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Be The Best Betta Owner – Top Betta Fish Names

You’ve lastly taken the leap and determined to get a pet fish. Higher but, you’ve chosen a betta! These fish, also called Siamese preventing fish, are a number of the most entertaining and fulfilling pets you may personal.

When you get the tank arrange and discover ways to correctly care to your fish, detailing all the pieces from acceptable feeding occasions, most well-liked meals, water high quality, and appropriate tankmates, the following merchandise in your agenda is to choose a reputation to your betta fish.

You may draw inspiration from these round you, or maybe out of your pursuits or the coloration of your betta fish. Whereas basic names actually have their place, you may wish to assume exterior the field a bit.

What Are Good Fish Names For A Betta?

It may be robust to get began whenever you’re selecting a reputation to your betta fish. With 1000’s – or thousands and thousands! – of potential choices, you may end up overwhelmed. We’re right here that will help you slender issues down a bit.

For starters, you may categorize your betta names into one in every of these bigger classes. Begin by considering of the names of your family and friends. Take into account naming your fish after a cherished one – maybe someone you as soon as knew or nonetheless know that has an affinity for these brightly coloured creatures?

Talking of shiny colours, you may additionally take into consideration your betta fish’s look. Is he crimson, blue, or purple? Maybe you may title your fish that colour, or one thing that calls to thoughts that colour – like Plum Dandy when you have a beautiful purple fish.

You might additionally take a while to call your betta fish and provides him a reputation that displays his habits or persona. Is he shy? Combative? Humorous? Resilient? Choose a reputation that matches your betta’s persona, and also you’ll by no means have to fret about forgetting it!

You might additionally check out a cutesy pet title, reminiscent of one named after meals or drink. You might title your fish after a favourite superstar, or consider a reputation that calls to thoughts your favourite tv present, guide, musical group, film, or interest. You might even title your betta fish after one other animal or a mythological creature!

When all is alleged and performed, the alternatives are nearly infinite. The selection is really yours if you find yourself naming your betta fish, and apart from choosing a reputation that you simply’re positive to recollect, there are actually no necessities stating how a lot or how little creativity it is advisable to train.

If you happen to nonetheless end up caught after studying these strategies, contemplate our record of the highest betta fish names that will help you out. You’ll have loads of choices after studying our record!

Finest Names For Male Betta Fish

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A basic selection when naming your betta fish is to provide him a basic masculine title. This may very well be derived from any nationality or tradition, and whereas there’s no hurt in selecting a extra female or unisex title to your betta fish  -after all, he received’t care! – it is likely to be simpler for you in the case of remembering a extra conventional title.

Listed below are some widespread male names you may contemplate to your betta fish. Keep in mind that male betta fish are extra generally saved by aquarium hobbyists than are feminine bettas, so in the event you aren’t positive in regards to the gender of your betta, it’s in all probability male. That is very true in case your fish has shiny colours and lengthy, elegant fins, each of that are attribute of male bettas.

These are the perfect names for male betta fish that will help you get began:

