InLCA/LCM 2006

Session List



Automobile LCAs

Buildings 1: methodological and data issues

Buildings 2: dissemination systems and tools

Buildings 3: case studies

Chemical products/ production case studies

Energy Case Studies 1: alternative transport fuels

Energy Case Studies 2: biofuels

Energy Case Studies 3: natural gas and oil sands sources

Energy Case Studies 4: electricity sources

Impact Methods 1: risk, landuse, and eco-indicators

Impact Methods 2: measures of sustainability

International Activities 1: databases

International Activities 2: multifaceted efforts

Inventory and Interpretation Methods 1: methodological issues and innovations

Inventory and Interpretation Methods 2: issues in energy and transport modeling

Inventory and Interpretation Methods 3: data quality, optimization, and interpretation

LCA and waste management

LCA in Decision Making 1: the public sector/ private sector interface

LCA in Decision Making 2: government decision making

LCA in fish farming and seafood

Recycling: modeling issues and case studies

The US Database Experience


A life-cycle assessment of farmed and wild salmon

Sustainability Assessment using LCA Tools

North American Industry Database Projects: A Panel Discussion of Activities, Successes, and Challenges

LCA and Green Building – Global Learning’s

National LCA Databases: A Panel Discussion of Activities, Successes, and Challenges

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