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Helping Your Betta Make Friends – The Best Tank Mates For A Betta Fish

In case you have simply come dwelling along with your first-ever betta fish – congratulations! These colourful fish are vibrant and lovely, making an outstanding addition to any tank.

Nonetheless, they are often powerful to accommodate with others. Often known as Siamese preventing fish, bettas are recognized to defend their territory relentlessly, preventing others on the subject of maintaining their turf secure.

That being stated, there are a number of varieties of fish that bettas will fortunately settle for as tank mates. By choosing your betta’s companions fastidiously, you possibly can preserve harmonious situations inside your tank with out having to fret about damage or hurt to any of your fish.

Curious which fish make glorious tank mates in your betta? Proceed studying to study extra.

Betta Fish’s Pure Setting

Within the wild, betta fish dwell peacefully in shallow rice paddies, transferring about in sluggish transferring waters that are typically closely vegetated. Often, they gained’t present aggression towards different bettas or fish of different species – besides through the breeding season.

Within the dwelling aquariums, nonetheless, betta fish have a lot much less house to swim about, and subsequently, much less territory that’s up for grabs. Selective breeding and excessive stress environments – which, irrespective of how effectively you take care of your betta fish, is at all times going to be an aquarium tank – have turned betta fish into aggressive, territorial fighters.

In consequence, betta fish are inclined to not get together with different fish. They’re solitary creatures when saved in captivity, and don’t require tank mates. Nonetheless, if you have already got fish, or in case you merely don’t wish to maintain your betta fish by itself, you may wish to take into account including tank mates to maintain your betta fish firm.

1 Clown Plecos

Clown pleco

No joke – the clown plecos is a good alternative as a possible tank mate in your betta fish. These creatures feed totally on algae and uneaten meals, serving to to maintain your tank clear as they take away any build-up contained in the waters. They are often fed with primary dietary supplements of fish algae wafers to maintain them wholesome.

Not like other forms of plecos, clown plecos are small, rising solely to about 4 inches in size. They’re backside feeders, which means they are going to usually keep out of the betta’s method. As a result of they develop to such a small measurement, you possibly can maintain them fortunately in a betta fish tank that’s about twenty gallons in measurement.

2 White Cloud Mountain Minnows

White Cloud Mountain Minnow

White cloud mountain minnows are uncommon and considerably tough to seek out, however they’re nonetheless an important alternative as a companion for a betta fish in a neighborhood tank. These peaceable fish are extraordinarily hardy, tolerating temperatures as little as 45 levels Fahrenheit and as excessive as 75 levels Fahrenheit.

These fish needs to be saved in colleges of 5 – 6, as a result of when they’re saved by themselves, they generally tend to nip on the fins of different fish. Betta fish have fins which can be engaging to nipping species, so maintaining a faculty of white cloud mountain minnows is completely important to keep away from this drawback. That being stated, caring for a white cloud mountain minnow past this level is shockingly straightforward. They will eat common betta flakes and solely develop to about two inches in size.

3 Corydora Catfish

Corydora Catfish

Often known as Cory Cats, the corydora catfish is a good tank mate for virtually any species. They have an inclination to maintain to themselves, and are each hardy and peaceable in a neighborhood tank.

Though they like to dwell in colleges of 4 or extra, they require minimal care and a focus. You should buy cory cats in nearly any colour, so you possibly can combine and match till you’ve got a mix that works effectively with the present colour scheme of your betta tank. Rising to solely about three inches in size, this fish is a good alternative for any neighborhood tank.

4 Nerite Snails

nerite snails
Photo by budak


You possibly can maintain nearly any kind of snail in your betta fish tank. These snails usually are not solely unobtrusive, however they will even keep away from your betta fish each time attainable. These creatures have arduous outer shells for cover and may simply duck inside in the event that they really feel threatened.

Moreover, snails are scavengers that can eat any algae or particles that comes their method. They may also help maintain your tank clear, making it simpler in your betta fish to thrive. When you can maintain nearly any form of snail along with your betta fish, among the greatest are nerite snails, who will solely develop to about an inch in size. As a result of they don’t reproduce quickly like different freshwater snail species, they could be a sensible alternative as a companion species for a betta fish.