Amber Woman Bug Cunning Saffron Clifford
Ace Abe Frank Mulder Gunther
Apple Lobster Frizzle Sandy Hagar
Ariel Lucy Fuchsia Scarlet Coral
Auburn Mars Fuego Sienna King
Autumn Merida Furnace Skelton Kronos
Andro Adam Garland Nardole Crimson
Beets Merlot Garnet Solo Currant
Apollo Admiral Gary Nemo Redfish
Aqua Bob Squarepants Albert Giles Noam Rhubarb
Blaze Pansy Gilroy Spark Curry
Bordeaux Paprika Ginger Strawberry Dahlia
Brandy Penny Glow Strawberry Shortcake Ellie
Archie Albus Gonzalez Odin Rogan
Ares Anakin Han Parker Jimmy John
Brick Peppermint Harkin Sumac Elmo
Burgundy Pepperoni Harry Sundown Ember
Artelius Andy Harry Paul Juan
Cardinal Peter Hazel Suri Eric
Astor Apollo Hiro Peter Gilbert
Balthazar Ares Homer Pike Guido
Carrot Phineas Hong Thor Naruto
Cayenne Phoenix Hydrant Tiger Nemo
Bart Atticus Indie Presley Ishmal
Cherry Pimento Infrared Tomato Lucifer
Betta Fett Balder James Reiichi Leo
Massive Bubb Bart Jamie Ron Leonardo
Cherry Poinsettia Jelly Bean Tulip Hearth
Blade Bear Jem Rory Malone
Chestnut Poppy Jess Twizzler Flame
Bravos Bobby Joey Ross Lord
Bruce Lee Bowie Jose Ryan Louie
Bueller Brian Jupiter Sarjan Mack
Cheyenne Poppy Ketchup Valentine Flamingo
Chili Radish Kimchi Vermilion Flann
Bugatti Bruce Kylo Severus Delos
Callum Butch Larry Sirius Denzel
Carlos Captain Leland Spike Dino
Carlton Chandler Leo Steve Canine
Casper Charger Leonard Thor Draco
Chad Christian Loki Timmy Drago
Channing Clyde Louis Tom Drake
Chester Cohen Lucian Vader Duke
Chett Colin Lucius Walter Dusty
Colby Dale Luke Wayne Einstein
Comet Darth Lupin Wilfred Eustace
Cooper Dave Mal William Fab
Cosmo Depak Mars Wolf Fernando
Crimson Physician Matt Xander Finley
Cujo Doug Max Zappa Finnegan
Dallas Draco Minos Zeus Flash
DaVinci Fox Moe Ziggy Gandalf
Zeus Theo The Fonz Shadow Gatsby
Poseidon Patrick Poseidon Silver Wasabi
Prometheus Pepster Prometheus Sir Arthur Watson
Russet Pietri Quake Spike Wobbie
Rusty Nero Quint Spud Xarelto
Quake Obie Ralph Stealth Xenon
Quint Oliver Razor Tango Xero
Ralph Ollie Rex Thaddeus Yogi
Razor Orlando Rocket Jimbo Yuri
Rex Oscar Ronnie Theo Zalor
Rocket Owen Rosco Turbo Zaltar
Ronnie Patrick Sargeant Vince Zenith
Rosco Pepster Scion Turbo Zeus
Sargeant Pietri Scooter Vince Ziggy
Scion Spike Ziggy Wasabi Zoro
Scooter Spud Zoro Watson Xero
Shadow Stealth Yuri Wobbie Yogi
Silver Tango Zenith Xaralto Zalor
Jughead Thaddeus Sir Arthur Xenon Zaltar
Jumper Marshal Jack Hal Honda
Kepler Mason Jackson Henri HoudiniIgnatio
Killer Matthew Jasper Herb Murphy
Kimbo Mello Jaws Herms

Finest Names For Feminine Betta Fish

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As we talked about above, male betta fish are rather more frequent than females. Nonetheless, when you have a fish that tends to be rather less flamboyant and vibrant, it’s in all probability a feminine betta fish.

Nonetheless, that does not imply she doesn’t deserve the right title! As together with your male fish, you may select to call your feminine betta after a member of the family or good friend, or you may select a female, flowery title. A stronger-sounding title can be an possibility.

Remember that, in contrast to male betta fish which can’t be saved in confinement collectively, you may maintain a number of feminine betta fish in the identical tank. Due to this fact, you  could end up having to give you a number of names to your fish. In that case, contemplate selecting names that work in pairs, reminiscent of Thelma and Louise, that will help you bear in mind the names of your fish.

In any other case, listed here are some good strategies that will help you get began:

