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Betta Tumour Guide: Symptoms, Treatments & Prevention


Bettas (also referred to as Siamese combating fish) are superbly coloured fish thought of because the jewels of the aquarium world.

Tumours are a dreaded but frequent incidence in betta fish. It’s disagreeable to get up one morning and eagerly peer into your betta’s tank to let it know its instances for feeding, solely to seek out a big bump protruding from its physique. This occurs very often in betta fish and is usually unavoidable. Understanding tumors in bettas is vital for all betta fish lovers as a result of they will happen at any stage of a betta’s life.

This information will assist inform you on tumors in betta fish and how one can forestall and deal with them!

Forms of Tumours in Betta Fish

Tumors or abscesses are inevitable to sure low-quality bred betta fish and there may be not often a direct remedy. The sort and measurement of the tumor are what makes them dangerous or not.


It is a non-cancerous lump that may swell to giant sizes. One of these tumor not often spreads to different components of the physique and is usually low danger. Giant benign tumors can grow to be too heavy for a betta fish to comfortably swim, and an aquatic veterinarian ought to have it eliminated.


A extra worrisome type of tumor incorporates cancerous cells. This could shortly unfold to main organs of the physique and trigger issues. More often than not these tumors can’t be efficiently faraway from each a part of the physique and the fish could need to be euthanized with the approval of an aquatic veterinarian.

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These are lumps full of pus that appear like tumors. They’re sometimes brought on by an damage from a scratch or poke from tough aquarium ornament. They will simply grow to be contaminated from soiled aquarium water, and this may trigger them to swell to excessive sizes. The one viable therapy for abscesses is to have an aquatic veterinarian drain the pus.


A bloated betta can seem as if it has a tumor. A big lump seems beneath their head the place their abdomen is positioned. This could happen in case your betta fish eats plant matter or if the water temperature is simply too cool. The swelling ought to go down inside a number of days.


The Major Causes of Tumours in Betta Fish

  1. Poorly bred bettas: Bettas which have been thrown collectively to breed can result in poorly bred traces. This makes them extra vulnerable to completely different problems and diseases. Inbreeding also can pose a danger to their well being and shorten their lifespan. This sometimes happens in a fish breeding mill setting.

  2. Genetics: Tumours are generally brought on by genetics. If one of many dad and mom or ancestors within the betta’s household tree has a historical past of tumors, then the offspring is almost certainly going to develop one at a while throughout its life.

  3. Pet-store bettas: These bettas are usually poorly bred and have a better danger of growing tumors. It is rather frequent for pet-store betta fish to develop a cancerous tumor throughout previous age. Not like ethically bred bettas from a breeder which has higher genetics and is more healthy.

  4. Chemical substances and toxins: Low-quality aquatic medicines or meals can have cancer-causing substances in them. Over time, these toxins can construct up in a bettas system and trigger tumors to develop. Sure cancerous medicines are carbon, aquatic plant fertilizers, off-brand meals, or water conditioners. Additionally it is frequent for painted aquarium decorations to leach off chemical substances into the water and trigger well being points.

Widespread Signs

Figuring out the signs of a tumor in betta fish is assessed by three or extra of the next signs with the inclusion of an irregular bump or lump forming on the bodily space of the betta fish. Lack of urge for food, lethargy and the lack to swim is normally current in extreme phases. The tumor could develop to a sure level the place it’s too heavy for the betta fish to swim with. The results of that is poor oxygen consumption for the reason that betta is unable to swim to the floor to refill its labyrinth organ and the betta will eat away at its fins to make itself lighter within the hopes of having the ability to swim.

  • Protruding exhausting lump or bump on the physique
  • Struggling to swim
  • The bump continues to develop
  • Discoloration
  • Irregular swelling
  • Constipation
  • Lack of urge for food
  • Lethargy
  • Incapability to swim within the final phases
  • Scale loss
  • Boring coloration
  • Torn fins
  • Gasping
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Treating Betta Tumours

Tumours are exhausting to deal with in fish and there aren’t any cures for benign or cancerous tumors. Benign tumors might be minimize out by knowledgeable whereas the fish is underneath anesthesia. There aren’t any medicines to deal with tumors and prevention is simpler than remedy.

If a betta is deemed to have a poor high quality of life whereas having a tumor, then it ought to be euthanized to finish its struggling. Bettas who wrestle to swim, develop lethargy, or have a lack of urge for food are usually not feeling nicely and they’ll almost certainly not die as a direct results of a tumor, however quite succumb to their signs.

The best way to Stop Tumours in Betta Fish

You can begin by buying a betta fish from a dependable supply. This implies a professional betta fish breeder who breeds their bettas for high quality quite than amount. They may almost certainly have a greater genetic heritage. Though this doesn’t imply the betta is not going to develop a tumor, it should decrease the probabilities.

All the time use good medicines and high-quality meals. Keep away from utilizing meals which might be poorly made or use low-quality substances with fillers. If you wish to use high-tech in a planted aquarium, don’t overdose on the utilization quantity and keep away from utilizing it at night time when the crops is not going to take within the vitamins. This helps forestall the water from being contaminated with the chemical substances which might be absorbed by way of your betta’s gills and into their bloodstream.

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Though tumors are prevalent in bettas, each kind of fish can develop a tumor. The one benefit different fish have is being bred much less as a result of there may be low demand within the aquarium commerce when in comparison with betta fish. Goldfish are the following kind of fish which might be susceptible to growing benign or cancerous tumors.

We hope that this information has helped you perceive tumors in betta fish higher!

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