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The Ultimate Guide To Caring For And Keeping The Amano Shrimp

Fascinated by elevating shrimp in your freshwater aquarium? The amazon shrimp is without doubt one of the most charming and fulfilling shrimp species to boost, and because of this can also be some of the common. These charming critters eat superb quantities of algae, and have grow to be extremely prevalent within the aquarium commerce inside the final fifteen years.

In the event you’re contemplating elevating amano shrimp, you’ll have discovered your self hesitating out of a concern that these creatures are too delicate or too tough to boost. Nevertheless, the other is true. After studying the final word information to the amano shrimp, you’ll be prepared to boost these beautiful invertebrates – even with none prior expertise.

Amano Shrimp Background

If you head to the aquarium or pet retailer to buy your amano shrimp, it’s possible you’ll initially be greatly surprised by the plethora of names by which it’s identified. The amano shrimp is called the algae consuming shrimp, the Yamato shrimp, the Japonica shrimp, and the Caridina Japonica. These shrimp had been delivered to reputation by Takashi Amano for his or her prolific repute for controlling algae and maintaining tanks glowing clear.

Amano Shrimp 1

There are over 200 totally different sorts of shrimp which can be carefully associated to the amano shrimp, so it’s simple to be mistaken when you find yourself buying your shrimp. A real amano shrimp will be recognized by its conduct; whereas different species of shrimp are lazy and don’t like to scrub algae regularly, the amano shrimp shall be a diligent cleaner in addition to barely bigger than associated varieties.

Apart from the cherry shrimp, the amano shrimp is the most well-liked freshwater shrimp of all. Although they’re tough to breed, they’re available as a result of they’re offered commercially from origins within the wild. A hardy species, amano shrimp are an incredible alternative for newbies all in favour of experimenting with invertebrates in a freshwater tank for the primary time.

Amano Shrimp Look And Habits

Regardless of being known as dwarf shrimp, amano shrimp are a number of the largest of their type and may develop as much as two inches in size. Extra generally, they are going to be about an inch in size on the time you buy them. Though some shrimp offered on the pet retailer could also be a bit smaller, do not’ be deterred by a shrimp that may be a shorter size. Dimension just isn’t an indicator of well being with this species, and plenty of mature and develop shortly when you get them house.

Amano Shrimp 2

These shrimp have translucent grey our bodies with traces of reddish brown or dots which can be bluish gray. The presence of stripes versus dots signifies the intercourse of the shrimp, however the coloration of the dots can even range relying on the shrimp’s weight-reduction plan. A shrimp that feeds closely on algae and different inexperienced meals may have a extra greenish hue to its dots. The tail of the shrimp can also be translucent.

As a result of these shrimp are so practically see-through, they’ll camouflage themselves and mix into your tank and their environment with ease. In truth, once they’re within the temper to cover, they are often fairly tough to search out. In the event you fear that you’ve got misplaced your shrimp, merely shine a highlight into the tank towards the substrate. You’ll be capable to see the eyes reflecting and shining again at you.

You possibly can inform the distinction between female and male amano shrimp primarily based on their appearances. Females are fairly a bit bigger than males, and the dots on a feminine’s exoskeletons will seem like lengthy dashes, whereas the males may have evenly spaced specks. Females may even have saddles beneath their stomachs the place they retailer their eggs.

Amano Shrimp 3

Amano shrimp, like most different shrimp species, are extremely peaceable. Nevertheless, they grow to be a bit extra agitated at feeding time, when you’ll probably discover them racing frantically after the meals. In these conditions, you could possibly observe the most important shrimp dominate the remainder of the group – it is going to rise above the remaining within the pecking order and present a little bit of aggression because it does so.

In addition to this, amano shrimp are comparatively calm. They’ll spend most of their days foraging among the many crops and the substrate of your tank, searching for leftover meals and different particles that they’ll eat. They’ll climb over your entire dwell aquarium crops, swimming from plant to plant as they search for new locations to discover.

