International Life Cycle Assessment and Management 2007
Portland, Oregon - October 2 to 4
'from measurement to investment'

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This conference is the sixth in a series of US based conferences on life cycle assessment. This conference brings together business, government and academia, to discuss both new applications of life cycle assessment and new results and methods.

This year in addition to our ususal sessions on life cycle assessment and management, we will have a focus on using LCA for investment, both internal and external. Some of that investment is in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and so we will also have a focus on energy and climate policy.

Authors need to submit abstracts by 18 May. After the abstract is accepted, the slide presentation to be given at the meeting must be submitted by 15 August so that attendees can review them before the meeting. There will also be classes and tutorials offered on the day before the conference begins (1 October).

Life Cycle Assessment is a science-based method that measures the environmental impacts of products and services. It is an extremely powerful tool for policy and for the development of green products. The InLCA/LCM conferences help to make these applications stronger, more effective and more widely applied. Planned sessions include:

  • LCA in Financial Systems
  • LCA and Carbon Markets
  • Energy & Climate Policy
  • LCA of Biofuels
  • Social LCA Approaches
  • Education for Life Cycle Assessment and Management
  • New Initiatives in LCA & LCM
  • Intergenerational Finance
  • Life Cycle Approaches to Local and State Regulation
  • Life Cycle Inventory Data Studies
  • New Methods in LCA
  • LCA in Energy, Agriculture & Transportation
  • LCA in Medicine & Medical Devices
  • LCA & Buildings