish you possibly can increase. It has a singular look through which it has a big horn-like progress on the high of its head. This horn, the namesake of the fish, doesn’t serve a lot of a function in addition to ornamentation, nevertheless it positive is fascinating to take a look at!

This aggressive fish has a life expectancy of eight to 10 years. It must be saved in very heat waters and desires a tank of round 75 gallons. That’s the quantity required by a single cichlid – if it has any tankmates, it’s going to want a tank that’s at the least 200 gallons.

This fish is characterised as aggressive as a result of it’s hostile towards fish from different species. Nonetheless, round people and different flowerhorns it’s fairly docile. These fish add a splash of colour to the tank – women and men normally have shiny pink horns and might be discovered with our bodies in a rainbow of patterns and colours.

These fish often endure from well being issues as a result of they’re hybrid fish. They don’t seem to be discovered naturally within the wild. That being mentioned, so long as you possibly can present this fish with the water and tank situations it wants, it will possibly fortunately reside for as much as twelve years in confinement.

7 Dwarf Puffer Fish

 Dwarf Puffer Fish
Photo by anna pang

The distinctive dwarf puffer fish is likely one of the few puffer fish that may be efficiently raised by learners. An cute little fish, this unique species has a life expectancy of round 5 years. It may be a bit aggressive, however solely wants about ten gallons to boost a single particular person. These fish have diets consisting principally of snails, bloodworms, shrimp, and blackworms.

Dwarf puffer fish max out at round one or two inches in size, however they’re however packed proper filled with persona. Native to southwestern India, these fish solely like freshwaters. Subsequently, they’re good in your unique freshwater tank. Most are greenish brown in colour however many have yellowish white our bodies. What’s actually fascinating about these fish is that they’ve eyes that transfer independently of the remainder of their physique, like chameleons.

These fish require extraordinarily clear waters – you possibly can haven’t any ammonia in your tank in any respect, as this may be lethal. You’ll be able to preserve your dwarf puffer fish with a number of different dwarf puffers, however it is best to keep away from housing them with different tank mates, as their distinctive shows of aggression can finally be fairly lethal.

8 Snakehead Fish

Snakehead Fish

The snakehead fish shouldn’t be a fish to be taken evenly – it must be tried solely by probably the most skilled fish keepers. That being mentioned, if you recognize what you are doing and have loads of area – this fish wants at the least 450 gallons to be able to thrive – this fish can reside an extended life, with many dwelling in extra of eight years..

You have to watch out about elevating the snakehead fish not solely as a result of it’s a tough factor to do, but additionally as a result of in some areas, snakehead fish has been labeled an invasive species. It would be best to make certain your native legal guidelines don’t prohibit you maintaining it in your aquarium.

These fish feed totally on fish, birds, reptile, small mammals, and crustaceans. They’re a bit odd to take a look at, with distinctive scales and a flat form that make it appear to be a snake. Within the wild, they’re naturally discovered within the rivers of Africa, Siberia, China, and Afghanistan.

This fish is exclusive in that it requires a little bit of air to remain alive. You’ll typically see this eel-like creature leaping to the floor of the water to gulp air earlier than submerging once more. A big fish, this one is unquestionably value maintaining in case your native legal guidelines permit it – and when you have a monumental quantity of area it requires.

9 Rope Fish

Rope Fish

This fish is a singular little creature that may reside so long as twenty years if you’ll be able to present it with the correct situations. Designed for starting aquarium hobbyists, this fish prefers waters that vary between 72 and 82 levels Fahrenheit. It feeds totally on reside or frozen prawns, bloodworms, mussels, and bugs.

A superb different to the snakehead fish, this eel-like species is sort of a bit smaller and displays among the similar behaviors. It additionally has a flattened head and scaly physique, plus it has odd tentacles that come out of its face and appear to be nostrils.

This fish is nocturnal, native to the African river tributaries the place there are many vegetation, low-lying branches, and hiding spots. They’re additionally able to respiratory air, as they’ve each lungs and gills.

