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10 Best Tank Mates for Oscar Fish (With Pictures, Compatibility Guide 2021)


Oscars are engaging fish with large attitudes and massive appetites, which might make discovering tank mates for them a problem. Fish which might be too small or timid could get eaten, however fish which might be too aggressive or territorial could result in fights, accidents, and loss of life. Discovering the proper tank mates in your Oscars is all about discovering a fragile steadiness. Listed here are a few of the finest tank mates you may select in your Oscars.

10 Finest Tank Mates for Oscar Fish in 2021

1. Bichir

Dimension: 1-2.5 ft (30.5-76 cm)                                             
Weight-reduction plan: Carnivore
Minimal tank dimension: 55 gallon (208 liters)
Care Stage: Medium
Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Though semi-aggressive, Bichirs are massive sufficient to not fall prey to Oscars. They’ve poor imaginative and prescient and use their different senses for looking prey. Which means that it’s unlikely they’ll mistake an Oscar as a meal and assault it. These fish do get very massive, although, so that they require a big sufficient tank that each the Bichir and the Oscar have sufficient house to hunt and keep away from one another.

2. Loricariidae – Most Suitable

Dimension: 3 inches-3 ft (7.6-91.4 cm)                                             
Weight-reduction plan: Omnivores
Minimal tank dimension: 25 gallons (94.6 liters)
Care Stage: Medium
Temperament: Peaceable, shy

Loricariidae is a household of fish, additionally typically known as armored catfish. There are over 600 species of Loricariidae catfish on this planet, and there are dozens within the pet commerce. Which means that you’ll find a Loricariidae catfish that can fit your Oscar tank. Loricariidae within the pet commerce are usually bought underneath the Plecostomus title, and there are a ton of sorts accessible. Select a Loricariidae that can get considerably massive with out outgrowing your tank. Their armored scales will shield them towards unprovoked Oscar assaults and their peaceable, shy nature means they’re content material to remain out of the best way.

3. Silver Arowana

Dimension: 2-3 ft (61-91.4 cm)                                                 
Weight-reduction plan: Carnivore
Minimal tank dimension: 200 gallons (757 liters)
Care Stage: Arduous
Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Silver Arowanas are a gorgeous addition to a semi-aggressive tank. They get very massive and require extraordinarily massive environments to thrive. If maintaining a Silver Arowana in an acceptable tank dimension, there needs to be no points between it and your Oscar since they’ll each have loads of house to remain out of one another’s means. These fish are positively not for newcomers, although, and require an skilled fish keeper to maintain them wholesome and stress free.

4. Silver Greenback

Dimension: (15.2-20.3 cm)                                                           
Weight-reduction plan: Omnivores
Minimal tank dimension: 55 gallons (208 liters)
Care Stage: Medium
Temperament: Peaceable

Silver Greenback fish are massive, flat fish that draw a whole lot of consideration to a tank. They’re peaceable, however their massive dimension and propensity for shoaling implies that they’re unlikely to be attacked by Oscars. They’re omnivorous, however favor a primarily herbivorous weight loss plan, which implies there shall be little to no competitors between Oscars and Silver {Dollars} for meals.

5. Convict Cichlid

Dimension: 4-6 inches (10-15.2 cm)                                                               
Weight-reduction plan: Omnivores
Minimal tank dimension: 30 gallons (114 liters)
Care Stage: Medium
Temperament: Aggressive

Though aggressive, Convict Cichlids are unlikely to trigger issues along with your Oscars since Convict Cichlids are considerably smaller than Oscars. They’re smaller, however they don’t seem to be sufficiently small to be eaten by most Oscars. Usually, Oscars and Convict Cichlids will give one another their very own house. Ensure your tank is massive sufficient to stop aggression, although.

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6. Firemouth Cichlid

Dimension: 5-6 inches (12.7-15.2 cm)                                         
Weight-reduction plan: Omnivores
Minimal tank dimension: 30 gallons (114 liters)
Care Stage: Simple
Temperament: Semi-aggressive, territorial

Firemouth Cichlids make nice tank mates to Oscars as a result of their smaller dimension. They are often saved in pairs or bigger teams, however they do develop into territorial, particularly in small areas. Guarantee your Firemouth Cichlids and Oscars have loads of house to themselves to stop aggression issues. Firemouth Cichlids are usually too massive to be eaten by Oscars.

7. Jack Dempsey Cichlid

electric blue jack dempsey cichlid aquarium with mates
Picture credit score: Ibenk_88, Shutterstock
Dimension: 7-10 inches (17.8-25.4 cm)                                         
Weight-reduction plan: Carnivore
Minimal tank dimension: 55 gallons (208 liters)
Care Stage: Medium
Temperament: Territorial

Jack Dempsey Cichlids are related in dimension and temperament to Oscars. In a big atmosphere, each fish will usually depart one another alone. Remember, although, that each are primarily carnivorous and should compete over meals. Present a big sufficient house for these massive fish to comfortably coexist to keep away from aggression and territorial habits.

8. Tinfoil Barb

Dimension: 8-14 inches (20.3-35.6 cm)                                        
Weight-reduction plan: Omnivore
Minimal tank dimension: 70 gallons (265 liters)
Care Stage: Simple
Temperament: Laid-back

Tinfoil Barbs are laid-back fish that may fortunately and safely reside in a number of kinds of group tanks. Don’t be fooled by their relaxed nature, although. These fish can shield themselves if want be, making them nice tank mates with Oscars. They’re related in dimension to Oscars, which implies they’re prone to be left alone. They’re primarily herbivorous and can eat shortly, so guarantee your Oscar is getting sufficient to eat.