Amano shrimp molt roughly as soon as each month, and go into hiding once they shed their shells. Because of this a closely planted tank is so important when you find yourself elevating this sort of shrimp. Amano shrimp are additionally nice swimmers, and will be saved in tanks of practically any dimension so long as the common guidelines of fish husbandry and populations are adhered to. Don’t overstock your tank with amanos. Though these shrimp are wonderful cleaners, they produce a major quantity of waste themselves and may add to the build-up in your tank.

Amano Shrimp Tank and Water Necessities

These shrimp are native to Asia, largely to nations like China, Taiwan, and Japan. They dwell in giant teams inside freshwater streams and rivers. In addition they can survive in brackish environments. In truth, solely adults dwell completely in freshwater. Larvae require brackish waters so as to hatch and survive, and solely migrate to freshwater rivers after they’ve matured.

Amano Shrimp 4

Amano shrimp must be saved in no less than a 10-gallon tank, both with species of their very own type or in a neighborhood tank. Whichever choice you select, simply be sure that the tank is closely planted and accommodates loads of hiding areas.

As a hardy species, amano shrimp can tolerate all kinds of water situations. They like heavier currents as a result of their pure environments are quickly flowing streams and rivers. The pH degree of your tank ought to keep between 6.0 and seven.0, whereas the temperature ought to hover between 70 and 80 levels Fahrenheit. Your water hardness must be between 6.0 and eight.0 DKH. Use a hang-on again filter to make sure optimum water high quality.

Amano shrimp are shockingly resilient to ammonia spikes and may subsequently tolerate poor water high quality. Nevertheless, it’s suggested that you just maintain your tank in good situation, performing common water modifications to maintain factor sin tip-top form to your amano shrimp in addition to o=your different aquarium inhabitants. They shouldn’t be uncovered to fast fluctuations in pH or temperature.

Amano shrimp must be saved in a ten gallon aquarium. With an aquarium this dimension, you may simply maintain 5 shrimp. rule of thumb for growing your amano shrimp inhabitants after that quantity has been surpassed is so as to add no multiple amano shrimp per each two gallons. This can, after all, depend upon the opposite varieties and portions of fish you might have within the tank, however it’s a good approach to estimate find out how to safely enhance your populations.

Amano shrimp originate from swampy areas, so they need to be housed in closely planted tanks with different teams of small, peaceable fish. They’ll tolerate low to reasonable ranges of salinity, making them a great algae controller for ponds and water gardens in areas that don’t expertise onerous winter freezes.

Adorning an Amano Shrimp Tank

Amano Shrimp 5

It is crucial that you just be sure that your amano shrimp tank is closely planted. This can present them with loads of shelter and luxury in instances of stress, and it’ll additionally most carefully imitate the shrimp’s pure atmosphere. Amano shrimp can get alongside effectively with dwell crops, so these reminiscent of Java Moss and inexperienced Cabomba are good picks.

You possibly can’t overdo it in the case of adorning an amano shrimp tank. You possibly can add wood branches and even shrimp tubes to provide them further hiding locations. This can enable them ample space to flee once they have shed their exoskeletons.

No matter you do, don’t add amano shrimp to model new tanks. Wait till the tank has grow to be extra established, as they want small quantities of algae and particles so as to be wholesome. These parts won’t be current in newly cycled tanks. Good decisions for substrate embody small rocks and pebbles that may mimic the shrimp’s pure atmosphere, however you may actually use any type of substrate with these versatile creatures.

What Do Amano Shrimp Eat?

Amano Shrimp 6

Amano shrimp are usually not choosy eaters, and can feed upon any leftover sin your tank. As among the finest cleaners within the aquarium business, amano shrimp will fortunately munch on algae, plant particles, detritus, and leftover meals. Whereas they are going to eat absolutely anything and must have ample quantities of algae and different plant detritus of their weight-reduction plan, you do must complement their weight-reduction plan with sure meals.

