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Anubias Nana: The Ultimate Guide To Caring, Planting And Propagation

In the event you’ve been researching vegetation that it’s best to develop in your freshwater aquarium, you’ve doubtless encountered an entire host of distinctive (and maybe oddly named!) vegetation from which you’ll select.

But none of them is exclusive (nor as apparently named!) because the Anubias nana. This brief, stocky plant produces vibrant inexperienced leaves that render it a beautiful addition to any aquarium. It will probably assist to maintain the water in your fish tank each tidy, well-maintained, and oxygenated, and supply precious habitat to your hiding or breeding fish.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the selections there are on the market for vegetation you’ll be able to develop in your tank. As a substitute, choose the vegetation that may work greatest to your current setup, and contemplate the Anubias nana as the following addition to your tank setting.

Don’t know the place to begin? Take into account this information to rising the Anubias nana that can assist you get going.


What Is Anubias Nana?

Anubias Nana 2
Photo by Peter Kemmer

This plant is  an amazing alternative for learners, as it’s hardy and doesn’t want a lot consideration. This plant can bounce again from most elementary errors, and it may well survive in most environments. There may be little or no that you’ll want to do to take care of this plant – maybe only a fast trim every so often. Simple to look after, you can begin with tiny items of vegetation after which regularly introduce and develop this plant anyplace in your tank  -you may even add it to a different tank, in case you have one!

Recognized scientifically as Anubias barteri var. Nana, this freshwater plant is a subspecies of Anubias barteri and hails from the Araceae household. There are lots of frequent names given to Anubias nana, however you’ll normally see it referred to on this method. You may also hear it referred to as dwarf Anubias.

This plant is most typical in Asia, though it may also be present in areas of Africa, equivalent to in international locations like Nigeria and Cameroon. A hardy and adaptable plant, you’ll be able to hold your Anubias nana in quite a few circumstances. It may be totally submerged or solely partially submerged, which means you should utilize it in a full aquarium and even in a paludarium.

Anubias nana kinds a brief, dense mat, and is a superb alternative for blanketing the substrate of your tank. It offers a wonderful habitat of fish that choose to hang around on the decrease ranges of the tank, equivalent to catfish and loaches. You don’t have to fret about your Anubias nana plant taking on precious actual property in higher parts of the tank.

Anubias nana propagates simply, which means you’ll be able to simply add colour and well being advantages to your tank. This plant can management nitrate ranges and take away different pollution in your tank. It will probably oxygenate the water, serving to to maintain your fish more healthy whereas on the identical time lowering your general workload.

Once you buy your Anubias nana plant, know that there’s one other selection with which the Anubias nana is commonly confused. This different plant is the Anubias nana petite, and it’s a a lot tinier model of the Anubias nana that grows to just some centimeters in top.

What Does Anubias Nana Look Like?

Anubias Nana 3
Photo by Peter Kemmer

Anubias nana is a sturdy plant that may maintain its personal towards the aggression or exercise of your fish. It produces a thick, deep inexperienced stem that’s fairly thick, and grows to 6 to eight inches in top. The dimensions of your Anubias nana plant will, after all, rely on the circumstances in your tank.

As a result of this plant is so brief, it tends to solely cowl the underside parts of your aquarium or paludarium. To plant it, you have to place every stem right into a small quantity of substrate and never permit them to drift atop the floor. Leaves of this plant are a deep inexperienced hue and have a tendency to department away from the step. This creates a teardrop look that you could have already seen in a number of the houseplants in your personal house.

Every leaf is slender, however coated in a slender cuticle that helps to strengthen and fortify the plant. Now and again, your Anubias nana plant may produce a white flower. These vegetation usually tend to flower when they’re planted in paludariums, during which most vegetation are solely partially coated by water, however you may additionally discover them flowering whereas they’re totally submerged as nicely. That is fairly a spectacle to behold and may definitely make your aquarium a brand new speaking level inside your house!

Flowers solely final for a few months, however you’ll be able to paint a beautiful show of colour by planting a number of Anubias nana vegetation collectively. The vegetation which are healthiest will show probably the most beautiful colours.

