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Do Betta Fish Have Teeth?


Sure, betta fish do have tooth similar to you and me, and for a number of the similar causes too. In the event you look very intently throughout feedings or after they gulp air on the water’s floor you might be able to see their tiny white tooth. In the event you can’t, strive utilizing a smartphone digital camera or different digital camera and its zoom function. Then examine the photograph up shut.

One of many essential causes betta fish have tooth is to interrupt down entire meals. This helps the digestion of their meals into power and waste too. If you feed your betta fish pellets or blood worms, for instance, you’ll discover the chomping motion earlier than they swallow and transfer onto the subsequent piece.

One other benefit of getting a number of tiny and sharp tooth is for defense. Betta fish are territorial fighter fish and can battle, typically to the loss of life. Throughout fights, betta fish will chunk and nip at different fish, particularly if they’re vibrant coloured and have lengthy fins. This aggression is embedded into the DNA and is vital within the wild. By no means deliberately make them battle or place a couple of in the identical tank.

Do Betta Fish Chew?

One other widespread query concerning their tooth is whether or not betta fish chunk and the brief reply is sure they do. A betta’s mouth could be very sturdy, so sturdy that when evaluating their jaw energy to their measurement, it’s stronger than an amazing white shark. Whereas that’s spectacular, they pose no menace to you because the human pores and skin is robust sufficient to go unhurt by a betta chunk.

Betta fish have an upturned jaw. In the event you watch them feed (from the facet) you’ll see their highly effective jaw in motion. Their jaw and tooth mix to permit them to pulverize their prey, or meals into smaller items earlier than ingestion as talked about above.

You gained’t be harmed sticking your fingers in your betta’s tank, nevertheless, it’s best to ensure they’re clear and keep away from doing it too typically. You don’t need to introduce grime and different micro organism into their residence as a result of they’ll turn into sick.

If you wish to expertise a betta fish’s chunk, strive putting some meals in your finger or just place it within the tank and transfer it round barely. Relying on their stage of curiosity and aggression, they may inflict a chunk. That chunk will most likely really feel like a light-weight contact or might even tickle and never harm.

Betta Fish are Carnivores

Betta fish are carnivores (meat eaters) and within the wild, they feed on bugs and their larvae on the water’s floor. Even in captivity it’s best to nonetheless fluctuate their food plan and introduce blood worms, and brine shrimp. These menu gadgets require tooth for feeding similar to you have to chew issues up earlier than swallowing them.

Betta’s do have tooth and so they do chunk, but it surely’s for his or her survival. In the event that they chunk your finger it’s solely as a result of they could mistake it for meals or as a result of they’re curious what it’s. Their little nibble although gained’t trigger any ache so that you don’t must be afraid.


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