Adriana Abigail Effie Norma
Aggie Amanda Elizabeth Olivia
Akira Amelia Elsie Ophelia
Ally Angela Emma Orchid
Andrea Anya Esther Padma
Angel Astrid Euphemia Paris
Angie Athena Evelyn Parvati
Aria Audrey Fleur Persistence
Ariel Ava Freya Patricia
Athena Bella Geraldine Persephone
Aurora Belle Ginny Phoebe
Bonnie Berry Grace Pixie
Brea Bess Hannah Princess
Britt Betty Hannah Priscilla
Buffy Blanche Concord Queenie
Callista Buffy Hermione Rachel
Calypso Bunny Hope Rey
Sweet Camilla Josie Rose
Cassie Carly Kat Ruby
Chanel Cher Laura Sarah
Colbie Cho Lauren Shelly
Daisy Coco Leia Skyler
Daria Cora Lily Sophia
Delila Cordelia Lola Sybil
Devine Cupcake Louise Tara
Dianna Daisy Lucy Tatum
Diva Diana Luna Thelma
Ellen Dianne Lyla Veronica
Elsa Donna Marnie Viola
Emily Doris Mary Violet
Eve Drusilla Miyoko Wendy
Evelyn Duchess Molly Willow
Evina Edith Monica Yasmin
Fara Francine Hope Kirra
Felicity Gabby Iggy Kota
Fifi Ginger Iris Krystal
Fina Gwen Jade Kylie
Flo Helga Jane Kyra
Flower Hera Jasmine Lavender
Folina Hestia Jess Layla
Marsha Polly Jewels Lilly
Megala Princess Jezebel Lima
Megan Prissy Jules Liza
Mimi Quala Karla Lizzy
Miriam Queenie Sassy Pants Lola
Missa Quera Savannah Lolly
Missy Quilla Shana LuLu
Misty Quora Star Suzie
Molly Rochelle Stella Sydney
Nilina Romy Stephie Taylor
Nina Rose Straw Tee-tee
Nobia Rosy Xenia Tinkerbell
Oksana Roxy Yolanda Venessa
Olga Ruby Yvette Vercalia
Olina Sabrina Zelda Vernia
Omy Sara Zinnia Viva
Orchid Sasha Zinny Windy
Pandora Pearl Zoey Wings
Parisia Phantasia Zuzu Wynnie
Xena Phelia Xelda Xan

Unisex Names For Betta Fish

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If you happen to’re unsure what intercourse your betta fish is, there are a number of straightforward methods to find out this. First, males are going to be considerably bigger than the females, sporting brighter colours and longer, extra elegant fins. Due to this fact, it’s unlikely that you simply received’t know the intercourse of your betta fish.

Nonetheless, in the event you can’t determine it out – or in the event you merely favor a extra unisex title – there are many choices that may let you outfit your betta fish with the right nomenclature. A few of these names are cutesy, whereas others have a extra severe tone. Choose the title that greatest matches the persona of your fish, and do not forget that the sky is the restrict in the case of the right title to your fish.

Listed below are some choices:

Akira Aki Drew Pretzel
Alpha Akira Edamame Puff
Amethyst Alex Eleven Punk
Andy Alfalfa Ellis R2D2
Aqua Alto Falcore Rain
Child Alva Fender Ren
Biggie Angel Frankie Riley
Bitsy Ashley Harper River
Blue Aubrey Hayden Salsa
Bobbie Avery Hollis Scout
Brownie Bailey Hunter Shay
Bubbles Bongo Jamie Snap
Bungee Brid Java Sparky
Cali Brook Jessie Splash
Caramel C3P0 Jo Stevie
Catalyst Cameron Jordan Smelly
Chantz Carob Karma Storm
Chee-Chee Casey Kelsey Tanner
Chompy Chaos Kennedy Tiki
Conflict Charlie Laser Tory
Cleo Checkers Leslie Tsunami
Cocoa Chewie Fortunate Val
Cookie Chipper Macaroni Waverider
Coral Chips Magic Waves
Cuddles Chutney Micah Winter
Curly Clem Noodle Wotsit
Cutey Crackle October Wren
Danny Crash Pal Wyn
Sprint Cricket Palmer Yang
Dory Daikon Parker Yin
Fangs Dale Payton Yoda
Fins Devon Pepper Zag
Fish Dresden Popsicle Zig
Crimson Nippy Izzy Fishy
Ruby Noel Jo Fishy Wishy
Saka Oki Kai Flappy
Salt Orangey Kaida Circulate
Sam Pal Kasius Fluffy
Sammy Pebbles Kibble Freckles
Saturn PeeWee Kyo Freddy
Skittles Pokey Lapala
Smalls Puffer Lazy Basic Fin
Snapper Rainbow Baby Ghost
Sushi Spazzy Mandarin Glow
Tasuki Speckles Marble Goldy
Tesla Spottie Mikey Gucci
Tetra Squishy Miso Halogen
Tilly Storm Mojo Harley
Tiny Stripes Monster Hydra
Topaz Stryker Moon Indy
Tranquil Suki Mouthy Wavy
Tsunami Sunny Murph Whipper
Velvet Sunshine Narak Nibbles
Vesper Wave

