InLCA/LCM 2006

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October 4-6, 2006 - Washington DC




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This conference is the fifth in the series of US based conferences on life cycle assessment. This conference brings together, business, government and academia, to discuss both new applications of life cycle assessment and new results and methods.

This year we are pleased to be partnering with the US Life Cycle Database Project, and many conference sessions are oriented towards life cycle inventory efforts in the US and abroad. We are also pleased to have US government leaders to speak on environmental policy and life cycle assessment.

Life Cycle Assessment is a science-based method that measures the environmental impacts of products and services. It is an extremely powerful tool for policy and for the development of green products. The InLCA/LCM conferences help to make these applications stronger, more effective and more widely applied.

The sessions of this conference include:

  • The US LCI Database Experience
  • LCA in Government & Trade
  • LC Impact Methodologies
  • LCA & Decision-making: public:private interface
  • Government Use of LCA & the LCI database
  • LCA & Green Buildings
  • Automobile LCA’s
  • LCA Energy Case Studies
  • LCA Databases
  • Case Studies for the LCI database unit processes
  • LCA in Investment & Financing & International trade
  • LCA & Waste Management
  • LCA and Farmed and Wild Salmon
  • LCA and Fisheries
  • LCI Interpretation

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