InLCA Final Agenda

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International Conference & Exhibition on Life Cycle Assessment:

Tools for Sustainability

April 25 - 27, 2000

Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia

Sponsored by:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development
The Institute for Environmental Research and Education


Day 1 - Tuesday   25 April 2000

Opening Plenary

Moderator: Mary Ann Curran, US EPA/NRMRL

Plenary speakers will provide broad-based views on achieving goals of sustainability, the major challenges and opportunities we face, and what government and private industry can do to better integrate environmental decision-making with a life-cycle basis. (Information on Plenary Speakers)

9:00 AM      Norine Noonan, EPA Office of Research & Development

9:15 AM      Anders Wijkman, European Union Parliament

10:00 AM    Bas de Leeuw, United Nations Environment Programme

11:00 AM    Marc Epstein, Rice University

11:45 AM    Open Discussion

Session I Global Views of LCA - Regency Ballroom ABCD

Moderator: Mary Ann Curran, US EPA/NRMRL

1:30 PM    Rethinking LCA - Joel Ann Todd, The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc.(abstract)

2:00 PM    LCA in Industry & Business - Adoption Patterns, Applications and Implications in Selected European Countries - Paolo Frankl, University of Rome(abstract)

2:30 PM    Inventory of Automobiles - Ron Williams, General Motors Corp.(abstract)

3:30 PM    Indicators of Sustainability - Dan Fiorino, EPA Office of Policy, Economics and Innovation(abstract)

4:00 PM    LCA and Global Climate Change - Solving the Measurement Puzzle - Kevin Brady, Five Winds International(abstract)

4:30 PM    Land Use Impacts: The Next Great LCA Frontier - Rita Schenck, Institute for Environmental Research and Education(abstract)

Day 2 - Wednesday

26 April 2000 - Morning Sessions

Session Session IIA Session IIB Session IIC Session IID



Pollution Prevention

Moderator: John Shoaff, US EPA

Risk-Based Approaches

Moderator: Jane Bare, US EPA

LCA Studies

Moderator: James Fava, Five Winds International

Decision Making Approaches

Moderator: Remi Coulon, Ecobalance Inc.

 8:30 AM Identifying Mercury P2 Opportunities in the U.S. Using a Life Cycle Perspective - B. Leopold, SAIC (abstract)   LCA of MD110 - A. Andrae, Ericsson Business Networks (abstract) Recovery Policy of Waste Containers - LCA Development & Application - J-S. Yang, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan (abstract)
 9:00 AM Environmental Improvement of Automotive Electrical Devices by DFE Techniques based on Life Cycle Impact Assessment - F. Castells, University Rovira i Virgili, Spain (abstract) Comparison of Two Equivalency Factor Approaches with Simplified Risk Assessment for LCIA of Toxicity Impact Potential - D.A. Tolle, Battelle (abstract) The Global Production System for High-purity Silicon: LCA with a Geographical Component - E. Williams, United Nations University/Institute of Advanced Studies, Japan (abstract) A New Guide for LCA for Decision Support - G. Huppes, CML Leiden University, The Netherlands (abstract)
 9:30 AM Life Cycle Management - W. White, The Traverse Group (abstract) LCA for Products with Indoor Lifetimes: Review of Methods and Issues, and Applications to Flooring Materials - G. Norris, Sylvatica (abstract) E-mail vs. Ordinary Mail: An Ecological Comparison - M. Zurkirch, Swisscom AG, Switzerland (abstract) Accounting for Engineering Trade-Offs for Decision-Making - K. Stone, US EPA (abstract)
 10:30 AM Use of LCA and TCA for the Evaluation of Pollution Prevention Alternatives - K.M. Lee, Ajou University, Korea (abstract) A Risk-Based LCA Framework for Analyzing Complex Technologies - R.P. Anex, University of Oklahoma (abstract) LCA in the Service Industries: Case Study of Telecommunications - A. Horvath, University of California at Berkeley (abstract) By-Product Synergy -The Ideal Product Disposition - A. Mangan, Applied Sustainability LLC (abstract)
 11:00 AM Use of Life Cycle Costing in Selecting Pollution Prevention Technologies in Navair, U.S. Navy - B. Custer, SAIC (abstract) Consequences of the Damage Approach on the Valuation Step and LCA in General - P. Hofstetter, ORISE PostDoc/US EPA (abstract) Using a Life-Cycle Approach to Achieve Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management Strategies in the U.S. - K. Weitz, Research Triangle Institute (abstract) Utility Based Framework for Material and Process Selection in the Integrated Chain Management of Polymers - Gary Stevens, Polymer Research Centre, UK (abstract)
 11:30 AM Risk-Based Integration of Economics and Life Cycle Environment: Two Methods - G. Norris, Sylvatica (abstract) Screening and Ranking in the Context of Implicit Toxicological Concern: A Comparison of Methodologies and Requirements - D. Pennington, US EPA (abstract) LCA of Biocomposites and Impacts on Ecosystems - J. Payet, EPFL, Switzerland (abstract) Better D&D Decision-making through LCA - K.L. Yuracko, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (abstract)

