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All Of The Species You Can Add To Your Tank


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Perhaps you’re getting your baby their first pet or maybe you’re searching for a number of fish to fill a tank. Both manner, there are many small freshwater fish to select from, with all kinds of colours, fin shapes, and sizes. 

We’ll stroll you thru all types of freshwater fish from internationally. This checklist is in no explicit order since we predict all these fish deserve a good likelihood at brightening up your work or dwelling house.

Mollies: The Basic Aquarium Fish

Whenever you consider a traditional fish tank, you may consider one thing just like the molly fish that has been within the aquarium passion for many years. These small fish are available quite a lot of colours and patterns and are very undemanding with regard to care.

They develop to about 3-4 inches (7.6-10.2 cm) lengthy and are omnivores desirous to eat something they’re provided.

Watch out about conserving a female and male molly collectively in your tank as a result of they wish to breed a number of occasions. Nonetheless, these fish are nice to combine and match so long as they’re stored in teams as they’re a social species.

Betta Fish: The Kings and Queens of the Tank

Betta Fish

Betta fish are among the many most stunning of freshwater fish. Their fins wave by means of the water virtually just like the folds of a ballgown. 

You most frequently see them in darkish blues or purples, however they arrive in all kinds of colours. Their genes have been extensively researched and examined to seek out essentially the most fascinating mixtures for coloration and look. 

Whereas betta fish are extravagant fish, males are territorial and aggressive with different fish. They like dwelling in their very own tanks with plenty of crops. In case your betta fish is peaceable, you may most likely hold one or two different fish with them. Nonetheless, this is dependent upon the character of the person fish fully. 

What’s cool in regards to the betta fish is they’re labyrinth fish. Meaning they will breathe oxygen instantly from the air or their gills. This means has allowed them to briefly survive in non-ideal water situations of their Southeast Asian houses. 

Betta fish normally eat bugs and small crustaceans and dwell someday between two to 5 years, although it’s not exceptional for them to outlast that.

Goldfish: The Authentic Pet Fish


Whereas a goldfish is as commonplace of a pet fish as they arrive, goldfish are a little bit of a problem to take care of within the long-term. One goldfish wants at the very least 20 gallons (75.7 L) to itself with extra needing appreciable house.

To finest handle your goldfish, you’ll want to vary their water weekly and carry on high of water filter upkeep. You may even want a water heater for extra stability despite the fact that they’re thought of a coldwater species.

Regardless of their identify, goldfish are available a number of completely different shapes and colours. Some fish have been bred to specific peculiar options, like telescope eyes, which may intervene together with your fish’s means to swim.

Some goldfish can develop to be over two ft (61.0 cm) and dwell 20 or extra years.

Zebra Danios: The Final Education Fish

Zebra Danios

When you choose to have a faculty of fish in your tank, the zebra danio is ideal, particularly for a newbie. They’re fairly small, rising solely as much as 2-3 inches (5.1-7.6 cm). 

Understand that zebra danios are education fish, so they like to be in teams of at the very least 6 or extra, in any other case, they get careworn. Nonetheless, they’re peaceable, easy-going fish that can convey motion and pleasure to the higher water column.

In a humorous little twist, zebra danios are infamous jumpers. If given an opportunity, they may leap out of your tank, so hold it coated always with a good becoming aquarium hood. 

Like mollies, zebra danios are omnivorous, so that they eat issues like small crustaceans, worms, and different bugs. To assist your fish get some selection into their diets, complement dwell, frozen, and freeze-dried meals, like brine shrimp and bloodworms, into their common fish flake or pellet meals. 

Guppies: Additionally Referred to as the Millionfish


Guppies are energetic, colourful fish which can be good for newbie hobbyists. So long as you retain genders separated, you shouldn’t have an sudden inflow of guppy infants as they like to breed and might shortly take over an aquarium. 

Males are usually livelier than females, particularly throughout mating season. You may see them wiggling their fins, making an attempt to impress females since males have far more colourful fins.

On high of being fairly energetic fish, guppies are available so many colours that one guppy won’t ever look precisely like one other. They will adapt to many alternative water situations, too, although you need to hold the water parameters, together with temperature, constant. 

You’ll additionally want at the very least a 10-gallon (37.9 L) tank since guppies are continuously transferring and like to maneuver in teams; some hobbyists could make 5 gallons (18.9 L) work for a trio, however water situations must be wonderful. For these smaller tanks, fry populations additionally must be continuously monitored to stop overcrowding.

Guppies have a tendency to hold round towards the highest or center of the tank. They particularly like plenty of flora to swim round, so some guppy grass might actually make them really feel safe of their residence. 

Then again, in case your guppies are all the time hiding, it’d point out they’re careworn or sick. As soon as they’re energetic once more, be happy so as to add different peaceable fish to their tank, although it is likely to be finest to pair them with at the very least a couple of different guppies.

When it comes to eating regimen, be sure to change issues up infrequently. Meaning a mix of flake meals, dwell meals, and greens.