These fish are fairly peaceable and can get together with most different aquarium inhabitants. It’s possible you’ll preserve them with different species like loaches, plecos, catfish, and angelfish. Though they’re pure predators, they normally received’t try to hunt these creatures.

10 Chinese language Hillstream Loach

Chinese Hillstream Loach
Photo by Em Fulloway

Loaches are in style amongst starting fishkeepers for a number of causes. Though Chinese language Hillstream Loaches are considerably harder to boost, they are often tried by intermediate fishkeepers. These backside feeders are excellent at cleansing up the algae in your tank, and can use their specialised fins to suck onto the tank glass and crawl alongside it to feed.

These fish have fascinating black and yellow colour patterns. They give the impression of being quite a bit like plecos and different backside feeders, however they have a tendency to cover among the many vegetation and gravel as they eat. In consequence, you most likely received’t see them a lot throughout the day. These fish can reside as much as ten years when given the correct situations, however can’t tolerate all kinds of water temperatures and pH ranges. They’ll, nevertheless, eat many several types of meals, together with cucumber, spinach, bug larvae, bloodworms, sinking pellets, shrimp, and extra.

These fish aren’t aggressive towards different freshwater fish, however it might be harder to deal with them in a neighborhood tank due to their explicit water necessities. That being mentioned, you possibly can preserve your Chinese language Hillstream Loach with another light and docile neighborhood fish. Ideally, it is best to preserve them with fish who reside within the center or high ranges of the water column.

11 Black Ghost Knifefish

Black Ghost Knifefish
Photo by wakhyudin mubarok

Native to the darkish waters of the slow-moving rivers of the Amazon river basin, these fish are long-lived species which have a singular adaptation to life in restricted lighting. They’ve black pores and skin and a knife-like physique, they usually have electromagnetic fields for navigation like eels.

These fish want comparatively massive tanks – ideally these bigger than 150 gallons – however might be fed all kinds of meals, like freshwater flakes, meat, and reside worms. They’re appropriate with most different freshwater fish, however might be extra vulnerable to illness and harm. Subsequently, it’s necessary that you just solely preserve them with peaceable tank mates and that you just preserve your tank immaculately clear.

12 Wolf Cichlid

Wolf Cichlid
Photo by Kevin Dickinson

The ultimate fish on our listing is the wolf cichlid. An aggressive fish, this cichlid requires a big tank of greater than 200 gallons in dimension. With a life expectancy of greater than fifteen years, these silver-blue fish want loads of area as a result of they’ll develop to greater than two ft in size.

As clever fish, wolf cichlids are prized as a result of they’ve the power to study and to kind connections with their homeowners. Nonetheless, don’t anticipate them to be making any pals together with your different tank inhabitants any time quickly – these fish are extraordinarily aggressive and in addition can’t be housed with reside vegetation. They tend to dig and can simply unroot any vegetation that you just put within the tank.

Is An Unique Freshwater Fish Proper For You?

Whereas many of those unique freshwater fish require extra area and distinctive care necessities, that’s not the case for all unique fish. Take into accout, nevertheless, that almost all unique fish will include the next price ticket than your normal guppy or molly – and you’ll need to be ready to satisfy these prices in addition to although associated to the trickier repairs of those distinctive people.

In any other case, for those who’re prepared so as to add a extra distinctive perspective to your freshwater aquarium, considered one of these unique freshwater fish could possibly be simply the selection for you.

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  1. Looking to fill my freshwater tank (125 gallon tank). Want an elephant nose..ghost knife and possibly head standers.

    • Elephant nose are highly delicate. They are an electric fish and so is the knife. They should never be kept together as their electrical signals will confuse and stress each other out.
      Not to mention elephant nose fish die by the dozens to get the one that survives long enough for you to see in the store, and that one will often die shortly after bringing it home. It’s a sad practice. So please think carefully if you want to contribute to it. The elephant nose is not shown in the corresponding photo. That is a bird nosed wrasse. A very delicate saltwater fish.

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