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17 Best Schooling Fish for Freshwater Aquariums


Many small fish are education species, dwelling collectively in giant teams as safety from predators. Within the dwelling aquarium, brightly coloured education fish make an exquisite show, swimming by means of lush inexperienced crops in glittering, dynamic shoals.

Additionally, a number of the most well-liked education fish that you just’ll discover in your native fish retailer are straightforward to look after, making them a wonderful alternative for freshmen and skilled aquarists alike.

Learn this information to find 17 of the perfect education fish for freshwater aquariums.

How Many Fish Make A College?

All of the fish we’ve included on this information must reside in faculties.

So, what constitutes a faculty? 

Within the wild setting, faculties of fish can vary from a whole lot to many 1000’s of people, relying on the species. Nonetheless, for the needs of this information, a faculty ought to include a minimal of 5 fish.

Education fish must reside in a bunch in order that they really feel secure and safe from assault by predators. Retaining education fish alone or in pairs causes stress, which in the end will kill the fish.

Why Do Fish College?

The primary motive that fish faculty is security in numbers. Predators all the time attempt to choose off a lone fish reasonably than trying to seize one fish from a big group. Additionally, fish can defend their territory significantly better in a bunch.

Additionally, swimming shut to one another permits fish to preserve power by lowering friction within the water. Meals is less complicated to seek out as a bunch since you have got a number of eyes and noses looking for a probable meal. Lastly, when fish spawn in a big faculty, there’s a great probability that no less than a few of their offspring will survive and escape predators.

Why Don’t Education Fish Collide?

Fish have a really complicated mixture of senses that allow members of the varsity to swim in very shut proximity to one another with out colliding.

It was as soon as thought that the chief of the varsity someway orchestrated the actions of the entire shoal. Nonetheless, that’s been disproved, and it’s now understood that every particular person fish reacts to the actions of the others round it, in addition to exterior stimuli equivalent to pheromones. So, if one fish adjustments course, each different fish senses that and follows its lead.

Additionally, the fish’s physiology impacts education habits. Since fish have eyes on the facet of their heads, they’re able to see what’s subsequent to them and transfer accordingly. Fish additionally use their lateral line, listening to, sense of odor, and sight to find out the course during which the shoal is shifting.

17 Finest Education Fish For Freshwater Aquariums

So, listed here are our favourite freshwater education fish species that make the perfect addition to any dwelling tank.

1. Harlequin Rasboras

Harlequin Rasbora, rasbora heteromorpha, Aquarium Fishes

Trigonostigma heteromorpha

Harlequin rasboras are lovely little education fish that may be a widespread alternative for a lot of hobbyists. These peaceable fish are straightforward to look after and make a great addition to a neighborhood setup.

2. White Cloud Mountain Minnow

White Cloud Mountain Minnow (Trigonostigma heteromorpha)

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are glorious nano fish for freshmen that may reside in decrease temperatures than different tropical species. So, you don’t want a heater to your aquarium in the event you hold these fairly, energetic little fish.

3. Cherry Barb

Female of Cherry barb, Puntius titteya. It is a tropical fish native to Sri Lanka

Cherry barbs are named for the male fishes’ sensible pink coloration in the course of the breeding season. These pleasant education fish can add a stunning pop of coloration to a peaceable neighborhood setup. These barbs are additionally super-easy to look after, making them a well-liked alternative for freshmen.

4. Zebra Danio

Zebra Danio fishes with a blue background.

Zebra danios are classed as tropical species, though these members of the minnow household can reside in cooler waters, too. Usually thought to be hyperactive, these engaging nano fish are best-suited to life in giant shoals in a busy neighborhood tank.

5. Clown Loaches

Clown Loach, botia macracanthus

Clown loaches are peaceable fish that may make a pleasant addition to a neighborhood tank. These fish are very energetic in the course of the daytime, feeding on these annoying snails that may infest your fish tank. These fish are generally known as scaleless, however they do have tiny scales of their pores and skin.

6. Platys

Platy Fish underwater

Platys are brightly coloured, full of life little fish that make a wonderful addition to a peaceable neighborhood setup. These fish are livebearers that readily reproduce, so that you’ll by no means want to purchase extra!

7. Pygmy Corydoras

Pygmy Corydoras (Corydoras pygmaeus)
Picture Supply : flickr.com

Pygmy Corydoras are one of many smallest tropical education species that you will discover for the house aquarium. These tiny fish do finest when saved in giant faculties and make a really entertaining sight, scavenging busily on the underside of the tank. 

Pygmy Corys are straightforward to look after and appear to study to acknowledge their house owners!