This plant additionally has thick white roots. These assist hold the stems in a single place, transferring via the layers of substrate because the plant grows. You don’t should utterly bury the roots of your Anubias nana plant. Alternatively, you’ll be able to safe them to the tops of rocks or driftwood and permit the roots to wrap round these buildings, too.

How Do I Choose An Anubias Nana Plant?

The simplest technique to cut back your workload when caring for an Anubias nana plant is to take loads of the guesswork out of the equation and solely buy a plant that you realize can be wholesome. Take care in deciding on your Anubias nana plant, listening to colours, leaves, and injury.

Colour is the best technique to decide whether or not an Anubias nana plant is wholesome. These vegetation ought to be a darkish inexperienced shade, so if you happen to see a plant that’s pale inexperienced or has patches of yellow or brown, this can be a lifeless giveaway that the plant is just not doing so nicely.

Equally, the leaves of the vegetation ought to be heavy and have a resilient stem. Keep away from buying any vegetation which are dropping or wilting, and notably people who don’t appear in a position to help their very own weight.

Normal injury to the vegetation must also be prevented. Any rips within the leaves can invite illness and inhibit photosynthesis and progress. These vegetation usually tend to die while you place them in your tank, which is able to waste each your money and time.

That being mentioned, you will discover well being Anubias nana vegetation in nearly any aquarium retailer. This plant is comparatively cheap, with good, high-quality vegetation beginning at lower than $5 apiece. Since they reproduce and produce new vegetation, you doubtless gained’t want quite a lot of Anubias nana vegetation in your tank to create fairly the show, both. Anubias nana is offered both by itself or connected to rocks or bogwood, supplying you with choices in terms of transplanting it, too.

What Tank Necessities Does The Anubias Nana Plant Have?

This plant is comparatively simple to look after, however you do must ensure you present it with a wholesome setting during which it may well thrive. When it’s rising within the wild, Anubias nana is normally discovered alongside river banks. It grows both totally or partially submerged within the shallow water. This enables it to have entry to a number of mild for photosynthesis.

It’s best to embrace a delicate, muddy substrate. This may permit the roots to penetrate simply via it, in addition to to soak up vital vitamins. Water ought to be stored heat and considerably acidic. You need to use a heater to take care of excessive temperatures. These between 72- and 82-degrees Fahrenheit are best. pH ought to be stored between 6 and seven.5, whereas hardness ought to be maintained between 3 and eight.

Use a fine-grained substrate, like sand. This may permit the roots to penetrate for added stability and nutrient absorption, and the delicate substrate will even be much less prone to hurt the fragile roots of the plant.

You don’t want to make use of any particular form of lighting for you tank – you should utilize a normal aquarium mild. Nevertheless, you do want to make sure that the pure or synthetic mild you present is definitely attending to the leaves. Chances are you’ll wish to keep away from any floating vegetation or different buildings that may shade the Anubias nana plant.

There isn’t any minimal tank measurement for Anubias nana vegetation – they’ll thrive in tanks of all sizes. Nevertheless, it’s usually beneficial that you just hold them in a tank that’s round 10 gallons or so.

How Do I Care For An Anubias Nana Plant?

Anubias nana grown comparatively slowly, no less than in comparison with different aquarium vegetation. Chances are you’ll must trim the stems of your vegetation infrequently. Additionally, you will must work to maintain the tank clear, which is one thing you’re doubtless already doing in case you have different inhabitants of your freshwater tank.

Pollution may be poisonous to an Anubias nana plant, and whereas the plant works laborious to take away loads of the pollution and toxins within the water, persistently altering the water (no less than each different week) will assist hold circumstances steady. Don’t depend on your vegetation to do your whole cleansing for you!  You’ll need to maintain the tank clear to manage the degrees of nitrates in your tank.

An added good thing about preserving your tank clear is that it’ll make the water clearer. This may permit extra mild to penetrate via it to succeed in your Anubias nana plant, permitting for photosynthesis and nutrient absorption.

If it appears as if your Anubias nana plant is just not rising, or is just not rising shortly sufficient, it may very well be that there usually are not sufficient vitamins within the water. You’ll be able to add a nutrient complement or a nutrient-rich substrate. Nevertheless, watch out when including these, as you don’t wish to hurt the well being of your fish. As well as, some additions could cause an inflow of algal progress.