26 April 2000 - Afternoon Sessions

Session Session IIIA Session IIIB Session IIIC Session IIID



Management & Regulatory Issues

Moderator: Mike Levy, Environmental Strategies and Solutions

Data Quality and Availability

Moderator: Rita Schenck, IERE

Product & Process Development & Design I

Moderator: Bill Hanson, US EPA

Measure of Sustainable Development & Natural Resource Use

Moderator: Teresa Harten, US EPA

 1:30 PM Integrated LCA and Financial Analysis of the Implications of Implementing the Proposed WEEE Directive - A. Landfield, Ecobalance, UK (abstract) Uncertainty & Sensitivities in LCA's for Waste Management Systems - M. Koller, Universitaet Pottsdam, Germany (abstract) The Use of LCA in Product Development, Elin Eriksson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden (abstract) The E2 Vector: A Tool to Analyze the Unlinking between Economic Growth and Environmental Load - M. Goedkoop, PRé Consultants, The Netherlands (abstract)
 2:00 PM LCA and Environmental Management - T. Delaney and J. Heeren, First Environment (abstract)   Integrating the Life Cycle Concept in the Product Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: 2 Tools that Support this Integration - A. Vercalsteren, VITO, Belgium (abstract) Determination of Weighting Factors and its Application to the LCA of a Printed Circuit Board - K.M. Lee, Ajou University, Korea (abstract)
 2:30 PM A Methodical Approach on Ecobalancing and EIA based on Material Flow Networks - A Case Study on a German Beer Brewery - J.C. Marx-Gómez, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany (abstract) The Other Half of the Story: The Implications of System Boundary Incompleteness for LCA Inventory Data - T. Grant, Centre for Design at RMIT University, Australia (abstract) Ensuring the Sustainability of Domestic Refrigerators - An Approach Using LCA - C. Ciantar, Bournemouth University, UK (abstract) Quantitative/Qualitative Approach towards the Assessment of Sustainable Building - K. Reiche, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany (abstract)
 3:30 PM 3M's Life Cycle Management Process: A Practical Approach - E. Price, 3M (abstract) LCA, Data Quality & Sensitivity Analysis: The Case of Mobile Fluid Power Systems - M.C. McManus, University of Bath, UK (abstract) How to Integrate LCA into Product Development - A. Atik, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany (abstract) Material Flow Analysis with LCA for Promoting Sustainable Industry/Community Interactions - A Practical Demonstration with Gold Mining - A. Scott, Griffith University, Australia (abstract)
 4:00 PM Programmatic EHS Analyses - The Military's Approach to Environmental Life-Cycle Planning - B. Langer, SAIC (abstract) Site-Dependent LCA of Ozone Formation, Nutrient Enrichment and Acidification - J. Potting, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark (abstract)   The Resource Use Management Approach: Non-Traditional Tools for LCA and Sustainability - T. Hoagland, US EPA (abstract)
 4:30 PM Life Cycle Inventory of a Modern Municipal Solid Waste Landfill - R. Coulon, Ecobalance (abstract) Comparison of Different Streamlined LCA Methods for Product Design - M.D. Bovea, Universitat Jaume I, Spain (abstract) Design for the Environment Computer Display Project: Life Cycle Assessment / Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment of Desktop Display Technologies - D. Singh, US EPA DfE (abstract) Life Cycle Study on Palm Oil - S. Yusoff, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia (abstract)

Day 3 - Thursday


27 April 2000 - Morning Sessions
Session Session IVA Session IVB Session IVC Session IVD



Software Tools & Data Systems

Moderator: Jim Bridges, Pacific Environmental Services, Inc.