9. Black Noticed Eel

Dimension: 20-24 inches (50.8-61 cm)                                                 
Weight-reduction plan: Omnivores
Minimal tank dimension: 75 gallons (284 liters)
Care Stage: Medium
Temperament: Peaceable, timid

The timid Black Noticed Eel is an efficient tank mate choice in your Oscar tank due to its massive dimension and tendency to cover. They are typically timid and shy, however they get massive, which implies they’re unlikely to develop into a goal of your Oscar. Black Noticed Eels preserve to themselves and are content material to cover through the day and hunt for small prey and plant matter at night time.

10. Jaguar Cichlid

Dimension: 16-24 inches (40.6-61 cm)                         
Weight-reduction plan: Carnivore
Minimal tank dimension: 70 gallons (265 liters)
Care Stage: Arduous
Temperament: Aggressive, territorial

Jaguar Cichlids are aggressive and territorial Cichlids, however with sufficient house and their very own territory to protect, they are often good tank mates to Oscars. They get bigger than most Oscars do, which makes them unlikely to be attacked by your Oscars. If they’re effectively fed and have loads of house, they’re unlikely to take their aggression out in your Oscar.

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What Makes a Good Tank Mate for Oscar Fish?

Oscars are usually passive fish that don’t exit of their approach to be aggressive. Nonetheless, they’re identified to eat smaller tank mates, which makes discovering the correct tank mates for them tough. Oscars are unlikely to assault fish which might be their dimension or bigger, so different Cichlids are semi-aggressive Cichlids are sometimes thought-about to be one of the best tank mate choices. Any fish with related water wants that’s able to defending itself if wanted, or is quick sufficient to flee your Oscar, could make a great tank mate.

The place Do Oscar Fish Desire to Stay within the Aquarium?

Oscar fish are normally discovered in the midst of the water column, which implies that fish that spend time within the higher water column could also be protected, however this isn’t a assure. Oscars are identified to dive to the underside of the water column routinely, although. They do that seeking meals that will have made its approach to the underside of the tank.

oscar fish in aquarium
Picture Credit score: Natalya Chumak, Shutterstock

Water Parameters

These South American fish require a tropical freshwater tank setup. They’re native to the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers, so they like a tank with a average to sturdy water present. Their tropical nature means they require heat water, normally between 74-81˚F (23-27˚C). Ideally, their water needs to be saved round 77-78˚F (25-25.6˚C). Cool water, even at room temperatures, might be lethal for Oscars.


Oscar fish can get fairly massive, with some reported to have reached 14-18 inches in size. Most Oscars will usually attain 12 inches or much less, although. Their massive dimension means they require a big tank. They develop at a average charge, typically as a lot as 1 inch per 12 months, so if you are going to buy a tank for a juvenile Oscar, be ready to improve to a bigger tank because it ages.

tiger stripe oscar fish
Picture Credit score: slowmotiongli, Shutterstock

Aggressive Behaviors

Oscars are normally passive fish that preserve to themselves of their tank atmosphere. They do develop territories, although, and they’re going to aggressively shield their territory, particularly towards different Oscars. Their aggression could peak throughout feeding time, so you’ll have to supply meals at varied factors in your tank to make sure all fish get an opportunity to eat with out feeling threatened or like they should compete for meals.

Advantages of Having Tank Mates for Oscar Fish in Your Aquarium

  • Filling the Tank: Since Oscars spend most of their time in the midst of the water column, tank mates that spend time within the higher or decrease parts of the water column could assist fill your tank with out inflicting any of your fish to really feel crowded. Keep away from overstocking an Oscar tank, although, as this could result in territorial and aggressive behaviors.
  • Cleansing the Tank: Oscars might be messy and like to uproot vegetation and transfer issues round. Tank mates that assist preserve the tank clear, like Loricariidae catfish, may also help clear up a few of the mess created by your Oscars.
  • Creating an Aesthetic: Oscars are massive, slow-moving fish that create a presence in your tank however don’t deliver a whole lot of exercise. Tank mates of various shapes, sizes, and colours, or fast-moving, shoaling fish can all create an aesthetic inside your tank that your Oscar fish can not obtain alone.
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Selecting tank mates in your Oscar fish might be complicated and dangerous, nevertheless it’s not not possible. Present a big atmosphere and select tank mates that can be capable to fortunately reside round your Oscars with out encroaching on their territory. It’s a good suggestion to test with the vendor you’re buying tank mates from to see what their return coverage is, simply in case issues aren’t figuring out along with your Oscar’s new tank mates.

Present time for everybody to regulate to a brand new atmosphere or a change atmosphere. Remember that new environments and modifications might be exceedingly annoying for fish, so you might even see an uptick in aggression or uncommon behaviors after the addition of recent tank mates. Make sure you select tank mates which might be too massive to be simply eaten by your Oscar. For instance, a Widespread Plecostomus is way much less prone to be eaten by your Oscar than a Clown or Bristlenose Plecostomus.

Featured Picture Credit score: madcat13shumbrat, Shutterstock


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