The extra algae and particles your shrimp have, the much less supplementation they are going to want. Nevertheless, as omnivores, they should eat each plant and meat matter. You need to feed them a top quality algae wafer or pellet, or you may flip to sinking pellets, frozen meals, and greens.

Amano shrimp love greens, reminiscent of spinach, zucchini, squash, and cucumber. In case you are feeding recent or frozen greens, be sure to break these down into small items and all the time blanch them first. You can even feed frozen meals like bloodworms and brine shrimp. Don’t enable any leftover meals to stay within the tank for over an hour, as this will contaminate your water.

Amano Shrimp 7


The one different phrase of warning in feeding your amano shrimp is that you need to by no means feed them something containing copper. You additionally could not place something containing copper in your tank, even when it’s not supposed to your amano shrimp. It is because, similar to cherry shrimp and different sorts of shrimp, amano shrimp are delicate to copper and may die match hey are uncovered to it. Watch out making use of fish meals and drugs, as many of those include copper. Equally, amano shrimp won’t eat black beard algae, so when you’ve got loads of this rising in your tank, it’s possible you’ll want to make use of one other type of algae eater to do away with it.

Feeding Amano shrimp is straightforward, however not with out effort. Many individuals falsely assume that since their amano shrimp eat algae, they don’t have to feed them anything. These shrimp do have a repute for being industrious aquarium cleaners and can feed on most types of mushy algae, so that you don’t wish to maintain your tank too clear as a result of your shrimp gained’t have something to eat. Nevertheless, you’ll nonetheless want so as to add different meals to assist your shrimp’s well being.

Amano Shrimp Tank Mates

Amano shrimp are generally seen as meals by sure fish species, so it’s essential that you just take the character and behavioral traits of your current fish into consideration when including amano shrimp. Though the shrimp themselves are peaceable, it’s not unusual for extra predatory fish to view the shrimp as meals.

Add solely peaceable, small or mid-sized neighborhood fish to your shrimp’s tank. You possibly can add different algae eaters just like the cherry shrimp, Malaysian snail, bamboo shrimp, vampire shrimp, otocinclus catfish, cory catfish, nerite snail, thriller snail, or bristlenose plecos. Alternatively, you may safely introduce freshwater fish just like the tiger barb, neon tetra, discus, or guppy.

There are a lot of fish you need to keep away from maintaining with amanos shrimp. In the event you aren’t certain, bear in mind the adage that if the shrimp can match within the fish’s mouth, you want to train warning. Fish that ought to undoubtedly be off your listing embody cichlids, gouramis, bettas, goldfish, crayfish, oscars, and arowanas.

You possibly can safely maintain amano shrimp with different amano shrimp, simply bear in mind to extend your tank dimension as you achieve this. In truth, amano shrimp truly desire to be housed with others of their type. Hold them in a gaggle of no less than six to restrict dominant conduct, and attempt to preserve a comparatively even ratio of females to males. Amano shrimp produce minimal bioload, so it’s tough to overload your tank until you might have it fully filled with shrimp.

Widespread Amano Shrimp Ailments

When interested by the forms of illnesses to which amano shrimp are susceptible, there actually just isn’t loads of variation between these illnesses and people skilled by freshwater shrimp on the whole.

Vorticella is the most typical illness that impacts freshwater shrimp. This illness is definitely a protozoa of sixteen identified species and attaches itself to plant detritus, rocks, or animals (particularly shrimp or different crustaceans). These organisms feed on micro organism, and may trigger demise of their host shrimp. The simplest approach to remedy vorticella is by finishing a salt bathtub with aquarium salt. Brought on by poor water situations, this illness will be prevented by partaking in common water modifications.

Bacterial infections are additionally not unusual amongst freshwater shrimp populations. In clear shrimp, just like the amano shrimp, this illness is straightforward to identify. It is possible for you to to see an inner infections by trying immediately at your shrimp. Since your shrimp is generally translucent, it is possible for you to to see darkish, pink or infected areas in your shrimp. These infections are inclined to kill your shrimp inside only a few days, and there’s not a lot that you are able to do to deal with an an infection.