5 Kuhli Loaches

Kuhli Loach

The Kuhli loach is without doubt one of the most attention-grabbing fish you’ll find. They’re typically mistaken for eels, sporting a novel look that may add curiosity to any tank. These fish are nice tank mates for virtually any species, however significantly for a betta fish. A hardy, reserved species, they solely develop to about 4 and a half inches in size.

The one exception to their ease of care is within the alternative of substrate you employ in your tank. Kuhli loaches want a clean gravel or sand substrate, as rocks with sharp edges could cause critical, life-threatening scratches. You additionally have to maintain your loaches in teams of three or extra to maintain them wholesome and joyful. Moreover that, they are going to coexist simply with any betta, irrespective of how aggressive she or he may be.

6 Neon Tetras

Neon Tetra

Neon tetras are some of the common aquarium species, and some of the widespread freshwater fish species for rookies. As quick-moving, straightforward to look after fish, they’re an important tank mate for any small or medium-sized fish.

Neon tetras are education fish, which means they like to be saved in teams of a minimum of six or extra fish. They’re enjoyable to look at in giant teams, and so they gained’t hurt your betta fish so long as they’re saved in giant teams. They will outswim even essentially the most aggressive betta fish, making them a good selection for a betta who has not tolerated different tank mates prior to now.

7 Ghost Shrimp

Guide To Caring For And Keeping The Ghost Shrimp 1

Often known as the glass shrimp, the ghost shrimp is a superb alternative in your neighborhood tank. These shrimp are cheap, significantly when in comparison with different shrimp species, and they’re shockingly straightforward to take care of. They may also help maintain your tank clear in flip as they scour the underside of the tank searching for scraps of meals.

These scavengers want to be saved in giant teams of 5 or extra, and whereas they reproduce typically, they get alongside effectively with most species of fish. If you’re maintaining extra aggressive fish, like angelfish or cichlids, in your tank, it’s best to keep away from buying ghost shrimp, as they shortly develop into a favourite supply of meals for these predatory species. Nonetheless, they solely develop as much as two inches in measurement and have comparable water necessities as a betta fish, making them an important alternative for a big tank.

8 Zebra Snails

Zebra Snails

Zebra snails are a novel alternative for a tank, possessing the power to maintain your tank clear as they feed on algae, uneaten particles of meals, and different detritus. They’re an important alternative for neighborhood tanks, with a peaceable demeanor and an inclination to maintain to themselves. Not like different snail species, zebra snails usually are not prolific breeders, so that you gained’t discover your tank overrun by them in a single day. Rising to solely an inch in measurement, these creatures are straightforward to look after and gained’t compete with or threaten your betta fish.

9 Harlequin Rasboras

Harlequin Rasboras

Harlequin Rasboras are edgy fish, because the title may indicate. These fish are mild-mannered and peaceable, but sport dazzling colours that may actually jazz up your tank. Within the wild, these fish really coexist with betta fish, making them some of the pure additions to your tank that you’ll find.

Harlequin rasboras are education fish, which implies it is advisable maintain them in teams giant than six as a way to guarantee their optimum well being. Keep a tank that’s a minimum of twenty gallons to ensure your rasboras and bettas have sufficient room. In any other case, these fish, which solely develop to about two inches in size, are shockingly straightforward to look after.

10 Ember Tetras

Ember Tetras
Photo by Peter Maguire

Ember tetras are tiny, colourful fish that add life and vibrancy to any setting. They’re education fish that tend to nip when saved in small teams, so it’s best to subsequently be sure to maintain them in teams bigger than 5 to keep away from any damage to your betta fish.

Ember tetras will eat absolutely anything, preferring flakes or pellets as a meals. They’ve small mouths, although, so you will have to be sure to are crushing up their meals right into a positive consistency in order that they’ll simply digest it. Ember tetras are glorious tank mates for bettas, straightforward to maintain and possessing easygoing, pleasant demeanors. They solely develop to about an inch in size, which implies you possibly can maintain fairly just a few ember tetras collectively along with your betta with out having to fret about any unfavorable impacts.

11 African Dwarf Frogs

African Dwarf Frogs
Photo by Peter Maguire

African dwarf frogs are completely lovable, and make an important alternative for a neighborhood tank with a betta – significantly in case you are trying to spark new dialog amongst guests to your private home! These beautiful creatures are docile and straightforward to look after, rising solely as much as about three inches in measurement. It needs to be famous that they do have considerably difficult consuming habits, preferring to eat meaty meals like brine shrimp and bloodworms as an alternative of flake meals or pellets.

