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Sustainable Business Oregon profiles Earthsure Software and one of our Brewers, Hopworks Urban Brewery in Oregon.  More…


The Sustainable Apparel Coalition has finalized six PCRs, available here. All of the PCRs follow the SAC PCR Guidance. The data collection sheets are part of each of the PCRs.

The SAC has completed a pilot that developed EPDs from these PCRs.

In Japan, over 75 product category rules were developed and over 450 products were footprinted. The results were shared at the Carbon Footprint Symposium, which took place February 23rd in Tokyo, Japan. Rita Schenck spoke at the conference about EPD progress in the United States.

During the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, IERE Executive Director, Dr. Rita Schenck, took part in a five person panel titled “First Responders.” Topics such as the effects of natural disasters on human health and the ability to deliver aid and emergency services as well the Life Cycle Assessment conducted on the ASI product GSB-88 were discussed. IERE, through their environmental label program, Earthsure, worked with ASI to conduct the Life Cycle Assessment of GSB-88 and issued the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in December 2011. The full story can be found here.

SEMCo (Swedish Environmental Management Council) and IERE announced today that they will work together for mutal recognition of their programs for EPDs. This effort will help harmonize EPDs in Europe and the US. For the full article click here.

JEMAI, Japanese Environmental Management Association for Industry, and IERE have signed an MOU to harmonize efforts for their respective Type III EPD label programs. For the full article click here.

The earthsure® program from the Institute for Environmental Research and Education unveiled their Brewers Software at an event on Vashon Island, Washington recently. This technology takes the LCA measurements of the craft brew process, and formulates this information into a TYPE III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) disclosing the results.

Cliff Goodman, owner and Master Brewer at Vashon Brewing poured his Alder Smoked Imperial Stout for a full house at the Minglement General Store.

The SAC PCR Guidance has been finalized, with substantial revision, thanks in large part to the nearly 100 comments of interested parties.

All the comments of the interested parties have been addressed in a joint process between the Sustainable Apparel Coalition Metrics Working Group and IERE as the Program Operator.

The SAC is now entering its pilot phase, which is expected to last into 2014, after which the guidance will be revised based on the experience of the pilot program.

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