Nevertheless, bacterial infections will also be prevented by maintaining and sustaining a clear tank. Sustain along with your water modifications and take away any uneaten meals or particles. Bacterial infections are extra widespread in sizzling summer time climate, as the warmth can enhance the chance of bacterial development. In the course of the summer time, contemplate opening your tank lids to let the warmth out, and add water regularly to maintain up with that misplaced from evaporation.

Even parasites and different bugs will be discovered infecting your amano shrimp! Fortunately, these are typically not as harmful to your shrimp, and plenty of parasites truly dwell in symbiotic peace with the shrimp within the wild. Nevertheless parasites can shortly infect different inhabitants of your tank, so in the event you suspect an issue, you need to act shortly to stop any additional points.

Parasites will be prevented and handled by incorporating a salt bathtub with aquarium salts. Don’t use desk salt with iodine. It’s possible you’ll must conduct these baths a number of instances till the parasite is eradicated, so maintain any contaminated shrimp in a breeder tank till the remedies are accomplished. Water modifications and stopping spikes in ammonia will help stop the event of parasites in your tank.

Breeding And Life Spans Of Amano Shrimp

Though sexing amano shrimp is comparatively simple, breeding them is one other story. These shrimp are notoriously tough to mate, and there are few documented circumstances of amano shrimp having been bred in captivity. That is probably because of the want for younger shrimp to be raised in brackish waters. Within the wild, males will fertilize the eggs earlier than the feminine carries them. She is going to carry the eggs for about six weeks, throughout which era she is going to wag her tail to push oxygen over the eggs.

After six weeks, the eggs are launched as larvae into brackish water. The larvae require the next portion of salt within the water, utilizing much less as they age and finally with the ability to transfer again into freshwater.

Adults can’t be positioned in brackish water, as even small quantities can kill them. In case you are making an attempt to hatch your personal amano shrimp eggs, you may transfer your breeding shrimp to a different tank after which, as quickly because the eggs are laid, transfer the adults again to the neighborhood tank and enhance the salinity of the breeding tank. This can enable the larvae to have entry to brackish water with out by chance killing your grownup amano shrimp.

In the event you’re all in favour of breeding amano shrimp, it’s price a strive, however solely when you’ve got a comparatively great amount of expertise as a fishkeeper. Breeding shrimp is best carried out with creatures like cherry or ghost shrimp.

Usually, amano shrimp can dwell for about two to a few years in captivity. Although they’re tough to boost to maturity, it could actually be performed if you’re diligent about offering your amano shrimp with loads of nutritious meals in addition to a tank with good water high quality and minimal stressors.

You possibly can enhance the lifespan of your amano shrimp by decreasing stress. They ceaselessly die instantly after being launched to a tank, so introducing your shrimp slowly is an efficient approach to stop this stress of transport. So long as water situations are perfect and predators are absent, these algae consuming shrimp can dwell lengthy, wholesome lives.

When your amano shrimp dies, it is going to flip brilliant orange in colour. It’s possible you’ll discover different shrimp or snails consuming it straight away. These different organisms are scavengers and eat useless shrimp so as to preserve and ingest its minerals. You possibly can enable them to do that, as it’s a pure conduct, however take away the remainder of the carcass from the tank when they’re performed with it to stop spikes in ammonia.

Is An Amano Shrimp For You?

Amano shrimp are prized invertebrates within the aquarium commerce, and can work relentlessly to maintain your tank glowing clear and free from algae. These pleasant organisms are suitable with nearly each different type of fish  – significantly these which can be peaceable and won’t attempt to eat the amano shrimp!

The amano shrimp is each resilient and hardy, and can work double-duty at cleansing up your tank. In the event you’re all in favour of elevating shrimp as a newbie, you need to undoubtedly contemplate these fun-loving species as a brand new addition to your aquarium this yr.


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