Whereas African dwarf frogs require barely extra work than different species of fish, they’re a good selection for a tank during which you have already got a betta. They may keep out of the betta’s method, and won’t develop into aggressive towards the betta in any method.

12 Bristlenose Plecos

The Ultimate Guide To Caring For And Keeping Bristlenose Pleco 3
Photo by Amanda Cleveland


The bristlenose plecos is a straightforward to look after fish that can feed on algae and uneaten meals. This may also help maintain your tank glowing clear whereas stopping any points with water high quality. They require minimal fuss or consideration, and are armored with powerful plates. Even when you have an aggressive betta fish, your plecos will be capable of maintain his personal in protection.

Bristlenose plecos develop to solely about six inches in size, and have comparable pH and temperature necessities as betta fish. They are often fed algae wafers as a complement to their common food regimen of algae and tank particles.

13 Cherry Shrimp

The Ultimate Guide To Caring For And Keeping the Cherry Shrimp 11
Photo by Ashley

Cherry shrimp are tiny creatures, solely rising to about an inch in size. These invertebrates are nice companions for betta fish as a result of they’re good at hiding and avoiding any confrontational habits on the a part of the betta fish. They’re relaxed and can keep effectively out of your betta fish’s method.

Cherry shrimp are prolific breeders, so in case you resolve to maintain them in mass portions you will have to maintain this in thoughts. In any other case, you gained’t have to fret about a lot on the subject of maintaining your cherry shrimp in the identical tank as your betta fish.

14 Shortfin Mollies

Shortfin Mollies

These fish are extremely common within the aquarium pastime as a result of they’ve dozens of constructive qualities. As peaceable, easygoing fish, they provide a vibrant pop of colour to your tank with minimal want for repairs or upkeep. These fish could be present in nearly any aquarium retailer and tolerate temperatures between 70 and 82 levels Fahrenheit. With a super pH vary between 7.5 and eight.2, these fish are good companions for the betta fish.

Watch out when choosing your shortfin mollies, as a result of a few of these fish could be brightly coloured and simply  mistaken for different betta fish. Some male bettas may develop into overly aggressive when encountering a too-bright shortfin molly, so it’s essential to take this into consideration. In any other case, you’ll find them in shades of black, inexperienced, gold, silver, and orange, in addition to many different variations and combos.

15 Celestial Pearl Danio

Celestial Pearl Danio

Often known as the Galaxy Rasbora, the Celestial Pearl Danio is an easy-to-care-for fish that does effectively in a peaceable neighborhood aquarium. It may be saved in tanks as small as ten gallons, and has  a small measurement and peaceable demeanor that makes it preferrred for cohabitating with a betta fish.

The celestial pearl danio solely grows to about two inches in size, and may tolerate temperatures between 67 and 72 levels Fahrenheit. With a most well-liked pH vary that’s equivalent to that of the betta fish, the celestial pearl danio is an apparent alternative as a betta fish tank mate.

What Fish Ought to I Keep away from Preserving With My Betta?

Sadly, it’s best to by no means maintain multiple betta fish in a tank – irrespective of how lovely they may be. That is particularly the case in case you are contemplating maintaining two male bettas – don’t do it! When you can generally get away with a number of feminine bettas, two male bettas will inevitably combat one another to the demise, battling one another for house till one is lifeless.

You also needs to keep away from gouramis. Gouramis are shut relations of betta fish, and can combat when given the possibility. Any fish that nip fins, comparable to barbs, needs to be averted as effectively. Betta fish have lengthy, flowing fins that may simply be broken by a extra aggressive fish. Take into account that in case you are contemplating a fish that tends to nip, you possibly can typically “nip” this habits within the bud by maintaining multiples of that species. For instance, tetras prefer to nip however is not going to trouble a betta if they’re saved in a gaggle of 5 – 6.

Preserving Your Betta Completely happy

Betta fish are some of the common species of tropical freshwater fish, and so they have the power so as to add some critical enjoyment and wonder to a tank. Should you’re contemplating including a betta fish, don’t be postpone by worries that they are going to be too aggressive to accommodate with different species.

Betta fish don’t should dwell alone! They will simply cohabitate with different fish species, however it is advisable be sure to choose potential tank mates very fastidiously. Comply with our information, and also you’ll be effectively in your technique to making a peaceable, harmonious, and delightful tank that can thrive for years to come back.

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