InLCA/LCM 2004
  Conference Details

The conference will be held in July 2004. Papers will be posted on the 7th of July, with the conference itself (an on-line discussion via a bulletin board) starting on the 11th and ending the 24th of the month.

The bulletin board will be viewable by all, but only registered users will be able to post questions and comments.

The on-line discussion board includes a forum for each paper. The papers are grouped into sessions. Within the session, a discussion forum has been created for each paper. Post your questions and comments as a top level topic in the forum for the paper to which it applies. If your question or comment is a general one for the whole session - post it to the general session forum. Authors will monitor the forum for their paper and also the general session forum.

In order to post to the bulletin board, you will need to register (Click "Register" near the top right of the bulletin board pages). Your email address will be used for administrative purposes only and will not be displayed publicly. You can contact other registered users by the bulletin board's "private message" function. If you want users to be able to contact you directly by regular email - add your email address to your "signature" which is attached to the bottom of each of your posts.

The discussion can be diplayed in either "threaded view" or "flat view". When you post, try to make your subject descriptive so that the threaded discussion view can be easily navigated.