Angelfish: Angelic Beauties


One of many largest freshwater fish on this checklist, the angelfish can develop as much as 6 inches (15.2 cm) in size and eight inches (20.3 cm) tall. Although they’re fairly beautiful fish with swish swimming patterns and plenty of colours and patterns, they’re a contact aggressive, although not as a lot as betta fish. 

Additionally, like many fish on this checklist, they’re omnivorous, consuming small bugs, shrimp, and crops. Due to their massive measurement, you’ll need to hold them away from smaller fish that might match into their mouths. 

You’ll typically discover wild angelfish in quiet, slow-moving water. You’ll be able to recreate that atmosphere in a fish tank with plenty of driftwood, overhanging crops, and minimal water movement. 

Make sure the tank is tall (to accommodate their physique form), warmed with an aquarium heater, and might maintain at the very least 55 gallons (208.2 L).

Platies: The Get-Alongside Fish


The platyfish combines a few of the finest qualities we’ve seen up to now. They thrive nicely in communities and are comparatively peaceable fish, particularly with guppies or mollies. 

In addition they are available beautiful colours, which make them extraordinarily in style within the residence aquarium world. Though they’re energetic fish, they don’t dwell too lengthy: solely about 3 or 5 years.

Their eating regimen, whereas omnivorous, does require plant- and protein-based meals. They will eat meat-based meals too, although greens ought to make up nearly all of their eating regimen. 

Although platies aren’t seen as education fish, they do choose to be in small teams. It is strongly recommended to maintain at the very least three platies collectively at a time.

Though platies are normally peaceable fish, males can overwhelm females when you don’t hold the correct ratio. It is best to all the time hold extra females than males, so that they don’t get drained from the males chasing them. 

Female and male platies will be tough to inform aside, so it is likely to be worthwhile going to a breeder that is ready to separate them so that you don’t find yourself with a tank stuffed with platies after a few months. 

They could additionally leap out of the tank if given an opportunity, so all the time hold a good lid on the tank. Platies are fairly powerful fish that may tolerate various water situations. 

Nonetheless, you’ll need to change about 25% of the aquarium water each two weeks and have plenty of crops and substrate of their tank. A tank of at the very least 10 gallons (37.9 L) ought to do effective for a small group of platies.

White Cloud Mountain Minnow: Bred for Meals, however Stunning

Aquarists normally breed white cloud mountain minnows as meals for different fish. Nonetheless, they give the impression of being fairly beautiful once they swim as a bunch on the high of the aquarium. 

White cloud mountain minnows will be silvery blue or a lovely golden with a vibrant pink caudal fin. They have an inclination to dwell in colder water, the place they’re lots more healthy and extra energetic. This implies they don’t seem to be suitable with most of the tropical species on this checklist.

White cloud mountain minnows are simple to take care of, fortunately. You gained’t discover too lots of them within the wild due to tourism and air pollution, and also you’ll should watch out the place you get your minnows since they’re susceptible to bodily deformities and illness. 

They’re additionally shoaling fish, which suggests they a lot choose to be in teams, so we suggest conserving at the very least 5 to six minnows to a bunch. You’ll be able to hold them in a tank with different fish, so long as the fish usually are not massive sufficient to eat them and temperature necessities are met.

When you’re enthusiastic about breeding fish, the white cloud mountain minnow is likely to be a great begin. You’ll be able to place essentially the most colourful minnows in a small tank with a spawning mop, and shortly, the fish will begin dropping their eggs on the tank’s vegetation.

Fortunately, you may go away the dad and mom within the tank since they normally don’t eat their eggs, which ought to begin hatching inside 48 to 60 hours.

Celestial Pearl Danio: Fish of the Solar and Stars

The celestial pearl danio is probably essentially the most lately found fish on this checklist: discovered solely in 2006. Its vibrant colours and small measurement make it a well-liked freshwater aquarium fish. Males are likely to have brighter, extra distinguished colours than females and absolutely show these colours when courting.

In an aquarium, the celestial pearl danio doesn’t require plenty of house since they don’t seem to be very energetic swimmers. These fish do finest in colleges of 5 or extra, so you’ll need to permit for a bigger bioload.

On this group, you’ll solely need to hold one male to be able to reduce aggression. They do finest in a specific-only or biotope setup and shouldn’t be stored with bigger fish. 

You’ll additionally want plenty of flora, like waterweed and java moss, for the fish to cover behind. Celestial Pearl Danios additionally like barely increased acidic water and a well-lit tank.

Scarlet Badis: The Fiery Redhead of the Aquatic World  

As its identify signifies, you’ll normally discover the scarlet badis in both orange or pink, together with a couple of darkish vertical stripes. You may additionally discover neon blue accents on their dorsal fins.

Do be aware that the scarlet badis’s eating regimen is excessive in protein. They wish to scavenge for crustaceans, insect larvae, and different protein sources within the wild, however you may feed them each frozen and dwell meals in an aquarium as an alternative. 

So long as they get loads of dwell protein (fish flakes gained’t reduce it for them), they will dwell peacefully with a choose few different fish. Though they develop lower than 1 inch lengthy (2.5 cm), they’re succesful hunters.