Carbon dioxide may also be added to the tank. That is absorbed and synthesized throughout the strategy of photosynthesis and is important for the expansion of your Anubias nana. Whereas your plant will take within the carbon dioxide that’s launched out of your fish as they respire, it could want a bit extra for its functioning. Nevertheless, watch out about including carbon dioxide. As with the addition of nutrient dietary supplements, an excessive amount of carbon dioxide can sully your tank and hurt your fish.

How Do I Plant Anubias Nana?

As a planted species, Anubias nana gained’t do nicely if you happen to attempt to develop it as a floating plant. It must be both connected to the rocks or ornament sin your tank, or planted instantly within the substrate. You may be artistic with this – Anubias nana will add colour and new dimensions to your tank, and also will give a habitat to your fish. Take into account the place your fish are likely to congregate when deciding the place to plant it.

Strive to not plant your Anubias nana in a shaded space, nevertheless, as they want loads of entry to mild with a purpose to survive. Attempt to permit for loads of house between the vegetation – ideally, two to a few inches aside. Planting a number of vegetation in a single part of the tank will cut back vitamins absorption and make it extra doubtless that one or each of your vegetation will die.

In the event you select to plant your Anubias nana on driftwood, you are able to do so with the usage of clear fishing line. Merely place the plant onto a bit of driftwood, then use the road to safe the plant. Don’t fear about burying the roots – that is really ill-advised, as it may well trigger them to rot if they’re totally buried. As soon as the plant has developed roots that connect to the floor of the driftwood (or to the rocks, if you happen to so select), you’ll be able to take away the fishing line and go away it alone.

Can I Propagate Anubias Nana?

Anubias nana may be very simple to propagate, because it does so by way of the method of rhizome division. When stems break off and fall to the underside of your tank, they are going to then become their very own plant.  You’ll be able to take reducing from vegetation, after which place them elsewhere within the substrate. Inside just some days, they are going to begin producing roots. Simply guarantee that a reducing has no less than three leaves in order that it may well conduct photosynthesis for progress. Strive to not take away greater than a 3rd of the plant at a time, as this will produce a shock to its system.

There are not any particular circumstances you’ll want to present in your tank to encourage new progress. As a substitute, ensure the water is clear and well-lit. You’ll be able to add extra vitamins or carbon dioxide to hurry up the method, however do not add too many. As talked about earlier, they’ll hurt the opposite inhabitants of your tank.

What Are The Finest Tank Mates For Anubias Nana?

Anubias Nana 1
Photo by Quihong

Anubias Nana does nicely with most different aquarium vegetation, so long as you don’t plant them too densely. Think about using water sprite within the center column of your tank, or add hornwort as a floating plant. Simply ensure you aren’t overcrowding or shading the tank an excessive amount of with floating vegetation.

There are only a few freshwater fish that can not be stored with Anubias nana. One of the best spices so as to add are people who hang around on the decrease ranges of the tank. Take into account catfish and loaches. You wish to keep away from fish who will eat the leaves of this plant, like goldfish. Whereas the plant can deal with some injury, you wish to cut back it as a lot as potential. This may make it tougher to your plant to develop and to thrive inside your tank.

Do your analysis earlier than including Anubias nana to a tank that already has fish in it, and likewise earlier than including new fish to a tank that has Anubias nana planted in it. Take into account species like cherry barbs, cichlids, guppies, tetras, danios, gouramis, loaches, and catfish when you find yourself deciding on fish species to your Anubias nana tank. Invertebrates like shrimp and snails may also normally be stored with Anubias nana, as can animals like frogs and turtles if you’re preserving your Anubias nana in a paludarium.

Ought to I Develop Anubias Nana In My Aquarium?

In case you are searching for a plant that may add a splash of verdant colour and life to your tank, it’s best to contemplate rising the Anubias nana plant. Although refined in look, this plant will add a brand new dimension to your freshwater aquarium.

As a result of it may be stored with many species of fish, and has restricted necessities when it comes to care, feeding, and propagation, this plant is one which you have to contemplate as you’re making a planted take.

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