Weighting & Economic Valuation

Moderator: Joyce Cooper, University of Washington

Product & Process Development & Design II

Moderator: Ed Price, 3M

External Reporting & Communication

Moderator: Julie Winters, US EPA

 8:30 AM BEES - Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability: Combining Life Cycle Costing and LCA into a Practical Software Tool - B. Lippiatt, NIST (abstract) Incorporating Costs in LCA - K. Shapiro, Tellus (abstract) The Application of LCA Tools in the Measurement and Reporting of GHG Emissions - P. Bhatia, Tata Energy & Resources Institute (abstract) Using an LCI Database for Reporting and Communication - A-C. Pålsson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden (abstract)
 9:00 AM Life Cycle Engineering: Performing LCIA and Sensitivity Analysis Using GaBi 3 - S. Spatari, PE-Americas LP (abstract) Quantitative Data Assessment for Normalization Reference - S. Suh, Centre of Environmental Science (CML), Leiden University, The Netherlands (abstract) Assessment of Materials and Process Options within Cascaded Systems: A Case Study - E. Williams, University of Surrey, UK (abstract) Comparing Eco-labeling Policies: Experimental Evidence - M.F. Teisl, University of Maine (abstract)
 9:30 AM TEAM 3.0 - Tool for Environmental Analysis and Management: Managing LCA Information within an Enterprise Setting - R. Coulon, Ecobalance (abstract) The PIX Module Software: Combining LCA with Activity Based Costing for Sustained Economic Equilibrium - G. Grune, KM Limited (abstract) Application of LCA to Select Technology for Leachate Treatment - J. Kochany, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates (abstract) LCA for Environmental Product Information Schemes - P. Frankl, University of Rome, Italy (abstract)
 10:30 AM Pragmatic Tools based on the Eco-Indicator 99 - M. Goedkoop, PRé Consultants, The Netherlands (abstract) Advances in Normalization & Weighting in North American LCA - G. Norris, Sylvatica (abstract) Buildings as Products: Issues and Challenges for LCA - W. Trusty, Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, Canada (abstract) Framework for Environmental Decision Making, FRED: A Tool for Environmentally Preferable Purchasing - M.A. Curran, US EPA (abstract)
 11:00 AM Making LCA Data Available via the Internet: LCAccess - T. Skone, SAIC (abstract) Comparative LCA and Externality Analysis of Biodiesel & Fossil Diesel Fuel - A. Vercalsteren, VITO, Belgium (abstract) Decision Support for Cleaner Technologies by Estimating Exposures to Industrial Emissions Using Modeling and GIS - J. Zhang, UCLA (abstract) LCA at the Heart of the EMS: IERE's Agricultural Community EMS Program - R. Schenck, Institute for Environmental Research and Education (abstract)
 11:30 AM Development of TRACI - Tool for the Reduction and Assessment of Chemical Impacts - J. Bare, US EPA (abstract)   Environmental Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Products - S. Kumaran, National University of Singapore (abstract) Material/Energy Flow Balance Analysis with LCA for a Large Metropolitan City - I. Christensen, Brisbane City Council, Australia (abstract)
 12:00 PM Distributed Information System for Environmentally Conscious Process Design - Y. Fukushima, University of Tokyo, Japan (abstract) Chinese Site-Normalization References for LCIA - J. Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Technical University of Denmark (abstract) An Integrated Product Life Cycle Design Tool - R. Coulon, Ecobalance (abstract) 'Buying Green' through the Federal Logistics Information System - S. Harris, Defense Logistics Agency (abstract)

27 April 2000 - Afternoon

1:30 PM - 4:00 PM Wrap-Up and Discussion on LCA

Facilitators: Mary Ann Curran, EPA and Steven Rolander, SAIC

This session will begin with 5-minute presentations summarizing and analyzing what was presented in the 12 platform sessions. Attendees will participate in discussing the following key questions and will be asked to share their views.

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