Humorous Names For Betta Fish

Really feel like laughing each time you assume – or discuss! – about your betta fish? Humor is vital, particularly if you’re a pet proprietor! Giving your betta fish a humorous title generally is a enjoyable technique to encourage some creativity in your life.

If you happen to’ve at all times been recognized for cracking jokes, a humorous title to your betta fish is likely to be the way in which to go. They’re actually recognized to make me chuckle! Listed below are a couple of strategies in the event you’re in search of a reputation that may depart you in stitches:

Mr. Krabs Mr. Nibbles Tetra Fish N’ Chips
Calypso Fido Jaws Tuna Turner
Bubbly Cujo James Pond Swim Shady
Bubbles Carrie Fisher Harley Finn Swedish
BigFish Captain Hook Hammerhead Sushi
Sushi Hydra Goldie Flotsam
Bait Betta White Gilly Nelson Rocky
Atlantis Betta Midler Gill-bert One True Cod
Atlantic Betta Max Georgia O’Reef Muhammad Ali
Pacific Kraken Basic Finn Flip
Angel Aquaman Fluffy M. Sea Hammer
Alpha Aqua Fin-a Floater Pretty Bubbly
Mr. Bubbles Jonah Fish Flash
Mahi Mahi Jetsam Finley Fishy
Algae Alpha Betta Fin-ley Lake Skywalker
Walleye Jacques Cousteau Fin Massive Betta

Cute Names For Betta Fish

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When you have babies, you may contemplate giving your betta fish a cutesy title. Whereas a betta fish may not be as cuddly as a kitten or as cute as a child rabbit, you may nonetheless give it a cute title!

These cute names may not be your best option for everyone, however in the event you’re on the lookout for an “aw-worthy” title, right here’s the way in which to go:


Aggie Fifi Pinko Dolly
Albie Floof Pixie Domino
Ally Freckles Pops Donut
Apple Fuzzles Posey Doodle
Archie Gizmo Puffin Dory
Child Glitter Rainbow Brite Dweeb
Bambam Gopher Rascal Ellie
Bambi Gracie Roo Fairy
Berry Gravy Roomba Nipper
Binky Gumdrop Rudy Oreo
Biscuit Gwennie Sausage Pee Wee
Bliss Pleased Scrappy Penny
Bonsai Jazzy Scrinkle Pickles
Boo Jeffie Shortcake Piglet
Bug-Bug Jelly Skittles Pinball
Butters Kiki Socks Pine Nut
Buttons Kitty Soda Pop Tinkles
Cookie Love Coronary heart Sparkles Tiny
Crinkle Lulu Sparky Tofu
Crumpet Marshmallow Spoops Twinkle Toes
Cuddles Merry Squish Wasabi
Dinky Monkey Suki Wiggle
Dipsie Mr. Chips Sweetie Winkle Picker
Dixie Muffin Taco Winnie
Dodo Nibbles Tiggy

Betta Fish Names By Colour

We will nearly assure that the very first thing that you simply – and your guests! – will discover about your betta fish is its colour. Due to this fact, naming your betta fish in response to its coloration may help you bear in mind your betta fish’s title.

There are a number of names (every of which we’ve got sorted by colour) that may work effectively to your betta fish, it doesn’t matter what colour it is likely to be. Whether or not your betta fish is orange, blue, crimson, or yellow, there are names to swimsuit any colour of fish.

Names For Orange Betta Fish

Bought a betta fish the colour of a contemporary tangerine? These names are designed to think of well-known orange characters, meals, objects, and the rest that pertains to the colour orange.