8. Scissortail Rasboras

Dwarf scissortail rasbora Rasbora spilocerca
Picture Supply: commons.wikimedia.org

Scissortail rasboras prefer to reside in faculties of no less than six people. These are extraordinarily energetic fish that take pleasure in dwelling in a peaceable neighborhood setup, and when saved in giant shoals, the fishes’ fairly, iridescent colours actually come out.

These fish do exceptionally effectively when saved with different species of rasboras.

9. Purple Rainbowfish

Beautiful red rainbowfish or salmon-red rainbowfish underwater

Purple Rainbowfish are one in all a number of species of rainbowfish that do very effectively when saved in densely planted, peaceable neighborhood tanks. These fish must reside in teams of no less than six, ideally extra, they usually want a tank that’s no less than 4 toes lengthy in order that they’ve sufficient swimming area.

The juvenile fish are comparatively drab in coloration, however as soon as they attain maturity, males are a fully beautiful vibrant, metallic pink coloration.

10. Corydoras Catfish

beautiful aquarium fish Corydoras sterbai

Corys are one of the widespread newbie aquarium fish species within the pastime. These cute little fish spend their time foraging round on the underside of the tank, dwelling fortunately in teams of six or extra. Within the wild setting, corys of various varieties will be discovered dwelling in shoals of a whole lot sturdy.

11. Otocinclus Catfish

Closeup of an otocinclus in planted aquarium

Otocinclus are a species of small, peaceable freshwater catfish that belong to the Loricarlidae household.

These fish are well-known as algae-eaters, and a small group of them make an exquisite cleanup crew in a neighborhood tank. Within the wild setting, Otos reside in enormous shoals of 1000’s of fish.

12. Rummy-Nostril Tetra

Rummy Nose Tetra in blurry background

Within the wild setting, Rummy-Nostril tetras reside in acidic blackwater habitats the place the substrate is roofed with leaf litter, fallen branches, and common detritus. Right here, the fish reside in huge shoals, typically a whole lot sturdy.

In captivity, you’ll take pleasure in your fishes’ finest colours in the event you replicate their pure dimly lit, tannin-stained dwelling.

13. Cardinal Tetra

Cardinal Tetras swimming with green plants and pebbles

Cardinal tetras are sometimes mistaken for his or her barely smaller cousins, Neon tetras. Cardinals usually are not as straightforward to look after as Neon tetras as a result of they’re extra delicate to water circumstances. So, in the event you tackle a shoal of those glittering beauties, you’ll must carry on prime of your aquarium upkeep and cleansing duties.

14. Bloodfin Tetra

Bloodfin tetra fishes swimming inside tropical aquarium.

Bloodfin tetras make a super-cool and weird addition to a peaceable neighborhood setup. These full of life little fish are very straightforward to look after and look beautiful when displayed in giant shoals.

In contrast with different small tetra species, Bloodfins are comparatively long-lived, typically surviving for over seven years when given the right circumstances and a high-quality eating regimen. 

15. Congo Tetra

Aquaria; single swimming congo tetra fish ( Phenacogrammus interruptus) with rainbow colors.In the background green water plants.

Phenacogrammus interruptus

Congo tetras are one of the colourful and delightful tetra species which can be typically ignored by the hobbyist. 

These fish shimmer with each coloration of the rainbow, making a shocking show when saved in giant faculties, particularly when proven towards vibrant inexperienced planting and a darkish substrate.

16. Neon Tetras

Neon Tetra Paracheirodon innesi freshwater tropical fish

Neon tetras are most likely one of the widespread species of tropical freshwater aquarium fish within the pastime. 

These brightly coloured, full of life little fishes will be saved in giant shoals of over six people. They’re straightforward to look after and comparatively hardy, too. Normally, you should buy these perennial favorites in fish shops at a reduced worth if you are going to buy a big group.

17. Black Skirt Tetra

Gymnocorymbus ternetzi. Tropische Fische schwimmen im Aquarium, the best photo

Black Skirt tetras look pretty when displayed in a tank with a darkish substrate and loads of sensible inexperienced planting.

These hardy tetras are super-easy to maintain, reside fortunately as a bunch inside a neighborhood tank of different peaceable species, and you can even breed them in captivity in the event you present the fish with the right circumstances.

In Conclusion

I hope you loved this information to 17 of the perfect education fish species for freshwater aquariums. When you beloved it, please keep in mind to share.

There’s nothing fairly as lovely as a big faculty of glittering fish, swimming as one dynamic entity round a well-planted aquascape. Many of those fish are straightforward to look after and surprisingly long-lived for small species, giving them additional attraction for newbie and skilled hobbyists alike.

Do you have got a setup that’s devoted to shoaling fish? Inform us about your fish within the feedback field under. 


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