In a fish tank, be sure to have sufficient flora to maintain the fish separate, particularly when you have a number of males. You should use coconut shells or driftwood to determine boundaries higher and provides them locations to cover.

Rainbowfish: The Finest Fish for a Wet Day


Everytime you want a pop of coloration, the rainbowfish is there to assist. Regardless that their rainbow colours don’t are available until they attain maturity, they’re fairly simple to take care of within the meantime. 

They’re a much less frequent freshwater fish, so that you may shock a couple of folks by having one in your house. Thankfully, rainbowfish get alongside fairly nicely with different fish, even when they’re a little bit shy to begin. 

They’re additionally fairly energetic fish, so that you may want a 30-gallon tank in any case for the smaller species. Meaning loads of open house to swim, but additionally sufficient room for a plant or two.

Neon Tetra: The Generally Invisible Fish

Neon Tetra

When you don’t see your self caring for a high-maintenance goldfish, you may attempt a tropical neon tetra as a substitute. 

For one factor, they don’t develop very a lot: solely about 1 inch lengthy (2.5 cm) lengthy. You additionally don’t should feed them any particular meals or arrange a particular aquarium.

They’re a really peaceable species that do nicely in teams of at the very least 5 or extra, particularly in tanks the place they will mingle within the flora. Nonetheless, you may nonetheless be capable of see them, because of the brilliant pink stripe taking place their silver and blue our bodies. 

Remember to hold at the very least a couple of in your tank since they get careworn with out a group. Additionally, be sure to home them with different non-aggressive fish that aren’t large enough to eat them.

Generally, you may discover the neon tetra’s blue and pink coloring start to fade. This solely occurs when the fish will get sick, once they sleep, or once they really feel threatened. When you discover this taking place to your fish, examine water parameters instantly and observe indicators of aggression.

Dropping their coloration permits them to cover from predators higher. Their colours additionally allow you to distinguish between women and men: males are usually brighter.

Talking of hiding, you’ll need to create the neon tetra’s South American atmosphere with plenty of crops and driftwood; tannins are strongly advisable however not required.

Cardinal Tetra: The Neon Tetra’s Brighter Cousin

Cardinal Tetra

The cardinal tetra just isn’t very completely different from their neon cousin. Their colorization is comparable, apart from a for much longer, bigger, and bolder pink stripe (therefore “cardinal” of their identify). 

Till lately, the cardinal tetra was not as widespread because the neon tetra as a result of they had been more difficult to breed in captivity. Cardinals additionally appear to develop bigger in captivity than within the wild.

They like to remain in bigger teams and transfer across the tank as a single unit, although they may unfold out over time if comfy. Generally you may even see a single fish wandering from the group, however they’ll all the time finally return to the varsity. 

When you ever see a cardinal tetra go away the group, they might go to cover behind a plant, some driftwood, or a rock cave within the tank. These fish like hotter water that’s barely extra acidic than ordinary.

The cardinal tetra can develop as much as 2 inches (5.1 cm). In that case, they require a bigger tank for finest consolation: 15 to twenty gallons (56.8-75.7 L) at the very least.

Peacock Gudgeon: A Peacock Fish Certainly

Peacock gudgeons are energetic and colourful fish, recognized for his or her goby-like look and vibrant peacock colours. Their colours fluctuate, although most have a reasonably blue base coloration coated in pink stripes. 

They’re a bit of a bigger fish, rising as much as 3 inches (7.6 cm).

Fortunately, peacock gudgeons work nicely in teams, get alongside nicely with different fish, and are simple to take care of. They do particularly nicely in biotope setups.

Understand that they’re a little bit choosy about meals, which they like to be dwell or frozen. You’ll want issues wealthy in protein, like bloodworms or brine shrimp.

You’ll discover a number of variations between female and male peacock gudgeons, specifically the males having brighter colours and being typically bigger than females. Males could also be barely extra territorial towards different males, however they’re peaceable on the entire.

When it comes to how they dwell, hold the lighting low, and supply a number of locations to cover. Gudgeons are, oddly sufficient, extra energetic once they have extra locations to cover or swim round. 

When you’re comfy together with your peacock gudgeons spawning, be sure to have a small piece of PVC pipe or rock cave for the male to construct a nest.

Apistogramma: Additionally Referred to as the Dwarf Cichlid


Members of the Apistogramma genus don’t have the identical temperament as their bigger kin. As an alternative, they’re peaceable fish that can get alongside effective with non-aggressive fish. 

Apistogramma fish are likely to spend time nearer to the substrate, so when you have fish that follow the floor, all of the fish ought to get alongside effective and never trouble one another.

You’ll see species of Apistogramma in loads of colours. Individuals are discovering increasingly types of Apistogramma on a regular basis with completely different dorsal fin shapes too.


There are a number of types of the species listed right here, however all of them have one factor in frequent. They want tender care, particular meals, and freshwater to remain alive and nicely. Any considered one of these will make a wonderful pal to your residence or office.

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