Data Availability / LCA Studies / Life Cycle Management / Methods Development

Data Availability - session abstracts with links to slide presentations

Publicly Available LCI Data - Curran and Cooper

Life-Cycle Initiative: A Joint UNEP/ SETAC Partnership to Advance the Life-Cycle Economy - Fava

Life Cycle Considerations in Environmentally Preferable Purchasing: Challenges and Opportunities - Goidel

Barriers - Real & Imagined - to the Use of Life Cycle Assessments - Haaf

Overview of Life Cycle Inventory Program of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative - Norris

The Sustainable Products Purchasers Coalition:
Leveraging Market Transformation with Aggregate Purchasing Power - Sands

LCA Data Availability from an NGO Perspective - Schenck

The US LCI Database Project:
Creating Publicly Available LCI Data Modules - Trusty

LCA Studies - session abstracts with links to slide presentations

Life Cycle Analysis at the Homebush Bay Olympic Site, Sydney, Australia - Laginestra, Hudson, and Statzenko

Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of the Internet - Loerincik, Jolliet, and Croce

Life Cycle Assessment comparisons of Electricity from Biomass. Coal, and Natural Gas - Mann and Spath

Life Cycle Assessment of High-Performance Thermal Insulation Systems for Domestic Buildings - Mersiowsky and Krähling

LCA of Some Autvehicle Fuels in Romania - Peiu

Life Cycle Management - session abstracts with links to slide presentations

Influencing State Government Hazardous Waste Management Policy and Product Procurement Using LCA - Boughton

Maximizing the Benefits of Environmental Management Systems through Life Cycle Assessment - Sangle and Nema

LCA for Environmental Management and Eco-design in the Electronics Industry -
State of the Art and Screening Approaches - Schischke, Deubzer, Griese, and Stobbe

A Decision Support Tool For The Life Cycle Management Of Municipal Solid Waste - Weitz

Methods Development - session abstracts with links to slide presentations

Developing Country-Specific Impact Procedures: Human Health and Ecosystem Quality as Criteria for Resource Quality and Availability - Brent

Limitations of Consequential LCA - Ekvall

Bridging the Gap - Sustainable Business Decision Making Using Total Cost Assessment - Gloria and Norris

Choice of Valuation Methods in LCA: End Users' Perspective - Sangle