Amber Clementine Nacho Cheese Cheddar
Apricot Copper Nectarine Cheese Puff
Arancione Crookshanks Orangeade Cheeto
Auburn Dorito Peaches Goldie
Autumn Ember Persimmon Mandarin
Butternut Fanta Pumpkin Marmalade
Butterscotch Garfield Rusty Tang
Sweet Corn Ginger Satsuma Tangerine
Carrot Gingersnap Sundown Tigger

Names for Crimson Betta Fish

Does your betta fish are available a blinding crimson shade? In that case, there are names to swimsuit  your betta fish. Take into account these names for a ruby-red fish.

Amber Woman Bug Cunning Saffron Clifford Crimson
Apple Lobster Frizzle Sandy Copper Crimson
Ariel Lucy Fuchsia Scarlet Coral Reddy
Auburn Mars Fuego Sienna Cranberry Redface
Autumn Merida Furnace Skelton Crimson Redfish
Beets Merlot Garnet Solo Currant Rhubarb
Blaze Pansy Gilroy Spark Curry Rogan:
Bordeaux Paprika Ginger Strawberry Dahlia Rojo
Brandy Penny Glow Strawberry Shortcake Ellie Rose
Brick Peppermint Harkin Sumac Elmo Rosella
Burgundy Pepperoni Harry Sundown Ember Rosie
Cardinal Peter Hazel Suri Eric Rosso
Carrot Phineas Hong Thor Fever Rosy
Cayenne Phoenix Hydrant Tiger Fiery Rouge
Cherry Pimento Infrared Tomato Fiona Rowan
Cherry Poinsettia Jelly Bean Tulip Hearth Ruby
Chestnut Poppy Jess Twizzler Flame Russell
Cheyenne Poppy Ketchup Valentine Flamingo Russet
Chili Radish Kimchi Vermilion Flann Rusty
Cinnamon Raspberry Wilma

Names For Yellow Betta Fish

No matter whether or not your betta fish is a shade of gold or calls to thoughts extra buttery hues, there are many names to swimsuit a yellow fish, too. Listed below are some concepts.

Butter Barley Honey Star
Butterball Blondie Mellow Sunflower
Buttercup Butterball Mustard Sunglow
Biscuit Buttercup Pikachu Tequila
Butterscotch Custard Saffron Sunshine
Buffy Cabby Mellow Solar
Dandelion Chalk Milkshake Sunflower
Dandy Lion Cheesecake Mustard Sunny
Dew Chamois Nilla Sunshine
Flaxen Corona Noodle Taffy
Karo Cookie Popcorn Taxi
Giallo Creamer Yeller Toffi
Latte Crackers Yellow Vanilla
Highlighter Custard Tapioca Waffle
Marzipan Sunny

Names For Black Betta Fish

Black may not technically be a colour, however there are many names that may be appropriate for a darker fish, too. Take into account these.

Ace Anise Ebony Panther
Angus Ash Eclipse Pepsi
Ashes Beetle Ember Raven
Atticus Blackfish Grimm Reaper
Anisette. Blackjack Guinness Shadow
Blackie Char Ink Smokey
Bear Cinder Licorice Smudge
Blake Coal/Cole Midnight Soot
Blackula Espresso Nero Tar
Black Mamba Crow Olive Velvet
Blackjack Damien Omen Voodoo
Bogie – Donnie Darko Onyx Cave
Duncan Hades Chocolate Chip Cesare
Ebony Inky Darth Vader Cinderella
Elvira Indigo Dragon Charcoal
Espresso Ivory Daegan Kai Cheyenne
Eclipse Kole Dante Coal
Flint Kieran Mael Drakkar Noir Espresso
Forest Kodiak Dugan Colbie
Gabe Kuro Morticia Chu Dhub
Guiness Jacket Musqua Phantom
Jaguar Jamaica Ninja Prieta
Johnny Money Jett Nuit Phantom
Lelia Sabbath Onyx Poppy
Licorice Salem Panther Raven
Matches Sammy Pearl Retread
Maverick Satchmo Pepper Rasputin
Midnight Sheba Pepsi Rubber
Misty Shadow Spooky Tarra
Spider Shady Skylar Tank
Tar Sharpie Soot Trilby Pantera
Tina Sky Sootie Talladega
Vadar Skye Spade Sooty
Dragon Jet Star Darkness Shadow Hunter
Sirius Black

Names For White Betta Fish

In case your betta fish is a milky white or so pale he’s nearly translucent, there are names for him, too. Attempt these concepts out for measurement!

Arctic Ivory Quartz
Aspen Jasmine Snowball
Beluga Magnolia Snowdrop
Blizzard Mayo Snowflake
Diamond Misty Snowy
Dove Moonshine Sugar
Ghost Opal Swan
Glacier Polar Vanilla
Icicle Popsicle Ice
Cream Snowball Winter
Wintress Magic Dusty

Names For Blue Betta Fish

Blue is without doubt one of the commonest betta fish colours, so it goes with out saying that there are many names to swimsuit a shiny blue fish, too. Listed below are our prime decisions.

Azure Ash Aqua Aqua
Beryl Model Azure Aquamarine
Cobalt Cinder Child Blue Blue
Teal Coal Beryl Blue Moon
Navy Coke Bleu Bluebell
Yale Foggy Blue Ice
Haze Fuzzy Blueberry Cornflower
Myst Gandalf Sky Cyan
Reardon Grigio Blueface Morose
Shade Gris Bluefish Cookie Monster
Slate Haiiro Blue boy Royal blue
Smokey Indigo Cerulean Sapphire
Stoke Mazarine Cobalt Sea
Sully Marine Cyan Sky
Blueberry Neptune Sapphire Cobalt

Names For Multi-Coloured Betta Fish

In case your betta fish can’t be lumped into only one class, there are nonetheless loads of choices for naming them. Take into account these naming choices for multi-colored betta fish.

Aurora Patches Skittles
Dotty Peacock Splodge
Freckles Picasso Spot
Kingfisher Prism Sprinkles
Panda Rainbow Zigzag
Colours Sparkles Dazzles
Illumination Flash Crayola

Betta Fish Names Primarily based On Persona

Typically the best technique to title your betta fish is to get to know him after which title him primarily based on his habits or persona. Consider carefully about what your fish is like, and what behaviors he tends to interact in. Is he shy? Outgoing? Maybe he’s extraordinarily aggressive, or possibly simply actually energetic. Is he intelligent? Vivacious?

Take into consideration your betta fish’s persona traits, after which select a reputation that matches him completely. You will be refined or direct, however no matter you select, you’ll have loads of choices. Take into account these concepts.

Einstein Persistence Zoom Perky
Duke Outlaw Yawner Pug
Doofus Nibbles Xena Pushy
Dizzy Mugs Wolverine Martial
Dink Monster Viper Maverick
Diablo Lux Turbo Nips
Dean Liberty Tizzy Nipper
Sprint Killer Sweetie Killer
Dart Khan Sting Jekyll
Cuddles Jiffy Spirit Hyde
Crusher Jet Speedy Hurricane
Cowboy Hulk Sloth Hawk
Clogs Haughty Slick Hostile
Chomper Pleased Serenity Hannibal
Chief Hannibal Scruffy Power
Charmer Goober Sassy Forceful
Champ Genghis Sabre Dynamo
Brains Bully Rowdy Dexter
Raptor Brinks Rocket Rocky
Prince Fizz Snap Mugs
Bandit Fang Warfare Martial
Warrior Flake Intruder Snarky
Barb GaGa Quarrel Snap
Bolt Terminator Scrapper Vade
Banshee Truck Ruthless Tuffy
Roundy Thunder Wolverine Snipper
Slash Spunky Dizzy Snarky
Scrappy Snippy

That’s it for our record of strategies! As you may see, there are numerous choices in the case of naming your betta fish, and you’ll be as inventive (or as conventional!) as you’d like. There are not any guidelines in the case of naming your fish. So long as you present her or him with the perfect residing situations, he seemingly will not’ care what moniker you assign him.

Now, if we may simply practice them to come back once we name their names!

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